Friday, April 22, 2011

And the world considers it foolishness.

Why do we call it Good?

Today we remember that our God and Father sent His son to die for the sake of someone else. To pay for someone else's debt that they could not pay. To pay for crimes He did not commit.

Whose sin did He pay the price of blood for?

Yours. Mine.

Today we remember that our Lord was beaten to a pulp, even beyond that, and led as a lamb to the slaughter because of us. Because He is so in love with us, He faced death for us.

Jesus is the ultimate hero.

The one completely innocent person to walk the earth, was sentenced to a brutal, brutal death with the weight of the whole world's sin on His back.


Because of love. And God is Love.

Why do we call it Good that He was whipped and pierced and cut and bruised beyond recognition? That He was forsaken by His companions, betrayed, and scoffed at and mocked?

Why do we call it Good that the God of the universe died on that bloody cross?

Why is that Good?

Because God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, so that whoever believes in Him, should not perish, but have eternal life.

It is Good, for us, because God through His son bridged the gap between humanity and Himself. Because reconciliation was made by the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

But it all would have come to naught if it ended there, at the Cross. There would be nothing good at all about the suffering and humiliation and execution of Jesus if it ended with His body laid in a tomb to rot away.


It is Good Friday, because Sunday is coming....


Lainie said...

Amen, sweetie, Amen.

Love you!

Endor said...

You wrote it so much better than I did! ;)

The story never grows old.

Polka Dot said...


Jedi~Chick said...

(those pictures make me tear up.....)

Amen! :D Happy Easter! I need to figure out how to say that on my blog. xD I'm not as good with words as you or Nana or Endor are. :P Great post! :D

Love you!

Näna said...

So true. So precious. What amazing selfless love our Father has for us.


Amaranthine said...

And if He could die for sinners who beat Him and spit on Him, imagine what he would do for us today, now that we are saved and worship and follow him! Good Friday is good because it is Jesus's ultimate victory over sin. <3 you Abby, and a Happy Easter to you. Love your post!

Marian said...

This question was on my mind yesterday; and I'm glad you posted this, because it's a great reminder.

Joryn said...


I love how you finished the post: "It is GOOD Friday, because SUNDAY is coming..."

Have a fantastic Easter Abby!!!! He is risen!!

cindymc said...

Beautifully said!