Monday, December 13, 2010

Early Christmas gifts, my hesitation for posting an excerpt, and other things that are totally unrelated to one another

Yeah. The title says it all, don't you think?

Hm. I worry myself.

Moving on...

when I draw a blank on what to post, I find my fallback is "post an excerpt!"

Hm. Unfortunately, I'm afraid to show my face with an excerpt because of two "fearsome" fellows on the UG. Heh heh... you know who you are. Critiquing stays on the UG, agreed?

So... if I can scrape together enough material, I'll post an excerpt sometime this week.

Unfortunately, I might disappear soon, for perhaps a week, and that will be because of the terrible word: busy. I'm terribly busy. I have six Nutcracker ballet performances coming up, starting this Saturday, and tech rehearsal start on Thursday. Things will be hectic here around the house and stuff, so I might not get a chance to get my hands on the computer for a decent amount of time. (Chance, ha! I've ruined myself, because I can't say, read, or write that word without thinking of my MC. What a joke.)

Oh, and look what my dear mother gave me for an early Christmas present...


Ta da! I had Egg Nog in it last night. Yum, yum...

Anywho. What was I saying? Was I talking about anything important?

*shrugs and scratches head*

Well... I have to say, my devotional last night was really awesome.

I'm reading Jon Courson's Footsteps of the Flock devotional right now, and it's been a serious blessing.

Here's last night's entry:


I've also had a fantasy story slowly tumbling around in my head... ack, I've decided my fantasy series is my lifelong project, and that I'll get it finished in 10+ years. All my other projects can be completed at a much quicker rate, thus moving the snail fantasy project over to the back burner.

Speaking of other projects, I'm planning on doing a "Cameras" post sometime in the near future, on the subject of trailers. Trailers are very fascinating things, believe me!

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