Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm So Stoked Because of...


I finally HAD to post about it. After being stoked about it for forever.


I never squeal.


Isn't that poster so rockin' EPIC?!  It gives me shivers... the good kind. *shivers*

I'm reading this book for the second time:

Which is the book that they're making the movie from. 


I can't wait to see it! It doesn't come out until February, however *sad sigh*.

It looks SO DARN EPIC!!!!!!

I usually go for the more medieval movies/books, but since it's still in Britain, it won me over. IT'S SO EPIC!!

I love the book waaaaaaaay a lot, and from the look of the trailer, I'm gonna SO LOVE THE MOVIE.
It's rated PG-13, but I'm not worried about that, as I know how the story goes and I'm pretty sure they follow the book's plotline at least relatively accurately. (Too many "ly's"... ah, well.)

 Rosemary Sutcliff. Her writing is so awesome. And I haven't read any of her other books, but I have two of them that I borrowed from the library. *squeal*

Here's the trailer:

So. Stoked. 



Polka Dot said...

WOW! I'm definitely going to see this. I haven't read the book... but maybe I should in preparation. I love Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell and it looks like an epic movie.

Everyone's Favorite Composer said...

I guess I better read it finally... I got sidetracked. If I'm going to read many chapters tonight I had better start now!

Georgianna Penn said...

Ah! I can't WAIT to see that movie! I love the book. I'm so looking forward to the movie. I'm expecting to be either blown away, or disappointed by it, so we'll see...

Jake said...

O_o certainly looks like an interesting trailer. :) Perhaps I shall look up the book before looking up the movie. Tis always good to see what ye are getting into before watching movies...