Saturday, March 26, 2011

happy satisfaction

My dear Papa just brought in a homemade, white chocolate macadamia nut annihilator.


the liquid of life.

Today, all five members of the family were able to sit at the table and eat breakfast together. No ballet class for my sister and me to rush off to. No soccer game for the little man.

I was going to go over to a friend's house, but we both decided to move the date to next week. Thank God for gracious friends. <3

We did a little school and have been cleaning the house, and eating the leftover Alfredo from last night's dinner. The house has been continually filled with five beautiful voices, the laundry machines and the dishwasher.

Best. Sounds. Ever.

Everybody has been randomly going over to other family members and hugging/kissing them and telling them how much they love them. Or, in the case of my dad, sister and brother, running around with wooden guns and.... I don't know, doing things that people do when they're playing at Minutemen or something =P

Seriously people. Quality family time = utter joy.

It's not like we've done anything particularly special. But just being together has made me super, super happy and bubbly inside.

I went next door to my Nana and Papa's (the grandparents )house a second ago to return some DVDs (we've got a blockbuster store right next door, I tell you!)

The sky was out and bright and the wind was blowing and the pink flowers on the trees were waving at me. I breathed this sigh of contentment, and stuck my hands in my pockets.

And I found a couple pieces of chocolate in my pocket.


(note: Spring + Flowers + Sun + Happy Family Time + Chocolate = Best Moment Ever)

Still walking down the sidewalk back to my house, I popped a chocolate in my mouth and looked around at the pretty, green, pink, springy world.

It's beautiful.

Thanks Lord for the awesome day. And it's not even over yet.


Joryn said...

Awww, I'm so glad you're having a blessed day Abby!! <3

~Miss Raquel said...

Okay, just bring me the coffee and skip the macadamia nut part :P haha What a sweet dad you have, girlie ;)

Yummy!! We had alfredo a couple evenings ago ;)

Chocolates?? May I steal one from your pocket??

LOVELY photos, dear!!
So glad you're having such a blessed day!!

PS: The quote of the day - LOVE!!!! I love that movie :) ♥

Polka Dot said...

Mmm... sounds like a scrumptious day.

Do you do ballet?? That is so awesome.

Jedi~Chick said...

Beautiful pictures!!!! YUM! Sounds delicious! ;)

Lauren said...

I loved this post. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

The Director said...

Love you :)

@Miss Raquel
You make me smile :) And actually, while my dad is very, very sweet, we call my grandparents Papa and Nana :) Papa's me grandpa who lives next door just so you know ;) No problem though XD
*hands Raquel a chocolate*
Thanks-- and I know! It's an AWESOME movie <3

@Polka Dot
Yes, it *was* very scrumptious-- haha, in fact I just got back form Five Guys (the hamburger place) and Divine Yogurt, over by Costo :P Scrumptious, I tell you :)
And yeah, I've been doing ballet for five years now.
Btw, I loved your post for today <3


Thanks dear :]

Dodi said...

Ohhh,your day sounds wonderful:)
May you be blessed more!!

Elisa Kate said...

I used to do ballet.. it was fuuuun. :D
That sounds like an amazing day!! And I LOVE the last picture to death! :D