Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Author Interview: Amanda Bradburn

Heyo all! I'm back.... with something really, really neat. Somewhat-newly-published author Amanda Bradburn has been gracious enough to let me interview her! Woot! (Thanks Amanda!)

Ms. Bradburn is the author of The Keepers of Elenath, and she just finished the manuscript for the second book in the series, The Phantom Assassin.
Anyway, here goes!

What first inspired you to start writing?

 This question brings back funny memories, actually. I began writing with a few friends when I was about seven years old. That eventually died about a year later, but the love of creating never left me. My cousin had introduced me to a series of books that my mother did not approve, and I liked them so well that I decided I would write my own. Not long thereafter, in 2001, The Fellowship of the Ring movie came out and I fell in love with fantasy. :)

How long have you been writing?

About 13 years, off and on. I began The Keepers of Elenath when I was fourteen. Wow! That was five years ago. :P

What are your top favorite books to date?

Bryan Davis's Raising Dragons and Wayne Thomas Batson's The Door Within are definitely up there. I don't like horror at ALL, but Ted Dekker's Blink (also called In the Blink of an Eye) was very well done. 

Are there any authors in particular whose writing inspired you, or that you learned from?

Well, that's a hard one. I've read so many . . . . I love Tolkien and Lewis, like many fantasy fanatics do, and recently, I also discovered that I like Gail Carson Levine and Julie Berry. My cousin and my best friend are inspiring too, even if they're not published yet.

I know everyone must ask you this, but how does your faith affect your writing? 

Faith gives life purpose and hope, which are its goals in writing, too. Often, Christian books are just preachy. They slam information down the reader's throat and don't even make it interesting. Faith in a book should be prominent and easy enough not to need an "oh yeah, I better put this in here since I'm a Christian" page. It's a lifestyle.

Do you think that the eating of ice cream assists the creative writing process? 

I think that eating assists the creative writing process. (But don't try eating Cheetos. They get orange all over the keyboard. lol)

Your thoughts on sleep.

Sleep? Writing three books, editing one, attending college full time, surviving as kitchen boss at school, teaching at church, playing violin and singing in choir? What is this sleep you speak of?

Are you a books-only person, or do you enjoy watching movies as well?

I can multitask when I watch movies. I write my own book and watch at the same time, so I love movies. There is, though, something in books that only paper and ink can accomplish. I love both. :)

Could you give us a synopsis of your book, "The Keepers of Elenath?"

You know, even after more than a year of my book being out, I still can't really answer that question very well? The Keepers of Elenath has a synopsis twelve pages long. :P The story begins with a mysterious young man remembering something that happened to him many years before, and then catapults you unashamedly right into the center of the action. Gwaeron, the princess, is a spy and is trying to secure some last minute details before she flees her beloved city. A dark terror marches (or flies) on her brother, Prince Enduan's army, her aid is shot and dying, and in another corner of the world, evil is drawing near to the one thing that could end their world forever. Will any of them make it alive?

If you had one thing to say to writers who are trapped in the revision stage, what would it be?

 Stop. That's my advice. Just stop. The more you revise, the more you'll hate it. Shut the computer off, put the notebook away, and leave it. I leave my books for months before I go back. Take a break from your writing and let it become new again in your mind. And really, it all depends on what your goal for your book is. Publication, or not? Aesop said that familiarity breeds contempt. With your own works, at least in my case, that is definitely true.

What is your favorite genre to write? And while we're at it, what genres do you enjoy reading?

 I love fantasy. I also love fairy tale, though that's sometimes considered fantasy. I love reading fantasy, mystery, action, and suspense. Every once and a while when I'm really bored I'll crack open a romance. As a general rule, I don't read them much.

Are there any books no one would expect you to like, but you do?

Hmm...more often than not, it's books that I would expect to like and don't. But I liked Paper Roses by Amanda Cabot, which is . . . romance. lol

Wow! Thanks again, Ms. Bradburn!

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And also, Ms. Bradburn has a site for her book, soon to be books, so please, check that out too!


Varon said...

I know what she means by a not having maternal permission. My mom doesn't want me to read anything other than historical fiction.

Jake said...

Excellent! I could almost mistake Ms. Bradburn for an Elf. ;) Great interview! I read 'The Keepers of Elenath' not too long ago. I still need to get around to reviewing it officially...twas a most excellent novel. :)

I eat cheese crackers while writing. They give your brain a jolt and make your fingers fly. I eat them during Word Wars. ;) *Mwahahaha*

Hmmm...stop revising? I have heard the opposite. Tis good to get some other perspectives, though. Revising, in my own opinion, is essential (though it DOES help to leave the novel alone and go back to it).

Millardthemk said...

Hehe Jake ;) I think her revision comment meant, get that stuff down on paper. Then leave it. Then revise! I've read that in places before. But you are write---right, there are a lots of opinions on that kinda stuff.

Varon, The Keepers of Elenath is absolutely morally scrupulous. Nothing objectionable whatsoever in any way shape or form, morally. At from my conservative opinion. Check it out! When you buy a book there is an audio code in the back for an audio book! :O (The KOE audio book)

Amanda Bradburn said...

Hey! Thanks, guys! And thanks so much, Abby, for having me. If any of you have FB, come and find me! :)