Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What occurred on January the Tenth.

Hi guys! Sorry this folow-up post took so long. And thank you all for your sweet, sweet, awesome comments on my birthday post via my mother ;)

*fireworks and confetti*

Guess what I did for my birthday... (and if you're guessing that I wrote all day, here's what I have to say: the night before I stared at the computer screen and apologized to my characters for having writer's block. So there.)

Here's how my day began:

I noticed, on top of the computer an odd little thingy.

And upon finding little Pascal from Tangled, I began my quest to find the other little Tangled figurines scattered throughout the house. 

Oh. My.

(PS I found Gothel in the microwave... too funny!)

(In my bed. Disturbing. *bwahaha* Just kidding!)

And then, I got a Rapunzel Barbie and a Flynn Rider one too. No pictures, thank you :D

At this point, I was getting worried. 

My dear parents knew all I wanted was a skateboard, but... I was getting toys more suitable for a, well, child younger than 14 years. I had a sneaking suspicion the whole thing was a big joke, which it was. *sigh of relief* (However, the little figurines are great!)

So at about 1:30-ish, my mother finally let me know:

I was getting a skateboard.


We went to Tacobell for lunch, and then we went to the Washington Square mall, and as I had recalled seeing a skateboard shop, we hunted around until we found the Vans store, where we spotted decks way in the back.

(Note to anyone thinking that a skateboard from the mall would be cheap and flimsy: the quality of the stuff they had was great. They had, among others: Zero, Plan B, and Element decks, which I knew were good, and their truck and wheel brands were great. So no worries. ;)

We glanced through the complete, pre-made boards, but then started looking through the decks. 

And I found my soulmate.

It was an Element deck. It was silver, black, and purple. My three favorite colors, all in one! (And the right size, too!)

It was mine. No mistake.

The guy there helped us pick out good wheel and good trucks, and then we meandered around the mall for about twenty minutes while he assembled it. 

I kid you not, the second he handed it to me, I did not let go of my beautiful, beautiful board the whole way home. And I was squealing. Like a girl. But I didn't do that until we were in the car. :P

Here's some pictures from when we got home.

Thanks Mom and Dad!!

I've ridden it quite a bit since then, and it's amazing. 

After we got home from the mall, the plan was to watch several movies, but we ran out of time and only watched two.

I know that all you non-movie-watchers are shaking your heads in disbelief at those final words: "only two."

 *points to self* Well, this future world-famous director likes to take advantage of utilize things like birthdays to get permission to watch many movies. Yeah...

One of the things I watched:

Amazing Grace. I love that movie! We thought it would be fun to watch it, as it's something of a "classic" at my house :)

We ran out of time yesterday, but soon, I'll be watching The Count of Monte Cristo. I love that movie too. But I had only seen it once... and as far as I'm concerned, you've only seen a movie if you've seen it twice. So once we watch it, (which will be my second time seeing it) I'll be able to truly say I have seen The Count of Monte Cristo.

It was a very blessed, very fun, Penuche-Cake-filled day :D

PS- one more thing about my board:

I was so OCD on Monday. I would ride it, and then come inside, prop my board up against the couch, and wipe the wheels clean with a paper towel. And then I would ride it again a little later, come inside and wipe the wheels down. Again.

I'm over it now. Don't worry, I was just babying my board 'cause it was new. 

(However, I did bring it downstairs yesterday and propped it up in the kitchen while I made myself breakfast.)



Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Sounds like you had a fun day!!!! Very cool board by the way.

-Barriss :-D

Jake said...

COol! :D A tradition I hope to follow on my birthday is to WRITE. And write. And write. I did that on my fourteenth birthday...absolutely epic!

Sounds like a great day! :D

The Director said...

Thanks Barriss!! :D

Jake: I wanted to write, but I know that writing happens mainly at night for me, and doing it all day only really happens in November, since otherwise I would be too distracted with other things... *sigh* Anyway, I'm glad that you do, and I hope you do your wonderful epicness this year, too ;)

Millardthemk said...

Awesome! Sounds like a wonderful day!:D A board you say? Very sweet :) Did you board before? Looks pretty sweet :D I've tried skateboarding before, Hm..never long enough to give it a real go though. Snowboarding at least I'm strapped in when I fall ;)

The Director said...

I boarded once for real before (which really meant me going down a ramp and falling on my rear about 20 billion times :P , and a did a little on my brother's board, but we had gotten it at Target for like 20 bucks, so it's a super ratty board... I don't think that really counted as boarding, lol. But yeah... I've boarded before ;)

Snowboarding! And not just a video game, huh? (OO)

Millardthemk said...

Sweeet! I'll cheer for you and the DewTour :D

Yes. Not just a video game :O

The Director said...



Polka Dot said...

Oh my WORD. I want those Tangled figurines SO BAD! Where did your parents get them??