Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Mom

"Talk about *me* on your blog. I'm *so* wonderful!"

So said my mom with a giggle last night as she sat on my bed while I blogged.

Okay, Mom. You asked for it. Hehe.. love you!

(this is my THIRD post today. woW)

Before I launch into a ballad to her awesomeness, feel the need for a preface, concerning last night's events.

My mom does podcasts. They're 4-8 minutes audio devotionals that she does every week. After everyone (except me, *cough*) is asleep, she'll go downstairs and sit on the couch with her Bible and talks into a little 2nd Gen. iPod Nano that has a recording mic. When she's done, I edit the audio track (to take out long pauses, etc.) and then she gets into Podcast Revolution and puts it up on her site,

*My Mom did not ask me to advertise. I like bragging about her. So there.*

The podcast that she did last night, I really loved, and wanted to share it with you. The link is right below:

A Pilgrim's Promise

And in case you were worried: no, I am not going to sing a ballad. I already did a rap song for my dad and that was the humiliating end of my musical career.

*slaps hand over mouth*

Did I just say I did a rap song?

*plugs your ears*

You did not hear any of that!

*whistles nonchalantly*

Anyway... (ellipse!) my Mom makes really good pumpkin cookies. She made some yesterday, and I've decided that it'll be Death By Pumpkin Cookies over at our house.

I've also decided my mom is a superhero. She can do pretty much everything, except weightlifting.

She edits my stories. And she's good at it, oh my goodness! I'm so freaked out whenever she reads something of mine, but she always loves my work. But she's a great editor, believe me :)

She helps me accomplish my wild schemes, like making a movie. She makes a great executive producer,  probably because she's the only one that can speak my language.

She cooks. She cleans. She teaches. She corrects. She laughs with us. She cries with us.


Oh. Man. There's a whole story behind my header. I might share it sometime. But scroll up, please. Look at my header for a moment. Isn't it beautiful??

My mommy made it!!

*laughs at my own ridiculousness*

Anyway, Mom-- you are fully awesome :)

Mom and my Little Brother doing school out on the back deck hammock.
Aren't they so cute??


Lainie said...

You're pretty terrific yourself.

BTW, I look 12 in that picture. :P

You did forget one thing... you forgot to tell everyone just how--

beeeaaaauuuutttiiful I am... and

that I'm funny!!!! :D

Oh-- you should totally post your rap video! If not (slyly) I could post it on my blog...

(You inherited your ellipsical disorder from me). No, that is not a word, but soon may sweep the nation!

~Miss Raquel said...

Your mom sounds like a really fun person, Abby! You are blessed.

Squeaks said...

Haha! This is a great post! My own mom is awesome too, but she's an introvert, so she's really quiet XD She does blog (at but she usually comes to me saying, "Aack! I don't know what to say!" So I help my mom with writing lol. But she's awesome with most other things. Not a very artsy person but she LOOVES the outdoors :) She used to work with abused horses...and she is probably the best at it in our community (she stopped doing it because she got rheumatoid arthritis...not fun).


The Director said...

@Miss Raquel
Aw, thanks :)

Your mom's blog is cool :) That's hilarious that you help her with writing... I gathered you help SotK too, so are you like the writing backbone in the family?
'writing backbone'.... does that even make sense??

That's so cool that she worked with abused horses... no, rheumatoid arthritis doesn't sound fun...but your mom totally sounds awesome :)

Amaranthine said...

Heehee. Your mom should advertise YOU on your blog. Happy Thanksgiving, Abby+Family!

Squeaks said...

She is XD I think she's the most awesome mom in the world :)

Yes, I do suppose I'm a writing backbone. SOTK has a knack for it though, so I encourage him. He doesn't let me see his stuff anymore lol!

The Director said...

My button's on her sidebar somewhere... lol.

too funny :)