Sunday, December 5, 2010

'Tis Sunday!

Yeah, you had no idea, right?

It's Sunday, folks!

*coughs* I have a reputation for pointing out the overly obvious.

Anyway, Church was really awesome :)

Today was Potluck Sunday, so after worship and the teaching was a time of eating and fellowshipping.

'Twas rockin'.

Oh hey you know what?

There was pie there.

*no comment*

Anywho, yesterday I made granola bars. Observe:

Yummy! They turned out better than I expected, too. 

And on December 2nd, I finally "killed some trees," NaNoWriMo-ically speaking. (<-- try saying that!!)

Check it out. Gaze upon my handiwork:

And be amazed.

I finally printed my (incomplete) manuscript out three days ago.

99 pages, baby. Booyah!

The outcome of 30 days of blood, sweat, tears, and coffee. Oh yeah, and chocolate.

Who else has printed out their NaNovel??

Alright, now that all that's over with...

I really love Lecrae. Listening to his album, "Rehab" right now. And I'm kind of beatboxing in between singing and typing. Sh. You didn't hear that.

Who else is broke? Since I have no money, instead of buying everybody Christmas presents, I'm going to... whoa whoa, who said I was gonna tell you???

I'm reading Mauritius Command right now, and re-reading Crispin: The Cross of Lead. Both are really good, so far.

So... what are the rest of you wonderful people up to, huh?

PS one of my mostest favoritest Christmas songs is, "O Come O Come Emmanuel."
It gives me shivers.

The Lord is good, folks! The Lord is good.

I leave to go beatbox do laundry.


Jake said...

Woh. Pie, manuscrips, and granola bars!! :D Epicness! :D

A printed manuscript *shakes head* Man, if I had the ink for Mom would kill me, LOL. ;) But did ye hear about the NaNoWriMo goody that ye get starting Dec. 2?! Ye can get on CreateSpace and GET A FREE PAPERBACK COPY OF YOUR OWN NOVEL!!!!! *is freaking out* That is so amazing... >_> <_< >:D

The Director said...

I know I know!!! ROCKETH!!!

*big grin*

Amaranthine said...

I'll print out my novel after I'm done revising it. :)

Happy Sunday!

Cosette said...

Hey, I really enjoyed reading your blog! Sort of found it by clicking through other blogs xD

"Killed some trees- NaNoWriMoipically speaking" that's totally hilarious :D

Everyone's Favorite Composer said...

Is it just me, or are you beginning to write like me? You do realize that you sounded a whole lot like me when you said "observe:" right?

The Director said...

Happy Sunday Amaranthine :)

Aw, thanks :) I know I thought it was great too ;)

Maybe it's *you* who sounds like *me.* ha. lol.
hey how was your concert, hm?

Amaranthine said...

You're two followers behind me(wicked grin).

But then I feel jealous because I've been blogging for three months longer than you have.

Amaranthine said...

You're two followers behind me(wicked grin).

But then I feel jealous because I've been blogging for three months longer than you have.

Amaranthine said...

woah, look, double comment.

The Director said...

triple comment :P

it's okay. you will pull ahead with astounding speed, and then *I* will feel jealous lol.

keep in mind, three of those followers are relatives. so really, we're square.

race you! haha :P

Anonymous said...

Cool!! Granola bars!!!

-Barriss :-D

Son of the King said...

@ The Director,

Cool to hear you had a potluck, in fact, what makes it so cool is that we just had one a week ago with our Church. Unfortunately it was not the happiest as our Senior pastor and youth pastor were leaving. :(

I also wanted to say that you book looks great (even in rough copy). As soon as I finish my book I am going to staples and printing it off there in book format then giving the first copy to my family. Once again, great job!

~Son of the King~
(Yeah, I hit 35k in an hour, that's 2k every 30 min. :O )

The Director said...


Oh, sad that your pastors were leaving! :(
Thanks about my book ;)
Can't wait for your victory printing at staples! lol.