Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just 'Cause It's So Terrible... *cough* Cheesily Hilarious...

Anyone who loves Star Wars will die if they watch this.

I know I did.

*dies again*

What's the SW Galaxy equivalent to Christmas? Life Day, of course!

It's the Star Wars Christmas Special that aired the year after Episode 4 came out.... this is only a short clip of the Special, but it's hilariously cheesy. (I mean, seriously! Wookies in red pajamas that look like Imperial Guard outfits from Ep. 6? Tree of Life? Happy Life Day? And then Chewie's daydreaming recap of the movie! Oh, man....)

So, enjoy..... or not.

Merry (early) Christmas everyone.... from the Star Wars Galaxy, circa 1978


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