Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Five for Five Tag

Hey everybody! Sorry for my tardiness in posting! 

Well, anyway, the glorious Miss Pickwickian has tagged me, so.... here I am, posting about tagging, the tag, and tagging other wonderful people ;)

Here goes!

Things you have learned this year (2010).

(in no particular order)

1. The Lord is really good. 

2. My mom is really smart and it's normally a good idea to listen to her.

3. I don't have much endurance. I'm on a hunt to find some.

4. Coffee is the key to life.

5. Writing is a lot better/easier/productive when you just have to spew it out instead of agonizing over every sentence in the first draft.

Things you want to accomplish next year (2011). Again, in no particular order.

1. Know the Lord more deeply.

2. Make a minimum of two film shorts. 

3. Finish my novel.

4. Finish memorizing the Book of James.

5. Finish my screenplay adaption of a book. (Ssh....)

Things you've always wanted to do but have never done before.

1. Go to a premiere. A real one. 

2. Learn Hebrew or Welsh.

3. Watch a movie at it's midnight showing.

4. Draw more than one of my current novel's characters. (I can't draw people to save my life.... though I have drawn three successful portraits of different characters of mine, but only one of those are from my current book... did that make sense??)

5. Discover another world, maybe by walking through a wardrobe or attic portal or somethin'... hey, it's not that hard, right?

Things you see as important in life... no particular order.

1. Love.

2. Faith.

3. Coffee.

4. My relationship with the Lord.

5. My family.

Mishaps. Otherwise known as embarrassing (wonderful) moments that I get to laugh at.

1. Well... I haven't really done much recently (or in the past) that was too "embarrassing" that would make sense... so I'll throw in a couple "sweet" moments, etc. in this list. However, I did call my fourth grade teacher "Mom" twice... once nobody heard me, second time... just the girl across the table heard, We laughed. 

2. Whilst filming a science video (alone in the garage with a video camera... frightening.), I randomly (and without being funny on purpose) went into a hillbilly accent and waved my hand around the steam coming from the portable burner, exclaiming, "Whew! Risin' to high heaven, hooo-ee!"  
*headdesk* My mom and I never got over it since watching the recording several months ago...

3.  In second grade, I always had this thing about putting frosting on my nose (whenever we had cupcakes for someone's birthday or something.). Yeah. That's it. I would just always put a dab of frosting on my nose. Don't ask why.  (I find it extremely embarrassing now to find pictures of myself in that state. ;)

4. I dunno.... I've never liked roller coasters, and I was forced against my will persuaded to go on one a couple years ago at Legoland. I screamed my head off in pure terror the entire time. *palmface*

5. I asked my mom if there were assigned seats in college. For the record, I was half messing with her...

Yeah, well, that's that! ;)

Now meesa shall tag:

Everyone's Favorite Composer 

Thanks for reading, y'all ;) Lord bless!


Amaranthine said...

I escaped the tagging monsters this time. :P Yay! You went to Legoland! I live about an hour away from there. I just went there like a month ago. I went on the biggest roller coaster there against my will. It was called Project X or something like that.

The Director said...

My sister and brother went on Project X... me sis loved it. ;)