Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gettin' Real for a Moment....

Hi all! *jumps around happily*

It has been awfully review-y around here, hasn't it? Awful formal and un-personal.

I hope you weren't getting used to it.

'Cause I'm back!! Live and in person! Kinda.

Hee hee.


Anyway, I thought I'd bring y'all up to date on my life.... a dread topic, if I do say so myself. ;)

Today was a great day. Church was beyond awesome: the teaching was just what I needed, and several people were the biggest blessings today, I was almost crying. But I don't think I should bring my skateboard anymore.... it gives people the wrong impression. *grimaces*

Besides that, I've...

-watched too many interviews for my own good. (More on that in a second.)

-watched too many Oscar and BAFTA award videos for my own good.

-read books.

-thought about watching movies.

-worked on my novel. (Excerpts soon, hopefully!!)

-worked on my screenplay. (Ssshhh....)

-listened to the Pearl Harbor soundtrack, Brandon Heath's album, Leaving Eden (LOVE!!) and Owl City :)

-played piano. (I don't play, play. But I play.)

-helped lead worship at church on Sundays. (Violin=very important, apparently.)

-bought minty Mentos.

-ate minty Mentos.

-gone to Borders with a friend, overloaded with gift cards. lol. Oddly enough, I got nothing that I hadn't already read.... (OO)

-skateboarded around the block to accompany unicycling sis. (Keep reading to find out more...)

-prepared for my intermediate foundation ballet exam in exactly a week. Nervous..... ha! But the Oscars are in exactly a week, too..... hm, I'll have to post about that soon....

-played Pente with awesome people. (And... scene!)

-done MORE ballet- Int. Foundation and Grade 6. *faints*

-worked on memorizing the book of James. Still working on Chapter 3... *shudders* Actually, it's really fun, and easier than you would think. I have some more verses to write down from last week, though.

Whew! *falls over*

Now, here's some pictures. Commentary included.

Due to overenthusiastic interview watching, I have not only learned much about the process of filmmaking, but also some lesser-known facts about the actors of The Eagle. *cough*

I've been comparing pictures of Jamie Bell and Woody Allen.

Notice the glasses? Yeah, I guess someone had once told Jamie that he looked like Woody Allen, and he ended up getting these glasses to, "sort of enhance the fact that I might look like a young Woody Allen... which is weird." 

I think it's hilarious.

Okay, enough with that.

Moving on....

I finally bought this book. I probably wouldn't have gotten it, or else had just grabbed any random edition, except the cover stole my heart since the first time I looked at it. 

 The illustrations are to die for.

Ha, and here's a story I probably should have shared long ago.

Last month, my Nana (my mom's mom) bought me a hair curler curling iron. 

I haven't used it yet. But that's beside the point. 

Isn't it so nice, sitting in it's shiny purple case???

 Being fairly new to this type of appliance, I decided to read the instruction booklet.

*double take*


Did you see what the booklet said?

Look again.

Never do WHAT?

Now, I know I have a reputation for being super nit-picky when it comes to spelling. My pet peeve, yes.

But surely you can forgive me when I read a professional instruction booklet that says:

"Never use the device with bear feet."

Ah, well, I don't normally keep my bear feet with me, but yeah, I'll definitely make sure I don't use them when I'm curling my hair. Thanks for the warning..... ?

 And while you chuckle (or not?), here's some super-cool Pente pictures...

....which leads me to the highlight of the evening: my baby sister on her unicycle :)

She got the contraption for Christmas, and has taken to it like a flying fish to flying... I mean, a fish to water... or something. Point is: she's really good.

Here's a video I slapped together (literally slapped) from when I filmed her going around our block. I'm sorry for the rattling noise and the shaky camera: I was on my board. It's very difficult to film and board at the same time... I might post a better video soon, but this will have to do for now....anyway, enjoy Charlotte of the Awesomeness!!!

**EDIT: Below is the current, edited, music'ed version, which is much improved from the original.**

**EDIT-EDIT: video is out of commission, check back later :|***


Alrighty, well, t.t.f.n., ta ta for now, adios, ciao, see ya, and et cetera!


Everyone's Favorite Composer said...

I did it. I commented.


(You and your endearing culinary arts...)

Amaranthine said...

xD That was random. :D Love it!

Anonymous said...

Bear feet? That's funny. Now I'm curious why you shouldn't use a curling iron with bare feet. Hm...

Awesome post!!

-Barriss :-D

Anonymous said...

Oh man, i better keep my bear feet away form those curling irons.. :P too funny!! That and the comparison pictures of Jamie Bell and Woody Allen made me laugh so much!
I love how random this post was! I'm glad you're back live and in person Director :D
Oh, by the way, are you going into your exam with all girls from other schools? Either way, you'll do so good!

-Bunny Slippers

Anonymous said...

Hey Pente buddy....and SCENE! Love this post to tiny bits and pieces. You make my heart smile.

Noah Arsenault said...

I watched The Eagle! It was great!!

I also watched I Am Number Four, any thoughts?

The Director said...

Don't forget to put my endearing culinary arts on your wall of quotes! :P

Hee hee :D

I think it's a precaution so that if you drop the iron, it won't burn your feet.... cause I know people who wear shoes when they curl their hair... dunno, though XD

Hey, I'm glad the glasses pics made you laugh.... they just about killed me :P


HI HI HI!!! :D Glad you liked The Eagle!! I want to watch Number Four, it looks good :) How did you like it??

Noah Arsenault said...

I liked it, but it was definitely a teen-oriented film, and the Mogadorians (bad guys) looked like traditional sci-fi alien bad guys. Liking photography as I do, I enjoyed all the good use of lighting and camera themes.

The Director said...

Yeah, I read Christian Answer's and PluggedIns reviews on it :)

Glad you enjoyed it! I'll have to see about going to the theaters again.... ;)