Friday, April 15, 2011

Articulation and how I'm learning to succeed in it.

You know, sometimes, there are those books that are really good, you love them, you would encourage people to read them, but you can't, for the life of you, tell anyone what made it so good or why you liked it so much??

I don't know. Maybe you folks are way more succinct than I am. I don't know.

But yes, that would  be me, a lot of the time. Half the time I can't articulate a single thought to save my life.

See, my family went to the bookstore the other day, and I noticed The Wednesday Wars on the shelf.

"Oh, that's a really good book. I really liked it." I say, gesturing to it.

One of the guys who works there was talking with us about various books, and after I mention The Wednesday Wars, he asked me what is was about.

"Um... uh... it, er, hm....." I'll spare you the gory details of my very shameful attempt at talking about the book. Even though I liked it and knew what it was about in my head, when it came to articulating my thoughts, I failed miserably.

Later on at home, me and my dear mother were discussing the, herm, incident. Dear mother noted that I would have to do something about that. It's not just with talking about books that I have trouble.

(Because, you know, a good director has to be able to articulate things. *nods* Very important skill.)

I admitted that I can, in fact, articulate. I just need time. Heck, most of the reviews on this blog have taken several days, sometimes a week and a half to complete, because I have to gather my thoughts and actually think about the book/movie.

Mom noted that reading shouldn't be "plow the book up and then toss it aside," but that one should think about it, chew on it a little bit, etc. Not that I always plow through books, but I certainly don't analyze them very  much, or think too much about them in that sense. *hangs head in shame*

"Why was it so good, Abby? What did you like about it??" Mother would ask.

I ought to know these things.... not necessarily off the top of my head, but it shouldn't take me days to formulate a coherent answer.

Which prompted an idea.

What if I kept a notebook by my bed (I read mainly right before, or in place of, sleeping.) and after putting down my book(s) for the night, jot down notes: what the story was about, what impacted me, what I liked about it, things about the characters, word choices, anything!

We both decided it was a good idea. I was very excited :)

SO.... I found a notebook, *coughs* titled it most importantly in my genetic doctor handwriting:

from Hereon after,
 this Notebook shall 
for my observing and studying
of the
and other worded documents
that I shall read,
heighten and train my

A completely inarticulate title. *shakes head* Even if it makes no sense, it got the point across... I think. :P  

Anywho, so. Now I have a place to organize and articulate my thoughts while reading-- hopefully it will help my skills in processing information and quickly being able to articulate and communicate it. I might even use it while watching movies, too.

In my sidebar now, actually, look for a section called, "From The Notebook," 'cause I'll be posting little snippets from my notes every couple days. :D 

Now, I could probably talk about the first two or three chapters of Jane Eyre without very many "um's..." and I could probably tell you the entire plot of One Good Knight :) Of course, I won't do that right now, but I'm just saying.... having a place to put those thoughts while they're fresh is really great.

Anyway, if you happen to have trouble making sense of your thoughts and communicating things, then I highly suggest getting a notebook, or a Word Document on the computer, or some other way to be able to jot down thoughts conveniently as they come, and while they're fresh... because it is definitely helping me. And it doesn't even have to be for the books you're reading-- it could be for anything!

Well, I hoped that helped. And if all you took from this jumbled-up post was that I need serious help in articulation, then that's fine with me. It's true.


Amaranthine said...

I think you're better at articulation than you realize. (winks). You blog, don't you? :P

I actually analyze books for the purpose of blogging/reviewing. I'm always thinking-"oh, that was a nice theme. That's a good reference to so-and-so, This facet of this guy's character really shines here." It's pretty fun once to get the hang of it!"

Good luck! I never had any luck with diaries though.

Everyone's Favorite Composer said...

I was quite literally rolling on the floor laughing (yes, I wrote it all out- I'm too good for funky abbreviations). It's the notebook's unfortunate title that made cracks me up. Not a bad idea though.

On a side note, I'm currently (read: still trying to) working on your song! It's only about a minute though. And I came up with a (time consuming) way to have it show up as separate tracks in GB- I just have to save multiple copies and delete the other parts!

Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.

Riah said...

Ok... so I don't exactly have a hard time articulating myself. I've been able to talk well for, well basically, ever. My problem is I speak to quickly and over explain myself. And yes, it drives my family nuts. I can tell they just want to say "would you please be quiet Mariah" more often than not.

Joryn said...

This is kinda funny, cause my problem is like, the opposite of yours: I OVER-process what I read most of the time, over-think it and over-analyze...can you find a cure for that? :P (actually I'd really appreciate it if you had advice ;)

The Director said...

You're sweet ;) Thanks for the encouragement.

Ah, yes.... glad I made you laugh XD

Hah, I understand that, too-- I do that as well sometimes :P

I'll have to compose a well-articulated email to help you :P
You and I should just evenly split our powers of analyzation: I'll help you analyze less, you help me analyze more! :D

Lainie said...

I don't know why I'm surprised by this post. Even though my first thought was, "Wow. You actually do listen to me. Impressive. Most impressive ;)"

What you lack in articulation skills is merely a matter of practice. You are teachable, intelligent, seek out wisdom, and, therefore, are very wise beyond your years. In other words, I think you are amazing and I'm so glad I get to be your mommy.

Love you <3

Miss Pickwickian said...

You are not alone. :-P

Squeaks said...

EPIC! Loved it :P and you are very articulate in your comes across that way to me :P the notebook idea does sound intriguing though...I shall be looking forward to these snippets :P


Pathfinder said...

I have a mixture of Joryn and Chayal's problems. I over-analyze, over-process, and over-think just about everything, but I don't know how to put my thoughts to words that others would understand.

I have gone about solving my problem the same way Chayal has. I've been keeping a notebook of observations, thoughts, analyses, comparisons, et cetera since January 19 of this year. It's helped me get my thoughts straight so fewer of them are keeping me awake for hours at night.

The Director said...

Bravo, Pathfinder the Nice ;)
PS for everyone else, in case you aren't aware, me is Chayal ;)

Thanks Squeakers ;)

MIss Pickwickian:

Love you Mama

Cosette said...

Oh boy, I know what you mean! And not just with books, either... :P

The notebook is a great idea! Have to say that title is EPIC. :)

The Director said...

Heh, thanks :D