Monday, November 22, 2010

Reaching the Halfway Point...


I've discovered the rumor is true....

Week 3 is really better than Week 2!!

*ridiculous grin*

Yup. Being waaay behind since Day 2, I must say, I've really surprised myself.

Current word count: 23382 words.

I'm almost to 25k!

Now, I realize that there are only 9 days left to write. But a veteran Wrimo once told me that you don't have a right to freak out unless you're still really behind and it's 11pm on November 30th.

So... I'm not freaking out.

I'm actually really, really excited. Oh, of course I'm behind, but I'm recklessly putting much faith in my ability to finish things ridiculously down to the wire. Speaking of which, I just might post a few stories of, ahem, down-to-the-wire-sucess later.

I can't wait for WW3 tomorrow *grin*

Alright, so this is just me procrastinating blabbering when I should be writing.

I had an argument with my MC yesterday.... it was insane!

So, the conversation went like this:

Chance: You can't write this scene yet.
Me: Yes, I really can, so come on.
Chance: Before I go to the castle and get yelled at, you have to finish talking about how my clothes got all torn and muddy. 15 pages before, remember?
Me: Yeah yeah, I'll do that later. Get walking.
Chance: *crosses arms* Nope. Not cooperating.
Me: *stares at computer screen, fingers unable to move* Chance! Stop it! Come on, dude.
Chance: I'm not moving until you write about my clothes.
Several moments pass and I try and start the scene I wanted to do. No success.
Me: Aaargh! CHANCE!!!
*grumbles and scrolls up and obeys MC*

Was I a wimp?

The neat thing is, though, once your characters start talking to you, you inadvertently learn something new about them. For instance, I learned from the conversation above that Chance really can get bossy, and he's not always as compliant as I thought he was. *snort*

How's your writing going? Anybody else had a neat writing adventure lately? Anybody fallen into a terrible pit, be it a procrastination one or otherwise?

Oh hey, and in case you are needing something to get you even further on your word count: Write or Die is really rockin'. I use the online free version, but I really want to buy the Desktop version. It's only $10, too!

So, off I go to try and conquer NaNo for the day... *raises sword* "Chaaaaaarge!!"


Squeaks said...

Cool XD I like how Chance totally changed your plans! My characters do that to me lots...yep...lots. I'm writing about an in-between character right now. She's portrayed as both good and bad. No one knows (until later of course) hehe...she's really turning out to be a creepo XD


The Director said...

Hee hee, glad I'm not the only one!

Sounds like you're having fun :)

I'm about to *meet* a new character today who's a friend to my MC but *later* turns out to be a bad guy.

Have fun writing about the creepo :P

Squeaks said...

O.o *shivers* I always do enjoy when a supposedly good guy turns wicked XD What makes the plot even better is when the main character (if it's a girl) falls in love with this bad guy and then finds out he's evil and is put in torment over it. I sounds wicked of me to say it, but it really does make for a good story :P

The Director said...

Oh yeah, I totally get it.... it's so fun to have the FMC fall in love w/ the bad guy ;)

We must sound so terrible to other people :P

Writer's are wicked.... but only to their characters. Right?

Squeaks said...

XD Yes I do believe so. I don't think I could be wicked to people around me...well...other than SOTK XD (but not in a terribly cruel way lol!)

*sniffs and smells dinner* aah!! food! XD