Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Quill Tuesday

Okay, I've already muffed the whole "blogging schedule" thing, so I'll just pull a Barbossa, okay?

"The Code [read schedule] is a bit more like *guidelines* than actual rules."

Anyway, I'll do today's writing post, though, since I'm here. But if I miss a day I'm not going to try and make up for it later, because I'd never actually get to anything. So, if I miss it, it's gone. :P

Moving on...

Voice. 'Tis a tricky thing. Your own writing voice, the characters' voices-- how do you pull them off?

Weeell, I'm going to direct y'all over to a great blogger/writer for this week's writing post. She's doing a series on voice currently, and I've been loving it. So please, head on over to Miriam's blog, Dancing with Dragons is Hard on Your Shoes.

Or, the direct links to the posts, in order, are below:


In other news, I thought I'd throw it out there: I think I'm going to write (and of course, possibly publish) my current novel under a pen name. (If you are a UG-er or have the nickname 'Slippers, don't reveal the pen name, please.)

Why, you may be asking. Well, truth is, I didn't write this novel to write a novel. I wrote/am writing this novel to write a screenplay.


There. I feel like I threw a brick in the middle of our assumed internetional conversation. 

Thing is, I wanted to write this as a screenplay. I tried for months before NaNo to get it to work. But it just didn't come. And then when November came around, I thought about writing it as a novel, exploring the depth and writing it like that, and then adapting it for screen-- it seemed to work. But as I plan on *cough* writing the screenplay and direct it, I realized it seemed weird to, on the large assumption that I publish the novel, have my name in so completely everywhere. 

So I'm just throwing it out there- does it sound logical to you that I put the novel under another name? Good idea? Bad idea? Don't care? Let me know- but don't forget to read those posts on voice first! :)

And here, since I've been gone a little bit and I've missed y'all, have some jelly beans.


Georgianna Penn said...

I totally understand about only writing the novel to adapt it to a screenplay. I've done that with three, or four of mine. The rest even though they started out as novels, I tell myself they'll eventually become screen plays. Of COURSE you'll direct it, of course I'll direct mine! How could we trust anyone else!? ;)

The Director said...

Wow, really?? Of course I thought I was the only one! But that's awesome! :D :D :D

Kisho Meteora said...

thanks for the beans!

Anonymous said...

I love that quote.....=)

Putting your novel under another name is a pretty good idea. :)

YAY!! Thanks for the jelly beans!

-Barriss :-D

Miriam S. Forster said...

Hooray for jelly beans! And thanks for linking. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm 'Slippers! *smiles triumphantly that I know the pen name* I definitely get your point on why you'd want a pen name...
Ooo jelly beans! Thanks :)