Monday, January 3, 2011

They've Finally Stopped Sulking, They Have!

... Who?

I know that that is the question you must be asking.

Genius, aren't I?

*blank looks*


My characters, that's who!

I told them I needed a break after November, and that I would speak to them, write about them, or even think about them until January. (Evil, I know...)

And apparently they sulked all through December.

Because I opened my notebook on January 1st, and you know what?

...they didn't cooperate.

I knew they were sulking, and I told them to get over themselves. (After I said sorry...)

But as some of my friends know (because I've complained to them), my characters have been holding out on me, even though it's already January. So I've been waiting for them to get a life cooperate.

And this morning, very very early in the morning, they stopped sulking...

and had about four ginormous pages of things to tell me.

I didn't expand the novel, save a short prologue and epilogue (a fairly new, half-cooked idea in the back of my mind that came spilling out while my characters chattered at me).  But they gave me quite an earful of information that I'd been waiting to get for a long time.

For instance, Morcant's conspiracy plan. He wouldn't tell me what it was! So I sulked for awhile. But he finally told me, which is good, because now I can write, because that was information vital to the continuation of the novel. (Don't worry, Morcant, I won't tell the world your plans... yet...)

And several of my older characters and my MC told me how the ending was going to go... and for whom the wedding bells would ring at the end of the story. (Ssh! They don't know yet! *looks at unsuspecting, soon-to-be couples*)

I learned a bit more about our MC's main antagonist, too: the *cough* dragon. I learned quite a bit about the beast, actually. And the nice thing is, with all this editing, William is never really dead. Not until the book is edited to the fullest, and I've declared it finished. Because now there are several new scenes with new information that William and Chance have together. So... I get to say hi to William again! *happy face*

*flips through purple-inked notebook*

Oh yeah, and Chance told me a but more about himself, too. :)

And I outlined the climax.... *giggles*

IT'S GONNA BE  SO. AWESOME! *fireworks*

Pardon my enthusiasm. I find yelling and screaming and jumping up and down to be a bit of a letdown. I feel more like an embarrassed, immature idiot instead of a thrilled, energetic, brilliant writer when I do something like that. So I avoid it... mostly.

Thus, I shall have to cope with my enthusiasm here. Hope you don't mind ;)

It's looking to be a very, very good New Year. God is in His heaven, and my pen is in my hand. What could be better??

What about you? How's your writing going? So horrible you can't even stand it? So-so? Better than you hoped?


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what's in store for me to witness! More headdesks or more cheering? I'm very excited for you :)

--The Actress (aka YOUR SISTER) *dramatic music*

Everyone's Favorite Composer said...

I wrote more and added a bit more plot to mine tonight. I still need to figure out how it will all work out with the additions, though.

Jake said...

Excellent! Huzzah! I love outlining the climax--and writing it is amazing! Your words will fly, believe me--it is such a feeling, such an amazing accomplishment! :D I would write if only for the reason to write a climax. (I love writing, can ye tell? ;)

The Director said...

@Everyone Above This:

:D Thanks. Jake-- I know the feeling... can't wait!