Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gosh, I Love These People

If anyone here as read my mom's blog, they might have stumbled across this post, about a certain family that came and stayed at our house for just about two weeks. 

Weeeelll, it just so happens....

They came back to visit. 

And it's been a blast of six days, lemme tell you. 

And here's a video to prove the awesomeness.

Gosh, I love these people. They're really awesome. :D

Enjoy the video! (which now works, ergh, half the time I guess... haha....)

PS: on a side note, I'm on the last few pages of the Shadow Children series, so look out for a review on that series soon!


Everyone's Favorite Composer said...

That's very...


Sorry. I couldn't help it.

Creative Artist said...

Sounds like an awesome family!

Loved the Jelly Beans... Jelly Beans are my second favorite candy! O_o

I spotted a few black licorice Jelly Beans in there... YUM.

Joryn said...

Can I please have some jelly beans now? Watching that video really made me want them...