Monday, December 6, 2010

Post-NaNo: Editing, and other things

As stated previously somewhere, I hit 50k on my NaNovel but did not complete the story. I'm only about 1/3 of the way through.

Oh, and just know I don't measure my progress or set goals by my word count, because I have the story outlined. So I set my goals by getting to this or that point in the story. The word count never matters to me unless it's November :)

This next question will seem like I'm changing the subject, but I'm not.

Do any of you know how J. R. R. Tolkien wrote?

I write, in my natural state, like him.

He was a perfectionist.

If he wrote a whole chapter, but forgot to mention this or that, and maybe a couple sentences needed fixing, he would rewrite it. And if that next rewrite was imperfect somehow, he would rewrite it again. Frodo's name needed to be changed from Bingo to Frodo? Okay, rewrite everything all over again.


The first chapter of The Fellowship of the Ring was written probably (at least) 20 times.

Don't believe me??

The Return of the Shadow, by JRR Tolkien.  It's all his notes and drafts from The Fellowship, I believe. At least, it's part one.

I read this book and laughed.

Because that's me.


Maybe that's why I never got anything but the prologue written for a whole year and a half (even more maybe!) on my fantasy novel. I'm not going to use world-building as an excuse. (Hey, but I might have to at a later date though, ha, ha.)

Anywho, so now that November is over...

...the speed writer in me is fading away...

...and the perfectionist who likes to write and edit simultaneously (and likes planning to an atrocious degree before that) is rearing it's head. I won't say it's an ugly head, because I don't want to insult myself at this time. Thanks.

I'm done reading through my printed manuscript and making little notes and edits. I'm not doing the major edit until I'm finished with the book. Now I need to write. Well, soon, I need to write.

My plan (A plan? What a joke.) for the month of December is to only edit, which includes a little bit of "real" writing here and there. 

But I'm not continuing the story until January.

The NaNo people in the office (OLL) suggest to take a month off. And I think that's a good idea. 

God didn't establish the Sabbath for no reason.

I remember the first time I could fully appreciate the words, "Six days you are to do your work, but on the seventhday you shall cease from labor..." (Exodus 23:12) It was last year in the middle of...
Hm? Oh, sorry, that's another story, isn't it? 

Anyway, so this month I'm taking a general writing break (and getting caught up on all the schoolwork I abandoned during November). I'll just be doing some small editing and a little writing, which primarily will get me familiar with Scrivener. 

Hee hee haha!!! I used my discount code from NaNo and got Scrivener like yesterday!! Muahahaha :)
It totally rocks.

Thanks Mom and Dad!

Anyways, that's my deal right now. What about you? What's your plan for this December?

PS I didn't make up the Bingo thing.


Amaranthine said...

I managed to hold four days before editing. So dya think scrivener was worth the money? I'll be getting the window's version.

Son of the King said...

@ The Director,

Great post, I never knew half of those things about J.R.R Tolken!

Oh, my plan for my book is to get to the 50k point then hopefully add another 20 during December. If I am blessed with speedy fingers I am going to be able to print out my manuscript into book format then give it to my family for Christmas. So, yeah.

After that, in January, I plan to write my second book while taking all the time I need and later on writing my third and fourth book thus finishing my series.

~Son of the King~
(Wanting to write another 3k today)

Squeaks said...

*snickers* We must be alike! Tolkien was a procrastinator...I'm a procrastinator...and it looks like you are too :P

I've re-written my first chapter 3 times so far and it looks like I'll be re-writing it again. Like ya said, if something goes wrong or something needs to be changed, *sweeps hands through air* re-write it! *laughs* Yep...the glory of editing. It'll kill ya if you don't watch it :P


The Director said...

Especially if your story has a lot of things needing to be juggled around until you can get them in order, then yes, I would highly recommend Scrivener. I did the 30-day trial first to get used to the program and make sure I liked it, and then bought it before the 30 days were up.
Totally worth my money. Of course, I had a 50% discount from NaNo :P

I like your plan :)
Go get that 3k written!!!! :D

I wonder if we're long-lost relatives...
I understand. Our editing process can be lethal if not monitored :P

Jake said...

Ah, I love that book. :)

Bilbo: "I'm going to go off and get married!"

WHAT?! I thought it was "I am leaving now. GOODBYE." ;)

Katie said...

Ahhhh, I'm the same way. I cannot write with out simultaneously editing every. single. word. And I wonder why I never finish anything...

Anywhoo, congrats big time for winning NaNo. :D

Katie said...
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Katie said...

Gosh, I should not be typing at midnight. o.O I wrote the same comment twice, tried to delete it... and now it looks like I just randomly changed my mind about something and quickly did away with it...

Oy. I... Haha, I don't know where I'm going with this, I just didn't want you to think I -- Well, "removed by the author" looks so cold and formidable and mean...

I... need sleep. Or Coffee. Or Both. :P