Friday, November 26, 2010

Rambling Recap: Thanksgiving

My daddy made his awesome-fanstatic pancakes for breakfast yesterday. They were really good. And I was very thankful for them. But it gets better...

My little sister (who's really only 20 months younger than me, and in fact she's taller!) Charlotte, went to the 'fridge to grab the syrup. Now, we have two identical bottles containing brown, sticky liquid in our refrigerator. One one of them has syrup in it.
So Charlotte goes and pours brown, sticky liquid over her pancakes. And after the pancakes were all slathered with the brown, sticky substance, she groaned/laughed very loudly, and the rest of my family were like, "What??"

"I just put teriyaki sauce on my pancakes!!"

I hand't seen her laugh so hard for awhile. Oh. Man. It was hilarious. She even tried eating one. Of course, that wasn't too succesful because she was laughing so hard.

*Spoiler Alert!!!**Do not read on if you do not want to know spoilers about my Nano story**Spoiler Alert!!!*

I've written two scenes/sequences that have totally broken my heart and left me "depressed," in a writer's sense of the word. I hope you know what I mean. You know, when you're so wrapped up in the story and your characters' feelings that you experience the same emotions as them. I was having a bad case of "writer depression" maybe two days ago... here's why: I killed my main character's dad. And after that, my MC went to his grandfather's castle since he had no other family, and he was turned away for reasons I may divulge later, but for now just know that it wasn't my MC's fault. And I was so sad for him because it was so tragic, I was moping for him the rest of the day. *sniffs*

**Spoilers Over****Spoilers Over****Spoilers Over****Spoilers Over****Spoilers Over****Spoilers Over**

Okay, Thanksgiving was really awesome. We went over to the Ka. family's house around 3, and we were there for a verrrry long time. And we won back the Spoon!!!

*blank looks from y'all*

What spoon?

Oh? Ye all don't know about The Spoon?? Ah, allow me to preface with a brief history...

This is the Kl. family and my family. Well, this picture only shows the kids, not the parents. But anyway... we know them because we use the same homeschool curriculum.

They lived at our house for almost 2 weeks because they were moving from Hawaii to Alaska, and we are right in between those two places. It was two whole weeks of playtime. Of awesomeness.

My sister taught everyone to play Spoons. We played a lot, but it wasn't a big deal.

Then came this night:

You are now looking at my family, the Ka. fam, and the Kl. fam.

...playing an epic game of Spoons. Well, at this moment that the picture shows, we're preparing 
to start another epic game, but the general idea is that we're playing. (wHaT??)

We had played one or two practice rounds, and then two or three Elimination rounds. You could literally feel the tension in the room, once elimination started. Oh. my. goodness. And we were so loud at the end of each game (aka the insane battle to grab a spoon) that when my mom took a quick walk around the block, she could hear us four houses away, on the other side of the block. The windows were wide open, but still. We were loud. It was awesome.

The prize? The Golden Spoon; a plastic spoon that was partially covered in gold leaf. (Yes, real gold leaf!!)

Whichever family won would take it home. 

Ka. family won it, and thankfully they only live 30min away. 

But we've been wanting to visit Kl. family in Alaska, but before we could go we had to win back the Golden Spoon so that the Spoon Championships could continue in Alaska.

So last night, my family and the Ka. family played elimination. It was eventually between the two dads, and my dad won. *cheers*

This is my dad making a really funny face as he points to the spoon:

Hee hee :)

Then we went home very late, and then you know from my last post that I did not fall asleep until... too late. Or too early, if you think about it. Anyway...

So there's a Rambling Recap of my Thanksgiving. You guys still have your brain cells, right??


Eldra said...

Yes, I still have brain cells. Not entirely sure how many, but if I lost any today, it isn't due to this post. :)

In regards to your "spoilers" portion. . . two days ago I was also writing a very depressing scene and the same thing happened; I was left feeling very depressed. Probably the most depressed I've ever been in my life.

I decided to stop writing that particular story. (Thankfully, it was more of a fanfic then anything else.)

Oops. Didn't mean to dump all that on you. And congrats on winning the spoon back.

Tammi said...

We can't wait for our chance to 'relieve' you of the awful burden of protecting the spoon!!!!!!

Squeaks said...

O.o Your dad looks so much like someone I know :P It's hilarious! The game of spoons...sounds epic. So it's simply you have to be the first to grab the spoons? How does it work? I might want to implement it into my family LOL!

That's sad about your story :( I have cut up and whipped my characters, but never...yeah... :P


Polka Dot said...

Oh, yes. Killing characters. I weep over my computer sometimes. :P

Spoons is SO much fun! We have gotten in some pretty epic, LOUD, and heated battles over it, too. ;)

The Director said...

You get as many spoons as there are players, minus one. You put them in the center of the table/playing area.

You deal out four cards to everyone. The object of the game is to get four of a number/face, so four of a kind.

The person who 'starts' has the undealt, leftover cards.

They pick up the card on top, and if they want it, they keep it an discard one of their cards to the next person, if not then they just pass on that same card they picked up to the next person.

They keep picking up the cards from the deck until they're all gone. So all the cards are in rotation around the players. You can only have 4 cards in your hand at a time.

At some point, someone's going to get all four of the number/face they're trying to get. When you get four of a kind, you (as discreetly as possible) take a spoon from the center. Once the first spoon is taken, then everybody else can get a spoon.

There will be one person who won't get a spoon, and you don't want to be that person. Hence, the mad scramble to get a spoon.

They funny part is the time it takes some people to realize someone took the first spoon. You have to divide your attention between the cards passing through your hands and the spoons.

NOTE: this is the proper way to play. sometimes we cheat around here. alot of us end up holding five or six cards at a time, and people like to fake grabbing a spoon, so that everyone tries to get a spoon when no one actually got four of a kind. it's so hilarious when that happens... but that's the *right* way to play ;)

Maybe I should make a post about how to play Spoons..... :D

Chloe~Jane said...

I just thought I would let you know that I love your blog! It is so encouraging.
Love In Christ,
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