Sunday, April 17, 2011

April's Beautiful People

Oh dear.

My writing is dying. Feels like it anyway.

I'm working on finishing my NaNovel, for the sake of finishing, and then I'm tearing it apart and re-writing it. I'm sorry, dear characters, it's not your fault-- but I hate my story. It's not your fault, I promise.

But yeah. I hate my novel. However, I'm going to finish the job I started and then I'll be free to re-do the entire thing. (can't wait!)

Anyway, now that I've said that...

While my novel/plot/storyline may be a disaster, my characters are alive and well. Good thing it's Beautiful People and not Beautiful Novels, etc... *coughs*

With that, here's the April edition of Beautiful People. (see the button in my sidebar if you're curious about it.)

Character of the month: my dear MC, Ronan Chance.

1. How old is he?
He is fifteen years old at the start of the story.

2. What does he do in his spare time?
Dreams? Haha. Well, actually, there's a big, big old tree just outside his village, it sort of hangs over this little creek, and he loves to climb as high as he can and sit, and in the mornings he has a spot with his back to the west, and in the evening before/after supper he has another spot where he sits and watches the sunset, and just sort of thinks a lot.

As well, there are plenty of lads in the village in the vicinity of his age, and cause all sorts of fun mischief in their free time.

3. Does he see the big picture, or live in the moment?

You know..... he's one who knows what he wants to do in life, but he takes things as they come, and while he will try to get to where he wants to be to a degree, he won't force his way there under normal circumstances-- he likes to play his life by ear. He's pretty laid back in this respect.

4. Is he a perfectionist?

As far as his craft goes (he's currently a blacksmith's apprentice), he tries to do his best but isn't afraid to admit fault or imperfection. 
But for himself as a person, he is harder on himself than most, and he is very determined to be very deliberate in everything he does, and, because his da really has hammered this into him because of his own past, to never do anything that he would regret later.
So, he is a perfectionist in certain respects, but he's a pretty low-key guy overall.

5. What does his handwriting look like? (round, slanted, curly, skinny, sloppy, neat, decorative, etc)

When he does bother to write, it's meticulously neat, not exactly calligraphy but definitely precise, and pretty round. 

6. Favorite animal?

He likes to play with is best friend's dog, which is a mix of a hound and something else, they don't know what. Also, he likes horses, takes to them easy. But animals aren't exactly the first thing to be on his mind. Oh-- and in the future (Shut up Chance, no questions right now!) he will enjoy falconry immensely, and may in fact find a close companion in his bird.

7. Does he have any pets?

Nada. Poor lad. 

8. Does he have any siblings, how many, and where does he fit in?

If he had any, they would be half siblings, but none of them are revealed at this time and honestly,  I really don't think he has any. 

9. Does he have a "life verse" and if so what is it?

You know, I've been thinking about this.... and honestly, no verse has actually stuck out to be to be for him yet. So yeah, I'll let you know when I find one :D

10. Favorite writing utensil?

What is there? Quill pen, charcoal stick, dust on a plate of armor...... whatever works and is available. 

Okay guys, there it is for you :D If you haven't joined this yet, you really should!!


Georgianna Penn said...

Cool! Thanks for being so awesome and doing this. ;) Your character sounds like my kind of guy, glad to get to meet him.

In answer to your question in your comment, YES! You can submit questions for later use! We do kind of have a backup list right now, due to a post Sky did and the unexpected amount of questions that were asked, but we do welcome suggestions!

FinvarraPenn said...

I sort of adore his name. I've always liked the name Ronan, but add Chance to it and it's purely awesome!

The Director said...

Sweet! I like making suggestions :P

Aw, thank you! His name was originally just Chance, but since he's British and Chance is a really American name, I thought I should add a Gaelic name before it, and Ronan fit really, really well and didn't take away from the latter part of his name ;) But for a long time, he goes by just Chance. After he's knighted, he goes by Ronan Chance or sometimes just Ronan.

Squeaks said...

Awesome possum :D I like your character here; sounds like quite the dynamic folk!


Joryn said...

Awww, poor Ronan Chance, sound's like he's getting neglected :( (what with the your writing is dying and you hate your story thing) you should tell him I said hi, that might make him feel a teeny bit better :)

By the way, I really like these "beautiful people" posts :)

The Director said...

Thanks Squeaks ;)

Joryn--- yes, poor Chancey boy is neglected. I'll tell him you said hi :D
(five minutes later)
He says thanks. And wonder if you could kick my rear into writing for me :P (Chance.....)

Thanks for liking these posts <3

FinvarraPenn said...

That's awesome. I love having a character that has two names that both can be used. I have a character, Zanzebar Quip, he doesn't mind being called Zanzebar or Quip. Both work for him. :)

The Director said...

Hey, that's cool!! :D

Currently, though, in the story, the only time he's called by both names is by his dad when he's in trouble XD

FinvarraPenn said...

Haha, hey, that used to happen to me too!