Friday, December 31, 2010

Since 'Happy New Year' is such a cliched post tonight...



Happy New Year, you guys :)

2010 went by like that *snaps fingers.*

*takes a deep breath*

It's been quite a year. A good one. Definitely hard, sometimes, but it's been good. Has it been a transitional year for you guys, or is it just me?

Thanks, Lord, for new beginnings. And in this case, 2011.

This was me, my siblings, and EFC earlier today:

And then just now this was me and my siblings:

My brother and I decided to pull gangster.... o_O

And then all three of us got pretty silly :P

And what have I done today? Uh, er...

...watched a couple episodes of "The Hardy Boys." Yeah. Like, from the 70's. (bwahahaha...)

...went and saw Tangled for the second time... hee hee :)

...went to Haggens and got food, food, and some ice cream.

...wasted time on the computer. other people's blog posts. <3 (that wasn't wasted time, however! :)

...tried to ollie again in the garage.

...made hot cocoa and tea.

...hung out with my family and EFC.

...watched some trailers for movies that came out ten years ago.

...returned a couple things to the library.

...listened to Lecrae. Woot!

...made this post. Oh, yeah! :P

Something(s) that I'm looking forward to in 2011?

...finishing my novel. (Hi Chance! I haven't forgotten you!) And then writing the screenplay.

...deepening my relationship with the Lord... <3

...celebrating my birthday. Yeah, I turn fourteen in 10 days! Woot woot!

...entering high school in the fall. Whoa!

...watching awesome movies :P

...reading awesome books.

...making some decent shorts. As in, film shorts.

...ballet. Yup, I have two exams coming up in the spring... *hyperventilates*

...blogging. Duhr. :D

It's currently about 10:40 PM.  *waxes poetic* The minutes eat away at the hours, and the hours eat away at the year... hm? *exits poetic mode and scratches head*

So, how's everybody doing, huh?

Happy New Year, y'all!

I go now to make myself a sandwich.


Leia Skywalker Organa said...

It became 2011 49 minutes ago for me. Wanna know how it feels? It feels just like 2010. =P So now you know.

I probably should go to bed now actually, but I don't feel like it. I think I'll go snooping through people's blogs instead. *giggles*

-Leia <3

Everyone's Favorite Composer said...

The composer needs a sandwich!

I was going to do something all colorful, but I lack the patience to make each letter a different color.

I finished my crocheted hat. It's cozy.

I will read many chapters, and crash into Parliament... Twice.

See you next year!

~Miss Raquel said...

Happy new year, girlfriend!!!!

Jake said...

A most entertaining post. :)

Creative Artist said...

Sandwhichs. Got to love em. Or not. :D