Friday, February 25, 2011

New Blogging Schedule!

Epic picture aside.... but isn't it so awesome?? *Loves!*

After much consideration, thought, and Endor's post at Fairy Tale Princess in a Modern Day World, I've decided to set a posting schedule.

Every Monday, I'll be posting a movie-related post. So it'll be Making-Of Mondays: movie facts, tips, and behind-the scenes. It'll be a different film featured each week.

Day after that is Quill Tip Tuesday. (Clever aren't I??) Which will include a writing tip, maybe a featured post from another writer's blog, or something else handy and writerly.

Wednesdays, I'll post a short devotional, most likely taking a verse or two from James and posting about it.

Saturdays are two things: I'll be posting one excerpt a month, and I'll post them on a Saturday, so keep your eyes out for those starting in March, naturally ;)
Also, Saturdays will be my review days: I'll alternate book and movie reviews. I think I'll be starting with a book review next Saturday, so stay tuned for that!

Well, there's that for you! The first thing will be Making-Of Monday next week, because I'll be cleaning the house for visiting relatives tomorrow, so no review time... sorry. But anyway, I'll be back on this Sunday, maybe, but Monday for sure!

See y'all later!

PS- to my two new followers, Ry and Prism: Hi! *hugs* Glad to have you here! :D


Lauren said...

Hey there! I just found your blog, and I looove it. Like, a lot. You seem like a kindred spirit, Abby ;) (and if you've seen/read Anne of Green Gables, you know what that means. Otherwise, it may seem's not. ;) )
I'm looking forward to hopping on board as a follower! ;D

~Lauren :)

The Director said...

Aw, hi Lauren! :D
*laughs* Yes, I've read Anne of Green Gables (Loooove!!!) Kindered spirits, you say? Great! :D
It's great to "meet" you! <3 Thanks for your sweet comment ;)

Lord bless!

Amaranthine said...

:D Hope the schedule works! I personally can't stand schedules. XP Congrats on follower #50!
(and I'll catch up soon, just you wait! heh. heh.)

Oh, and I read your mom's post about sewing ribbons onto ballet slippers. What is that about? Don't the slippers have elastics on them?

The Director said...

yeah, yeah, we have elastics for some levels, but others (and most of the time for performances) you have to have ribbons on your shoes-- pointe shoes too ;)

for instance, I have ribbons for intermediate foundation, but elastics for grade 6 work. yeah.... it's a headache most of the time :P

~Miss Raquel said...

Hey friend!!

Email me! Haven't heard from you in ages ;(
Oh, by the way...yeah, movie review coming soon ;)
AND, great idea on the post schedule...I had that for a little while, but then just decided to (at the beginning of the week), do a whole bunch of posts and then schedule them. Well, that what I do MOST of the time ;) Otherwise, I limit myself to internet time.

Okie-dokie, love ya! :) *HUGS*

Cosette said...

Ok... I just have to wholeheartedly agree with you- that pic IS awesome! XD
Hope your schedule works, its sounds great!

The Director said...

@Miss Raquel
Ooh, great idea! And I'll go email you RIGHT NOW! :D <3

I know right? That picture is beyond rockin'... haha, no pun intended! :P

Endor said...

Oh, man, gotta remember I'm influencing people with my posts. :P

Your ideas sound really great! I'm looking forward to seeing what you post.

Leia Skywalker Organa said...

Good luck with your new schedule! I don't do schedules. XD I could never follow one.

-Leia <3