Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beautiful People

Well well!

Georgianna Penn and a friend have teamed up to create a monthly bloggy meme for writers! Frankly, I love my characters, so of course I had to join this!

So basically, there's a new set of questions each month about your characters, and you can use a different character for each month or use the same- whatever you want!

This month, I'll answer the questions for William, the father of my MC.

  • What is your character's full name? His names are Sir William the son of Sir George, or William the Blacksmith, later in life.

  • Does his/her name of a special meaning? Well, of course, his parents gave it to him, so it's special in and of itself there. But the specific name "William" has no real significance. Boring, right? :P

  • Does your character have a methodical or disorganized personality? He's actually a rather methodical person, if I'm reading the question right. He's not an enigma, I guess is what I mean. He's very... well, not necessarily organized, but his personality is pretty consistent :)

  • Does he/she think inside themselves more than they talk out loud to their friends? (more importantly, does he/she actually have friends?) Well, he's got friends, but I wouldn't say that he has more friends than acquaintances. He's a pretty likable person, but he's rather quiet, and does a LOT of thinking..... seriously. Suppertime at home is completely silent because he uses that time at the table to think and only think. It's sort of a form of coping, maybe. 

  • Is there something he/she is afraid of? I could say he was afraid of failure back when he was younger, but it was more that he was afraid of disappointing people. But now, he's afraid of his past life which holds many, many regrets. 

  • Does he/she write, dream, dance, sing, or photograph? Good heavens, no! He doesn't write if he doesn't have to, photography wasn't invented yet, and I can hardly say he likes to dance or sing..... he might dream, but it's not something that changes his life :]

  • What is his/her favorite book? (or genre of book) History. What else was there to read in the Middle Ages :P (Don't take me seriously there.....)

  • Who is his/her favorite author and/or someone that inspires him/her? The castle's blacksmith was the one person he truly admired and was inspired by.

  • Favorite flavor of ice cream? Not invented yet. 

  • Favorite season of the year? He enjoys spring, actually. (Haha, I didn't know until I did this post! Whooppee! Something new about him :) He also likes winter, but not as much. 

  • Well, thanks to Georgianna and Sky for thinking this up! It's brilliant :)

    Fellow writer/bloggers, I would invite you to join this, too-- it's really awesome :D


    Joryn said...

    There are some good character development questions in here! I just might do this on my own just to help develop some characters... ;)

    Georgianna Penn said...

    YAY! You got your post up! It's awesome to. William sounds like an awesome guy. Ice cream wasn't invented yet, BUT if it had, or he lived in today's world, what do you think his favorite flavor would be? What do you think he would think of ice cream in general? That question can tell you more about William then you know. ;)

    Thanks for joining us!

    Amaranthine said...

    Haha! William sounds cool. But it seems like this meme is not geared toward scifi/fantasy writers. :P I'll get around to entering your contest soon!

    Qui said...

    Awesome! I'm in!

    The Director said...

    Amaranthine, you can still do it if you want! This is just the first month's questions, of course :)

    Great, Qui! :D

    Gotcha, Georgianna ;)

    You should Joryn!!

    Sky said...

    Ooh, awesome! I love William already! :D You're one of the few participants in Beautiful People that did an adult character, so that really stood out to me. He sounds fascinating and epic! I love him already! (And for some reasons I really like blacksmiths. :p)

    Thanks so much for participating in Beautiful People! We hope you come back this month. :D