Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Post-NaNo: Character Interview and Announcements

First of all, do you remember the winner of HSBA's Best Teen Blog? Her name is Miss Raquel, and she's really rockin'.

She hosting an awesome giveaway over at her blog, God's Daughter.

But there have to be 200 followers on her blog before the giveaway can happen, and she's at 180 right now. So this is me asking you guys (or girls, actually, as this is more of a "girl" blog :) to check out Miss Raquel's blog. Partly because she asked, partly because I was going to anyway 'cause she's so awesome :)

Alright, now, what was next on the agenda? (agenda-- yeah right!)

Ah, that's right! My MC was going to join us for an interview. *coughs*

Me: Where's Chance, you guys?

Backstage People: He's coming, we just got a text from him. He's on his way.

Me: Text? How on earth...

(PS: to my characters, my name is Dir, so instead of "me" I'll be "Dir." Once Chance gets here, anyway. Oh, and you have to imagine his voice in a boyish English accent. Not some silly proper accent, but it has to be British. For me, sometimes its more Welsh-ish, but anyway...)

Me: *looks at camera/lighting people* Should we dim that light a little? How will he feel with a camera on him?

Camera Guy: You said he's from, like, 12th century England?

Me: Something like that, yeah.

Camera Guy: He won't even know what it is, then.

Me: But the guys back there just told me he texted them! I wonder how long he's been in town....

Camera Guy: *frowns* Whatever. It won't hurt him.

Me: *shrugs* True.

*door down the hall opens. footsteps.*

Me: Is that him, guys?

Chance: I'm assuming it's me you're looking for.

Me/Dir: Hi there, Chance!

*Chance enters room*

Chance: What am I--

Dir: Here, take a seat.

Chance: *points at chair* Sit down?

Dir: Yeah, that's fine. Sir Robert isn't here, so there's no one to wait on.

Chance: *sighs with relief* It's nice to be off my feet for a little bit.

Dir: *scrutinizes Chance*: Your hair is very... red... today. Redder than usual, anyway. Most of the time there's a little more blonde in there...

Chance: What are you talking about?

Dir: Oh! Sorry, never mind. *clears throat* Um, now Chance, I wanted to know if you could answer a few questions for the people here. You know, about your life and stuff like that.

Chance:*glances at audience* They know me?

Dir: Yes, Chance. You're the main character in my book, RCK (abbrev.). Remember?

Chance: *rubs side of head* Oh, yes, I think I remember something about that.

Dir: Oh hey, yeah there's a...bandage... on your head. Are you okay?

Chance: Dir, don't you remember? Manus just beat me up.

Dir: Oh... right. Sorry about that. 

Chance: *shrugs* I asked for it. Hey, is he going to leave me alone now or what?

Dir: *evasively* Well, if you're asking whether he's going to pummel you to a pulp in front of the other squires again, then no.

Chance: *rolls eyes* He's going to do something, though, isn't he?

Dir: Ask Gareth. He knows, ah *coughs* will know, soon enough.

Chance: *pulls out cellphone* What's Gareth's number? I'll ask him.

Dir: *eyes pop out* That's MY phone! Wait, my phone doesn't have text...

Chance: It does now. I grabbed it before I came over here.

Dir: How did you find it?

Chance: I'm just good at that.

Dir: *looks dubious* If you say so, Chance. Oh, by the way, Happy Birthday.

Chance: My birthday was, like, four months ago.

Dir: Happy. Belated. Birthday. How's it feel being sixteen?

Chance: *looks confused* Well, it's one more year closer to knighthood. That is, if Sir Robert...

Dir: Don't get into all that, you'll lose the audience. Let's talk about something else.

Chance: Like what?

Dir: Your call. Ask me something, if you want.

Chance: *glares* Why do I keep having nightmares?

Dir: They're important to the story, man.

Chance: But Sir Robert gets cranky in the morning because I accidentally wake him up by my screaming. Those dreams are FrEaKy, let me tell you!

Dir: *perks up* Did you say Sir Robert gets cranky?

Chance: Yeah, what's the big d--

Dir: Oh, Chance, you're brilliant! Of course he'd be cranky! 

Chance: Uh, oh. *glances around room* Hey, is that a camera?!

Audience Member: Chance, how do you cope with all of the crazy things that have happened to you?

Chance: *looks suspicious* Like what?

Audience Member: For instance, having your father and best friend killed in the same week.

Chance: *frowns* That's private stuff. I'll discuss something a little less personal, if you don't mind.

Dir: *snorts* Chance, everything that happens to you is personal.

Chance: Getting beat up wasn't personal.

Dir: *scowls* Okay, you win. But that's the one thing that's non-personal. It gets personal, though.

Chance: *glares* I thought that was a done deal!

Dir: No, you're supposed to be worried.

Chance: You WANT me to worry?!

Dir: Never mind. 

Chance: Hey, why is it that there have been two people in my life now that have punched me the first time we meet?

Dir: *coughs* Violent love. Actually, you and Manus met almost a week before you two fought. You know, I understand you think that the rest of your life is going to be un-interesting and you can just settle down, become a knight, and move on with your life, but you forget that there's that dragon, and besides, why would I be writing about you if your life was going to be easy? Look at it this way... um, Chance?

*MC glances at watch*

Chance: The 7:00 bus should be here now. 

Dir: How on earth did you get a watch?

Chance: Rafe and Vance taught me how to steal. 

Dir: But you had a job as a baker's--

Chance: That was only half the time. 

Dir: *frowns in thought* Really?

*Chance is already heading out the door*

*door slams shut*

Dir: *to backstage people* What's so urgent that he needed to catch the bus?

Backstage people: *shrugs*

Well, I guess Chance had his own timetable today. *shrugs* Maybe I'll get a longer time blocked out for the next interview... :)

Hey good news! I know the blog has been more "Quills" than "Castles" or "Cameras" lately, but now that NaNo's practically over, I'll be able to get into the Movies and the Randomness a little more. So keep your eyes open for that stuff!

Random pictures:

My dashboard on my laptop is all ready for Christmas! :D
 See all those pretty lights?

Ha ha! TWiX!!!!
(fun size...)


Squeaks said...

Chance sounds most intriguing :)

And TWIX!! YUMMY!!! But I prefer Caramels, Mr. Bigs, or Wonderbars ;)


The Director said...

Squeaks, Chance is a nutcase. Don't tell him I said that. He's great, though, even if he IS an eternal puzzle.

Yum, Caramels, Mr. Bigs, and Wonderbars... :)

Lainie said...

I'm starting to worry... just a trifle.

You need sleep.

Oh, and no more coffee! :P

(But, I did laugh out loud :)

Amaranthine said...

That was hilarious. :p Chance should meet my MC. We should have them compete on a game show.

~Miss Raquel said...

Hey girlfriend!!
Thanks so much!! *HUGS*

The Director said...

*giggles uncontrollably* stop making me laugh! Oh man, that was too good!
we should organize a joint MC Game Show on our blogs...that would be waaay too funny :P

@Miss Raquel
*hugs back*

The Director said...

*six months later....*

Oh my gosh, reading this I think I just un-did a writer's-block block I have-- I'm BRILLIANT!!! *headdesk* just kidding. But yeah, SO glad I reread this post..... I'm a ding dong. :P

Taylor Lynn said...

Haha, I'm a little late in commenting, but I came from your July interview to make sure I got the jokes... and this had me laughing out loud! LOL Thanks for the fun read!

The Director said...

Heh, thanks Taylor! :D

Taylor Lynn said...

No problem! :D