Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Movie Review: Tangled

Warning: There may be spoilers lurking in this review.

Ooh! This is my first movie review on here :)  How fun.


I got back from the movie theater maybe half an hour ago. And ever since the credits rolled, all I've said is, "That was awesome. That was awesome. That was awesome (repeat ad nauseam)."

Well, considering this is my first review, I'll establish some things.

I love movies.

Have I ever mentioned that?

I have now.

I love movies.

And even though I do, I'm very careful about what I watch. My mom and dad have monitored what we watch since I was in the womb. Though, as I've gotten older, I've been allowed to see more mature films, but not without parental supervision :)

Seriously, though, what with having two younger siblings, and for us, movie-watching being a family thing generally, I grew up with Blue's Clues and Dora. I didn't watch Star Wars until I was in fourth grade. No joke. And it was the first "real" movie I had ever seen.

And my parents may sound really strict, but I couldn't be happier. Sure, they are kinda strict about certain things, but trust me: they know what they're doing.

Anyway, so because I have two younger siblings, whatever I watch they will inevitably want to watch. And most of the time, I can't just kick them out of the room. Watching movies at my house is not a lonely activity.

Thus, I've developed a parental "eye" when I watch movies, due to having a little brother and sister watch movies with me. After all, some movies that are good can have some not-good-for-young-children things in them, you know??

All that to say, when I say a movie is pretty family-friendly, I don't say it carelessly.

Tangled is totally family-friendly.

I checked the review at ChristianAnswers.net and PluggedIn.com before watching Tangled.

They both gave Tangled really good reviews, and it got Plugged In gave it 5 stars for family friendliness. Christian Answers gave it a "better than average" moral rating.

See the wonderful balance? I get a family-friendly rating from Plugged In, and a moral rating from Christian Answers. Sorry, that's just my MO when it comes to checking out movies.

Moving on, now. Enough about my habits.

Anyone who loves fairy tales will enjoy this movie. And don't worry, even though Rapunzel's hair is magical (and has healing properties), the "magic" element isn't icky at all.

Even as a musical, which is a type of film I don't lean toward, Tangled knocked my socks off. The graphics were really great, too.

Objectionable things:

Mother Gothel's outfit could be, ahem, a little more modest. (The cut is kind of low in the front, ick.) But considering she's the villain, I can get over it. Also, (younger children in mind) the scenes with Gothel can be a little intimidating, as she's rather intense and not that likable, but it wasn't really overwhelming. Just a heads-up, as a possibility.

After leaving the tower in direct disobedience to her "mother," Rapunzel goes from "I'm a horrible daughter," to "This is the best day ever!" to "I have to go back home," to "I'm never going back!" and around and around again for while. Flynn tells Rapunzel that "a little rebellion is part of growing up, it's okay."
Not to say that rebellion isn't part of growing up, but just because it will happen doesn't make it okay. You shouldn't purpose to rebel against your parents. 5th Commandment, people.
That's the only real objection I have, but thankfully it's only brought up once in the film.

What violence there is, is either comical or kept out of frame (Flynn Rider gets stabbed, and we see a little blood through his shirt, but it's not gross.)

Right before Mother Gothel, at the end, dies, she gets all old and it might be a little weird, but it was short and no big deal.

In case you boys out there are thinking it's too girly for you, erase that lie from your minds right now. There's plenty of action, and it's so not a "girly" film.

For the girls: it's not a overly-action-packed movie with violence and what have you. It's totally awesome.

The romance is expected, but I've never seen such sweet and pure romance in a secular film in my life. Seriously. And it's not mushy gushy either. There are two kissing scenes, but they're not overdone, and it's so so sweet. Both Rapunzel and Flynn are really self-sacrificial when it comes to the other person. Very, very sweet.

The characters were all believable and generally hilarious. Even though the story might be a little predictable, the film is still immensely enjoyable, and the music was great, including the songs. Overall, I just have to say, go watch this movie 'cause it rocks.


Everyone's Favorite Composer said...


I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

*Hey Dad, you know that movie Tangled you were talking about? Well, if you've got time to spare...*

Eldra said...

You know, you probably should have mentioned spoilers at the top of the review (even though I knew everything that you mentioned already without seeing the film). Just thought I'd let you know.

The Director said...

hee hee ha ha :P

Thanks, I didn't think the stuff mentioned counted as spoilers, but you're probably right :)

~Miss Raquel said...


Tammi said...

My kiddos are hoping to see this sometime soon. Thanks for the review. It sounds good. AC wants to know if you liked it as much as "How to Train Your Dragon"?

Kelsey said...

Hi! You probably don't remember me or know who I am, but I am a friend of your family and saw your Moms link to your blog!

Love the blog and the review! Right on, we took our daughter to it and your objections and likes were exactly the same as ours! I loved the movie and in 3d it was awesome! :-)

(By the way, its super encouraging for me-a young Mom, to see the respect you have for your parents and the character you have!)

Barriss Offee said...

Sounds like a pretty clean movie!!! Compared to other Disney movies, this one sounds great!!

-Barriss :-D

Jake said...

o_O *will be watching it sometime in the next year*

Polka Dot said...

I just watched this last night, too. Loved it, and love your review. The romance was so sweet!

The Director said...

@Miss Raquel
But you can't wait to see VotD MORE!!! hahaha....

@Mrs. K
I loved it just as much, if not more, than How to Train Your Dragon. Oh and haha, Mom mentioned that Rapunzel made her think of me... not in appearance, obviously :P But she totally acts like me. Lol, so I've found my Disney Princess haha

You're right, I don't remember you sorry! About your commet-- thanks so much :)

Oh yeah, it so rocks :)


@Polka Dot
I read your review too :)

Noah Arsenault said...

Thanks for the review! You have changed my mind about seeing it, though that will probably only be after it releases on dvd. Your first movie review was pretty good and helpful!!

The Director said...

@Noah Arsenault
Thanks, and you're welcome :)

Kayla said...

I know this post is OLD, but hey! my family watches movies late.... Anyway, I had to comment because I just got to see this movie! It was totally fun. I loved the music. I took a Disney Princess test and I am Rapunzel too! Excellent review.

Spook said...

I LOVED Tangled. I probably laughed harder than most of the kids in the theatre, no jokes! So funny, and you're totally right about the non-sickening romance. I can't stand sickening romance.