Sunday, November 7, 2010

Updates, Recommendations, and a Surprise Nomination

First off: Lifesavers are really good. The yellow ones are my favorite-- mmmm.... the purple ones aren't bad either, actually.

Yum yum, dum dum, where's my gum gum?

Sorry-- Night At The Museum interjection there :)

Wrimo Word Count: 3226 words
Nothing grand, obviously. In fact, I was just reading on the forums and I guess a lot of people have passed 10k already. {{sigh}}
...Ah, well. I'll pass 4k tonight for sure, possibly even 5k, and I bet I'll be caught up in no time.

**Hey! That also means that you guys will get your promised excerpt tomorrow! Yipee!**

Updates: Check!
Moving on to the "Quills" area...

You know, over the past three or four years, what with writing stuff that takes place (or is based on) the Middle Ages, I've had to do a lot of research on the time period. And in case you happen to be in dire need of resources, here is a list of some of the books I check out so many times from the library that I really should just buy them already.

  • Daily Life In The Middle Ages, by Paul B. Newman
  • Castle, by David Macaulay
  • The Historical Atlas of Knights and Castles
  • 100 Things You Should Know About Knights and Castles, by Jane Walker
  • The Inheritance of Rome: a history of Europe from 400 to 1000, by Chris Wickham

Now, most of those books are basic, elementary books found in the juvenile section, I realize that. But sometimes, simplistic, straightforward facts are the best-- especially when keeping your head on is imperative.

And please note: the above is not a complete list, but they're all the ones I could think of off the top of my head.

Oh and hey! While I'm talking about books, I thought I would list the books that are on my currently reading/about-to-read list.

  • The Calico Captive, by Elizabeth George Speare (Literally just finished. I love Elizabeth George Speare!)
  • The Lioness and Her Knight, by Gerald Morris (Started it last night.)
  • Crispin: at the edge of the world, by Avi (Looking forward to starting this one!)
  • Castaways of the Flying Dutchman, by Brian Jacques (Eagerly anticipating. Swash swash buckle buckle.)
  • The Mauritius Command, by Patrick O'Brian (Can't wait to enter the world of the British Navy again :)

... there are several others, but I figure this was good for starters. I'll try and get reviews out on these books once I finish them-- so don't take this list as recommendations, since I haven't read the majority of them yet :)

Oh-- and one little piece of big news....

I had no idea! My mom came into my room and shook my hand, and then told me that I was nominated for Best Teen Blog! How cool is that?? It's funny-- I have only maybe 6 or 7 posts, and I'm being nominated for Best Teen Blog.

How on earth did I get nominated in the first place?? Beats me....

If you want to vote for me (please please please!), click on the button above and then scroll down to the categories. **cheesy hopeful grin**

All right, check the gate! Director signing off.


Lainie said...

So glad you were finally able to get some writing done.

I can't wait to read the excerpt :D

I still think it's dreadful that I must wait with the "masses" to read your writing.

Alright, I won't complain-- at least you're no charging me! Hahaa

Congrats on the nomination-- I've already voted.

Hmmm... I wonder who I voted for? {Whistling...}


:) Love you!

p.s. Now that I've conquered Capt. My Capt. and Bowditch, I might want to try a little O'Brien... Or should I read Hornblower??

The Director said...

**feigning shocked and astonished look**

you don't mean to say you voted for ME??!???!?!?!


Oh, and you have to read Hornblower first, definitely. :)

Everyone's Favorite Composer said...

Meesa voted(sa) too(sa)!

I like lifesavers. Remarkable when it comes to thinking...

Lainie said...


The Director said...

Thanks for voting for me dearest :)
And thanks for the lifesaver the other day....

Kaela said...

I voted for you too!

The Director said...

Thanks Kaela! You're awesome :)