Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Can't Jump Up and Down And Cheer Because Everyone Else Is Asleep, but....


Endurance and Victory! Never alone! Eulaliaaaa!! For Narnia! For Aslan!! For the Galactic Republic! May the Force Be With You!! Now for wrath, now for ruin! And for the red dawn! 
For Frodo! .... Frodo?

*shrugs and does a victory dance*

Yep you guessed it:


Note: I did NOT say I'm finished, Rather, I have a feeling I'll have to hit at least 150k to be done with the story, but anyway....

This looks so lovely, don't you think?

I think the little fun-size Twix bar I'm savoring right now was well worth the wait :)

I know I'm so lame right? It's fun-size! Like, the size of your fingernail! *shrugs and happily eats Twix* Whatever!

Hee hee, I just love purple!

My deepest, sincerest thanks to those of you who know me in real life...

I'm back now.

Yes, dear, I'm talking to you. We can have a deep conversation next time you come over if you'd like. :)

So, a BIG thank you to my mom, my dad, my brother and sister, the ferret (just 'cause you're so cute!), Everyone's Favorite Composer, Joryn, Steph, Kaela, the wonderful librarians, raggmopp and Lucretia.Ravetti.

And to those of you here in Bloggyland... Jake, Squeaks, SotK, I could go on and on.... your comments and PMs on NaNo were so encouraging! Big hugs to everyone!

Last but certainly the greatest, though, I need to publicly thank the Lord for helping me finish. 

In case I never mentioned it, it was God who gave me the story in the first place, and it was He who enabled me to reach this word count. 

I'm not done yet, but I can't wait to find out what else He has for me here, and to be honest, I can't wait to learn more about Him through this. 

I mean, shoot, when you're forced onto your knees begging Jesus for help, you certainly get a little more intimate with Him! Hee hee, I love you Jesus!

Look at my WordDoc:

See those beautiful numbers?? LOVE!

Sorry, I can't seem to get over it. 

Those of you who haven't yet hit 50K... you can do it! Really! But even if you don't make it in time---we'll all still love you!

In honor of reaching the end of NaNoWriMo, I thought I'd do two things. 1) post *another* excerpt and 2) on my next post, have a character interview, since everybody else has one :P

*fanfare fades*

I know a lot of you read my first excerpt, and so the big question has been, 

What's in the box??

Well, you're about to find out!

If you haven't read my very first excerpt, I suggest clicking here and reading it before continuing. 

Okay, people, feeeeeell the tension!! Haha :P

*grabs another Twix bar. yes, it's fun-sized.*

*note: this excerpt is unedited*
** PS am I abusing the "*"? **

   Questions pummeled his mind like hailstones. This was not an object that any poor blacksmith would own. Why, then, was it in his father’s possession? And why would he not display such a marvelous and beautiful thing out in the open? Why hide it? Whose was it? What was inside it?
   That sudden thought struck Chance harder than the others: Whatever was inside of it?
   Curiosity overcame any premonitions. Cautiously, almost reverently, he pulled the box out into the open. Then he ran to the wall and snatched up the lantern. Holding it up with one hand, he eased himself to his knees again before the case. Chance undid the hinge that held it closed. It gave a whisper of a squeak, but even that made him jump. He put his hand to open it, and found himself glancing over his shoulder at the door. It was open, but from within the house he saw no movement and heard no sound. The world was holding it’s breath, it seemed, and Chance realized he was, too. Slowly, ever so slowly, he let it out as he slowly, ever so slowly, eased the lid of the box upwards.
   Chance didn’t know what he had been expecting, but it certainly wasn’t what he saw. This first thing to meet his eye was a bold, red crosse on a white background… a shield? A shield? Chance frowned, his eyebrow arched. What lay below the shield was even more interesting. The light of the lantern bounced off a-- a suit of armor!
   The blacksmith’s eye in Chance noticed the quality of the metal first. He had never seen such fine steel! Then, the part of him that dreamed suppressed the blacksmith. Chance’s breath caught as continued the gaze down at the shield and armor.
   This was the stuff of knighthood!
   Hearth thumping wildly, he thrust out his hand, to touch the shield, then the armor, as if it might disappear before he could. The shield was smooth, and felt like metal. Chance studied the plain emblem with wonder.
   And the armor—oh, the armor! Nothing had felt more glorious to Chance. The steel was cold and dented in many places. He let his hand drop, and felt something sharp cut into his palm. “Ah!” he squeaked, examining his hand. Good-the cut went slightly deeper than the skin, but it would heal quickly. What had cut him? Chance peered down into the box, and saw a sword, the blade snapped in two; the break was jagged. Why a useless sword?
   Well1 Chance was dumbstruck. A knight’s complete equipage—in the shop for who knew how long—and Chance had had no idea!
   But as the wonder faded, suspicion took its place. In the morning he would have to bring up the matter with his father. There were questions in need of answers.
   Chance closed the box, reluctantly, and replaced all the crates and boxes and barrels, after which he blew out the lanterns and went into the house.
   The fire was burning very low, but Chance didn’t bother with feeding it. He noticed his father had at sometime moved from the table and was now stretched out on his bed, in a deep sleep, his apron and boots on and everything.
   His throbbing hand stopped him from tumbling straight into bed. He found some cloth and bound his hand up. It was still bleeding, a little, but not enough to hinder work tomorrow.
   Falling onto his bed, Chance kicked off his boots and wrapped his blanket around his shoulders. He felt his body relax with the hay-filled mattress beneath him.
   In the instant before he fell asleep, two thoughts hit him simultaneously: he had never found the coin again, and that the scratched-out name on top the box was William. Sir William.

*Giggles* I had to leave you hanging, again, yes, I know. But hey, now you guys know the big secret. Kinda spoils it now, don't it? Actually, looking at my story as a whole, it was pretty predictable. But not with you people... sorry, I'm rambling. woW.

Well, it feels great to finally be in the winner's circle. But the completed novel circle, ah, that is still to come.

The journey continues.....

Oh hey Mom? For dinner can we have piZZa???? And watch a movie, maybe? I'll do all my overdue schoolwork.... :D


Don't know why I had to post multiple pictures, but whatever. PIZZA!!

*PS my weird obsession with pizza is a recently discovered disease, and doctors are still unable to explain it*

PPS I'm listening to a rockin' song by Lecrae called "God Is Enough" oh man, it's SO AWESOME!!

Now I got my eyes on you and now I know that God is enough-nough, God is enough-nough, God is enough-nough, You are enough-nough...  *dances to awesome song*

Hee hee... have a great day everybody!!

*reaches for another fun-sized Twix.*


Amaranthine said...

GRR! I'm so jealous!

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The Director said...

Let's go Amaranthine, LET'S GO!!



Squeaks said...

That's awesome Director!!! ;) thanks for the excerpt :P

Yippee!! You hit 50,000!! Now that's about 1/3 of the way finished if you're aiming for 150,000 XD Good going! :) I'm very excited to hear a synopsis of your tale!!


Jake said...

Mwahahahaa! Take the world by storm! XD XD The Director's novel has arrived folks and folktales! BAWAAHA! :O WATCH OUT! It's coming. ;) YOU FINISHED!!!!!!

And one more thing...The large size IS the fun size. ;)

Jake said...

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The Director said...

Thanks :) You're awesome!

The fun size IS the large size? Haha... whoops XD
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The Director said...

No, wait... there's a way larger size than the fun size, it was like the size of my face... unless you weren't meaning the literal fun-sized candy bar, and saying how they're all fun.... wHaT???

Anyway, I know for sure that Twix's come in larger sizes than my fingernail :P

~Miss Raquel said...

Hey congrats, girl!!! Woohoo!!

Oh, and thanks so much for putting up my blog button ;) *hugs*

Amaranthine said...

Could you give me a tutorial on how to make buttons that link to blogs?

Jake said...

@The Director

Aye, twas a phrase from the spur of the moment. Folks and folktales! :O

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on hitting your word count! And good stuff, really looking forward to reading the entire story! Definitely agree with all who think you should get published :D


Jake said...

Pizza. *stomach grumbles* Alas, it has pepperoni on it. ;) No pepperoni pizza with Muslims around, y'know. >_> <_< The entire pig thing.

The Director said...

What's up with Muslims now?

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But why mention the Muslims??

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Jake said...

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