Friday, November 26, 2010

You Know You're In Crazy 4-Days-Left NaNoLand When...

It's 5:06 AM and you're writing. Part of this is due to the fact that you were at someone else's house all day for Thanksgiving, thus away from Beloved Laptop and now need some time with said Laptop; though more likely it is due to the high level of caffeine in your system. You had (possibly) 5 hours of sleep the night *cough* morning, before.

You're babysitting your sister's pet ferret, who has been lonely all day because said family were all gone at another house, and so he plays in your room and knocks over your recycling bin while you type away. Sister is fast asleep. You figure that ferret will be ready to sleep again by the time you're finished writing/playing with him.
Talk about multi-taksing??

You're planning on doing the Black Friday Wrimo Challenge: write 10k on Black Friday, because it's too dangerous to step out of the house anyway. You've never written more than 4.6k in a day, and the next part of your story is not outlined. Yike!

Every second spent NOT writing IS spent massaging your keyboard-sore hands. Ow ow ow...

You're almost wishing you had another cup of coffee, because it stimulates the writing brain cells...

You're wondering why you're blogging instead of writing. Ack! Die, procrastination!! Now is not the time for idle-daddling, not that that's even a word!!

The Word Document calls....



Squeaks said...

O.O I hope you are able to get that word count up!!



Everyone's Favorite Composer said...

Ab, have I told you lately how insane you are!? I've pretty much given up on NaNo, but not on my story (hopefully... You know how I am with stories...) I'll probably do it again when I actually have time, you know, like in 4 YEARS!!! Or maybe we can hold our own during the summer.


I am NOT going to try talking to you until this insanity is over with! I might just go sit on your bed and crochet. And warm your hands.

Wow. That was long.

Miss Pickwickian said...

Good luck! :-)

Jake said...

(OO) Aha! Good luck! I just need to write 6k before I am finished! :D So I shall do a 6k challenge, perhaps.

Son of the King said...

@ Jake,

6k till your done? WOW.
*Standing applause*
Great job! I can hardly get past 33k.

@ Director,

Great job and keep up the good work. BTW I loved the pics of the Ferret!

~Son of the King~
(Stalled at 33,666 words)

The Director said...

Thanks :)

Hee hee... my hands are warm right now :P So I guess your story will join the waiting ranks of Lalra and Cape Calverly? Ha ha :)

@Miss Pickwickian
Thanks :)

woW! Only 6k? **joins SOTK and applauds**
Ha, there are so many words wars and challenges right now it's hard to keep up... you should do one!

Hey! Glad you liked the ferret! I was worried what people's reactions would be, because a lot of people think ferrets are creepy, but he's the sweetest, cutest thing on the planet. :) anyway...
I'm stalled out at about 35700 right now... ack!!
Never fear, we shall conquer Nano TODAY!!!


Katie said...

Hang in there! =D

Millard of Swiftstorm said...

Sotk: YOu can do it! Just press away and forage your way through the story and resist the urge to stop!!

I hope your word count is up there Director!:D Though since you're on PST you have some time to keep going!!