Friday, March 25, 2011

I ♥...

Thanks to Lauren, I've been inspired to do an "I Heart" post. :) Here goes!

I ♥...

Pictures that make me melt.

Personally, I think it's the lighting.
And the castle. And the clouds.
Forget those two romantics standing there in the front... :P

Other pictures that make my heart want to sing.

(If you recognize what this is from, just know I absolutely do not endorse these books, but the cover illustration just stole my heart. NO idea why.....)
I don't know.... the sun, the mountains, the waterfall,
 the way the light hits on the rocks, the trees, oh, and the two 
people standing the middle.... ah, I love it. :]
Can't explain it....

The Grey Havens!


Need I say anything?

The Guardians of Ga'Hoole was an amazing, and beautiful, movie.
(PS Review coming up soon!)

Another Ga'Hoole picture with gorgeous lighting. 


Someday, Abby, someday....

Ships. I. Love. Ships.

 Yaargh... and I love nebulas.

They make me reeaaally happy.

*swoons again*

I wish I could live in a nebula. Not that's physically possible....

But I still wish I could live in a nebula.

Hm.... I had a little too much fun making this post.... heh heh.....


Everyone's Favorite Composer said...

That's it! I'm going to do one now!
Love the nebulas!

Lauren said...

Ah, I loved this post! I loved seeing your taste in photos; I know that sounds funny, but you really do have your own sort of unique taste! They all go together quite nicely! My favorites were Edmund and Aslan, The Princess Bride(!), and the one from a book that you do not endorse? Hahaa, I don't know the book, but I adore that photo!
Great post :D
~Lauren :)

The Director said...

Great, EFC! :)

Lauren, too funny! I know, seriously, all of those pictures had a similar colour scheme/structure :P
Hee hee..... those first two pictures have been personal favs for a loooong time. I love that you noticed my "taste" lol!
Thanks <3

Jedi~Chick said...

That was so cool!!!! :D I <3 Guardians of Ga'Hoole!!!!!!! Can't wait for the review! :D
The pictures were all so pretty!

Qui said...

The Princess Bride!!! <3
I wish my copy had that cover! Mine is just the original one slapped on a dvd case. >.<

Amaranthine said...

Yes, for fun I sometimes google "nebula" and look at nebula pictures all day :P Seriously. XD

The Director said...

I love you guys. <3

Elisa Kate said...

AH! I LOVE NEBULAS! I am a total geek (or nerd, which ever you prefer lol) about them! ^_^

Joryn said...

Oh nebulas...*sighs* Sooo awesome, and pretty :) Oh, and I like that you put in the picture of Marcus and Esca ;)

FinvarraPenn said...

I love The Princess Bride! The book is such a fun read. <3 And ships, yes, ships. Amazing things that they are. :)

Squeaks said...

I LOVED THIS POST!! You're amazing! haha! I want to live in a nebula too...maybe we'll have to become astronaughts and take a one way trip out to the nearest gaseous bubble of awesomeness (and I say 1 way trip because we'd probably be like...80 or 90 by the time we GOT there XD maybe even older :S lol )

Signed with delight,


The Director said...

Thanks you guys! *hugs*

Squeaks, I'm giggling uncontrollably right now. Thanks for the laugh!

"take a one way trip out to the nearest gaseous bubble of awesomeness (and I say 1 way trip because we'd probably be like...80 or 90 by the time we GOT there XD maybe even older"

Good grief, that's funny. :D

Sarah said...

Hmm . . . that one that you don't endorse is REALLY pretty. I loveses it, precious! (Oops, Gollum accent taking over. It does that sometimes.) I have no idea what it's from, though. The Grey Havens one isn't bad. What's the one below it from? I love the Aslan one . . . what movie is that from? Also, is is Eustace or Edmund? Ships are epic too, and nebulas do look cool, though I don't really want to live in one. Unless, of course, someone finds Allyra/Middle Earth/Narnia/etc in the middle of a nebula.
-Lady Sarah, adventurer of Redwall. (Yep, I switched locations on you)

BTW, please come back to the UG and post more on your writing thread, please!

The Director said...

to answer all the questions:
The one below the Grey Havens is from the recently released film, The Eagle.
The Aslan one is from LW&W. It's Edmund :)
You want me to come back and post more writing, seriously? Oooh, you are so sweet!! I'll try to sometime, okay! :) Thank you!!!

Sarah said...

Coolness, Director! I LOVE LW&W. No wonder I like that picture!

I'm sweet? Wow. I just like your writing, especially the count and cows stuff.
Never alone!
-Sarah of Redwall and Narnia

The Director said...

You're great Sarah ;) But, methinks you have my writing mixed up with Sir Jake's. He writes about cows and counts-- it's kinda loopy and Alice in Wonderland sounding, right? That's his. He might have some of his stuff on my thread, but any writing of mine is entered under the name Chayal ;)

Sarah said...

Oopsie. (Goes to check and make sure) You're right. Silly, silly me. (I want both you and Jake to post more, and you stopped at the same time . . . and I thought you were related for a while.) I still want you to post more. Your story b' epically epic sounding. Sorry for getting your writing mixed up and for bumping!
-Sarah the utterly embarrassed