Monday, January 31, 2011

For all the wonderful geeks out there...

Here's a brilliant TRON: Legacy/Star Wars trailer mash-up. I found it through, who had a link from, who got it courtesy of the L.A. Times (

*is dizzy now*

^ I am not endorsing any sites above, per se. Merely noting where I got the video. :)

It's a seriously genius video, taking the audio from the TRON: Legacy trailer and fitting Star Wars shots to it.


Barriss Offee said...

My computer wouldn't load it. :-( But it sounds completely awesome!!!!

-Barriss :-D

Eldra said...

Brilliant! I love it! Actually, I love watching movies put to the audio of a different trailer. This one was really well done.

Now I want to go watch Tron again.

The Director said...

Aw, sorry Barriss... maybe I could post the direct link to the video on youtube if you want?

Eldra- I had a feeling you would appreciate this :D I know! Made me want to watch Tron again too.... or Star Wars, lol.

Jedi~Chick said...

Awesome video!!!!! I loved it!!!!!! :D

Jedi~Chick <3

Eagles Wings said...

Ha, that was great. One of the better mixed trailers..!