Sunday, May 22, 2011

Connect the Plot- Intro

You may recall a slightly vague post, about a week ago, about link-up called Connect the Plot that I have concocted ;) Well, vagueness aside- here's how it's gonna work:

Just know, this is geared mainly toward screenwriting, but it can easily be converted to novel-format.

As well, Connect the Plot could possibly turn out as more of a fractured fairy tale, or a mad lib or something. But still, it might be helpful for those of you with writer's block, or the need to do something silly. It doesn't have to be silly, if you don't want, though.

Here's the guidelines:

Once a month, I'll post an "opening" image and an "ending" image. If I take the images directly from films then I'll include a screenshot as well.

For instance:

Jack Sparrow sword fights with a dude inside a blacksmith's shop.

(I would normally include the "INT. Blacksmith Shop- Day" etc., but this is just an example. For now, anyway....)

And then go to an ending image, tweaked ever so slightly:

Now in the Star Wars universe, Jack Sparrow flies his X-Wing, the Black Pearl, and blows up the Death Star.

(Again, I'm excluding the usual technicalities for the sake of brevity.)

Now, now, Abby. You may be saying. How are you supposed to make something like THAT work??

Well, the first thing outta my mouth when EFC said something similar, was:

"Oh, you see, Jack Sparrow went through a portal into the Star Wars universe, because there is a portal connection between ALL fictional stories.... (etc.)."

I thought it was brilliant.

See, before Sparrow gets to SW, he could go through Middle-Earth, Narnia, Maximum Ride, and 100 Cupboards before reaching the ending scene. Or whatever you wanted to do with the story! This is one out of a thousand possibilities. 

And please, please, have fun! The rules are here for you to break them. 

If this made any semblance of sense, please leave a comment telling me so.

Questions and concerns would be appreciated as well. 

**The first Connect the Plot link up will be held next week if all goes to plan.**

There is a free script-writing program called Celtx, which I use. To download the free program, click the link below:

If you need help formatting your script, click either of the below links. The second link is a page of how-to guides on the Script Frenzy site, which you will probably find the most helpful.


Jake said...


The Director said...

Have you nothing more to say, Sir Jake? XD Glad you think it's... intriguing.

Georgianna Penn said...

Ah, this looks like fun. I'm not sure if I'll have the time to participate, but I'll certainly enjoy reading what other crazy writers will come up with. Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Oh, boy. I'm very excited to read what everyone comes up with... You are hilarious, and this smells of Awesome.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to do this, but I'll certainly try (maybe in novel-format), because I'm always up for something silly. Obviously. :P