Wednesday, December 1, 2010

(Some of) My Top Favorite Film Scores

I don't know about you, but I find that movie soundtracks are wonderful for writing. I mean, talk about inspiration!

So... I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you!

Note: Half of these movies I have NOT seen, and I am not endorsing (most of) them.

I am suggesting the soundtracks, not the films per se. In fact, it'd probably be a good idea to not watch most of these films. A friend of mine and I have a saying about how the best scores go to the worst movies... it's not always true, but generally it is.

A few of these I *have* seen and may do reviews on them at a later date.

Anyway, just consider this post as music suggestions, alright? 

The above three are self-explanatory :P

I think The Holiday would be the 'score that doesn't fit the category' here, but I find it refreshing when I'm sick of "epic" scores. 

Why Seabiscuit? 'Cause the movie is so awesome.

There are a few of the songs that I never listen to (Creatures, Godfrey, and Clash, mainly), but overall the 'Robin Hood' soundtrack is well worth your money.

How To Train Your Dragon score is absolutely FANTASTIC! 

Talk about epic... James Horner rocks!!

James Newton Howard also rocks my socks off. To The Spaceport!

From classical pieces to true epicness, Master and Commander is great. But I think watching the movie makes you appreciate the score more. 

Duhr. Swash swash buckle buckle. Bring it on, man.

Oh. Man. Some of the tracks might need a little getting used to, but Gladiator is one of my top faves! Best results if listened to in order. 

Only Steve Jablonsky can make techno instruments and the orchestra marry and make it work. 
Bumblebee is one of the best. 


*In case anyone was wondering, I am not getting paid by anyone for blabbering about these soundtracks*


Eldra said...

I love listening to movie soundtracks when I write as well. Besides LotR and The Pirates' soundtracks, I also love listening to the Batman Begins and The Dark Knight soundtracks. Star Wars is also good, although sometimes distracting because a lot of the pieces are very unique and sometimes my mind wanders while listening to them.

Son of the King said...

@ The Director,

I have never actually enjoyed listening to sound tracks while writing, but sometimes I will go for a favorite album. Oh, by the way, have you seen the movie Robin Hood?

~Son of the King~
(Stuck at 33,666 words in ITML)

~Miss Raquel said...

No, you stole my idea!! :D *haha* Well, I'm gonna do a post like this anyway ;)

Okay, TOTALLY with you on:
- Seabiscuit
- How to Train Your Dragon
- Braveheart (YES, James Horner DOES rock!!)
- Master and Commander (I'm gonna be learning the violin pieces in this movie!! *HAPPY SIGH* Oh! And did you know that Russell Crowe actually took violin lessons so that he could play his pieces himself?!?! Talk about COOL!! :D)
- and Gladiator ;)

Oh yeah! Very nice list, girl! Keep an eye out for mine ;)


The Director said...

I know what you mean about the Star Wars music :)

Haven't seen Robin Hood, have you??

@Miss Raquel
Hee hee... great minds think alike? Haha.
I knew about Russell Crowe... that's pretty neat :)

I could learn to play those pieces too! Once you can plat them record yourself and show us in bloggyland ok??

Princess of Endor said...

I feel so....I don't know, behind, I guess. When I watch movies I usually just watch the movie, not listen to the music. When I do, it's to think, "Oh, that music goes really well with this scene!"
There are exceptions, such as with Star Wars. ;) My favorite score to listen to. I can concentrate while listening, except for on certain songs.
LOL, this kind of turned into a post.

The Director said...

@Princess of Endor
I don't normally "tune in" to the music when I watch a movie, but I do notice it every once in a while. I'm always checking out scores regardless of whether I've seen the movie or not.

Don't feel behind :)