Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tribute to Brian Jacques - Lord Brocktree

Hi, I'm back! And I'm starting off the Brian Jacques Tribute-- finally!

I'm going to go through all of the Redwall books, in chronological order, before wrapping up the tribute with reviews on the Castaways of the Flying Dutchman series.

In chronological order, the first book is Lord Brocktree.

This was one of the first Redwall books I picked up. Of course, the very, very first was Mossflower, but that's for another post.

Lord Brocktree is about, naturally, Lord Brocktree, a badger lord.

Pause. Tangent coming up.

Don't you all love the predictability of all the Badger Lord stories? Okay, well, most of the Badger stories. Anyway. Bad guys come, Badger Lord gets Bloodwrath, Badger Lord kills all the bad dudes and dies, new, young badger becomes Badger Lord.
Love it.


It's also about a hare named Dorothea Duckfontein Dillworthy, who's called Dotti for short... thankfully. Brocktree and Dotti team up and head out for Salamandastron, only to find that a wildcat called Ungatt Trunn and his Blue Hordes of vermin have taken over the place.

Remember the Blue Hordes? Ungatt Trunn? Oh, the nostalgia....

**For those who haven't read this book, I'll interrupt myself to give you a quick "review" on it: it's got violence, but no different than the other Redwall books, which are violent but not graphic as a general rule. It's funny, adventurous, creative, and epic, naturally. Littered with outrageous songs and poems and true-to-form Brian Jacques humor, it's a great book; the thirteen Redwall book that was published, but the first chronologically. It's a "classic" in the series. Read it.**

Brocktree and Dotti have to get an army, which is acquired through the winning of a contest, to win back the mountain from the wildcat Trunn. All the way through you have hilarious heroes and backstabbing villains, which are the things that make Redwall what it is.

Of course, one of the best qualities of the book is the songs. One of the best is this one, that the Salamandastron hares sing:

"I'm a hare of Salamandastron, 
An' foes don't bother me,
I'll fight all day an' sing all night,
This song of liberty!

Liberty! Liberty! That's for me,
The mountain hares are wild an' free!
One two three hooray!
You can't stop sunrise every day!

I'm a hare of Salamandastron,
I wander near an' far,
You'll know me when y'see me,
'Cos I'll shout Eulalia!

Liberty! Liberty! That's for me,
From good dry land to stormy sea!
One two three hooray!
You can't stop sunrise every day!"

Not to mention the squirrel Jukka, the heartening hares, and the epic battles, Lord Brocktree is one of the best of Redwall.

What say you?


Jake said...

And...the bluebottoms were utterly defeated.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great book!! I should see if my local library has it. :-)

-Barriss :-D

The Director said...

Yes yes YES :)

Yes yes YES :D


Jane said...

Thanks for reading my story! There should be a link at the top of the page that says "Vote now" or something like that. Click on that and then select your top three stories from the list.

By the way, I saw the Eagle the other day! Now I'm trying to get ahold of the book but it's all checked out at my library, probably because the movie was so good.

The Director said...

Oh hey, glad you liked the movie! The book rocks :)

OK, I really need help finding that vote button... I looked for it, couldn't find it.... ack.... -_-

Sarah said...

I love Lord Brocktree! It's definitely one of my favorites! Dotti is soooo funny! And Jukka is way cool too. Plus, the hares are the most entertaining group in Redwall, which makes them one of my three favorites (squirrels, otters, and hares). You are right, though, Redwall can get kind of violent . . . never thought much about that . . .
-Lady Sarah, Dreadnaught of Berinfell, Swordmaiden of Alleble, or Elven Princess of Rivendell, depending on who you ask.