Friday, October 29, 2010

Welcome, welcome!

Greetings, Well Met, and Welcome to Castles, Quills, and Cameras.

My blog name is The Director; my real name is Abigail; but Abby, A.B., or even O Great One will work ;)   I'm an eighth-grade, Christian homeschooler, sharing my thoughts.

I've written a novel (a royal disaster called plagiarism that no human eye will ever see) and made a 30min. movie (this project was actually quite good-- it's called Pirates in the Suburbs, and there are two copies of it at my library).

Here at Castles, Quills, and Cameras (CQC for short), you'll find reviews and tips on books and movies, an occasional verse or two from the Word, glimpses into my school life, and general randomness besides. Basically speaking, the whole shebang.

Allow me to break it down for you:

The Cameras:

This is the film-related section of the blog. I will be posting reviews of films I've seen, as well as helpful things for aspiring filmmakers; things that I've learned from experience. You'll get advice concerning things from the screenwriting process all the way to the premiere.
I'll also document any project that I'm working on in the film department. You may have to wait a bit for anything like that, though.

The Quills:

This is the book section of the blog. Not the writing section, because there is writing that happens in the filmmaking process, too. So this is the book section, which does cover writing, but it's not all about writing. So... there will be writing tips, but I will also post my own reviews of books I've read.
And just like the Camera section, I will discuss my own writing projects occasionally.
(I know what you're thinking: why quills? Well it just so happens I have a quill pen at home, and I've actually written with it! But seriously, the quill pen and a bottle of ink was the pencil/pen back in the day, so why not? Besides, it was catchy.)

The Castles:

Actually, you could think of it as a singular castle, and then imagine this section as several rooms in the castle. Why? Because the Castle(s) section has more than one subject. Or if you want, you can think of each "Room" listed below as a separate castle. Whatever makes more sense to you, in this case.

Room #1-- stuff from the Word. If during my morning devotions with the Lord and my Bible, I read a verse or a few and had some thoughts on them, I'll post them here to share with you.

Room #2-- school stuff. Yeah, you read correctly. But seriously! I have a "science lab" in my garage and whenever I do an experiment, I video record them. So just in case you wanted to see me make a fool of myself on camera, there will be videos here. (Honestly, I mess up every. single. experiment. And then I have to re-do the whole thing.) And you can laugh at me in the comment section. 'Cause I'll  be laughing at myself, too.

Room #3-- this is the general randomness section. And I'll take suggestions from you guys. If you want me to talk about something specific, email me okay?

Questions? Comments? Concerns? My contact information is here.

And the things listed above are the general, to-be-expected things that you will find here. But that doesn't mean that it's everything. But it's the norm.

Well, I hope I didn't make you lose brain cells. I can be pretty confusing sometimes. I hope this blog is helpful to you, and please! please feel free to comment wherever you so wish. I get lonely sometimes.
Thanks again, and it's a pleasure to have you here; feel free to stick around.


Lainie said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere!

I love what you have here and I can't wait to discover all that goes on in your pretty little head (when we aren't on the couch with a cuppa tea :)

Love you sweetie!

Anonymous said...

I'm putting you in my Google Reader! You sound like what I want my homeschoolers to be like by the time they get to be your age! :)

Jennifer said...

Hey Abby! I've become acquainted with you over the past two years via you mom's blog. It'll be fun to hear you in your own voice now!

Blessings to you as you embark on your new bloggy adventure! :)

cindymc said...

NICE!!! Can't wait....

Love you!
Auntie Cindy

Ann said...

S-Q-U-I-R-T!!!! My favorite little film maker! I am so excited to see your blog and can't wait to see what amazing things that cross your brainy brain:)

Love you girl!!!!

The Director said...

Thank you so so much everyone for your support! It's a blessing :)