Friday, May 13, 2011

Contrary to Popular Belief, I AM Still Alive...

Hello? Abby, where did you go??

*raises hand feebly*

Yes, dear friends, I do still live ;) How are you doing?? It's been awhile. :P

I'm still working the kinks out of my Connect the Plot idea, so it will be a eensy bit still before I can post more about it. But in other news, it's been forever since I've done a writing update, so I figured to start off this post, I would ;)

As far as novels go, my still incomplete NaNovel is on the shelf gathering dust. I need time for my brain to clear so I can rack up a game plan for the second half of the story ;)

However, I'm working on a new screenplay, which will be my next film project. It's a-- get this--

a romantic comedy. 

I know, I know- me + romantic comedy= unbelievable.

Well, see, I was brainstorming ideas for a new short, and frankly the only one that I liked was a romantic comedy premise that spilled out of my pen unexpectedly. It's about a door-to-door salesman who falls in love with a girl who answers the door. So then for the next week or so, he contrives all these fake sales, just as an excuse to knock on her door. More details, and maybe even a preview of the script coming soon ;)

Besides that, me family and I have watched some pretty awesome films, among them Sergeant York and the 2002 version of Nicholas Nickleby. Awesome movie, if you haven't seen it.... we've been quoting it nonstop. And when I say nonstop, I mean.... nonstop. :P

I'm reading the Arthur Trilogy by Kevin Crossley-Holland. For medieval fans, it's a very good series. I love it. I'm on the very last book, King of the Middle March. I'm also reading Jane Eyre still. Very good book, that.

In news from the outside world (aka media news):

  • Last we knew, Saoirse Ronan, who was going to be in Peter Jackson's upcoming film(s) The Hobbit, is out due to other films. 
  • The Hunger Games tributes have all been cast. See picture below:

(note: after reading several reviews on the final book, Mockingjay, I've began to change my opinion of The Hunger Games. I'm not promoting the books and/or films. I'm just keeping track of them.)

  • Forget the film, but I thought this was really, really well-done trailer. 

  • While the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film is set to be released this very month, the script for the, get this, fifth film was just recently turned in. Filmmakers are not planning on connecting the upcoming films, but rather each be separate stories. Gah. I still think it's enough already. 

Well. There's that for you. :P

Three final things before I head off into the sunset to write my glorious screenplay....

If you're looking for a Star Wars related laugh, that also ties in with very recent, breaking national news, click here.

Click here to get a glimpse of the very, very random videos that I watch all day. I thought it was an amusing video, anyway...... but I'm easily amused. (.......)

And here's a passage of Scripture that has been tumbling around me mind all day:

Psalm 100

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord,
All ye lands.

Serve the Lord with gladness:
Come before His presence with singing.

Know ye that the Lord, He is God: it is He that hath made us and not we ourselves;
We are His people, and the sheep of His pasture.

Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise: 
Be thankful unto Him and bless His names.

For the Lord is good, His mercy is everlasting;
And His truth endureth to all generations.


Everyone's Favorite Composer said...

Ah, how refreshing...

Except for the you-probably-know-what-that-contains-you-know-who.

But alas...

It's good to have you back.

And to anyone else who reads this comment, she isn't lying about all the quoting that's been going on- Even I've joined in (and I'm no quoter)!

Endor said...

A fifth Pirates movie? Oh no.................

Jedi~Chick said...

5 pirate movies?!? I haven't even seen the first one!!! I want to though.....especially because the fourth one is coming out this summer....:)

Haha, I love the Empire Times. I'm going to read it and bookmark it. XDDD

My best friend/cousin is most likely going to drag me along to watch the Hunger Games movie. XD

It's good to have you back Abby!! I missed you! ;)

Squeaks said...

Yay! Good to see you back...although I don't think you were gone for THAT long :P anyhoo, I think it's cool that you're writing screenplays. I am a terrible ... *ahem* screenplay writer XD they just don't roll with me. I attempted it once and *epically* failed. XD

Uber coolness XD <-- random


Joryn said...

Yay!! You ARE alive!
Glad to have you back Director :) oh, and I really enjoyed the utter awesome-randomness of this post :)

Georgianna Penn said...

Believe me, I know the feeling of life getting in the way of blogging. I've been rather out of the blogger world lately too. I'm not to worried about it though. :)

I can't wait for that preview of your new script, it sounds amazing.

I love your media news. Such as, the Tintin trailer information. I've been waiting for I don't even know how long for that to come out!

Hannah Joy said...

Can I ask who on earth Melanie Stryder was supposed to be? That's what Imbd says that Saoirse Ronan was going to play. I'm confused.

The Director said...

@Hannah Joy
They messed up some info today. It was correct yesterday :P She was rumored to play Itiril, an obscure elf from the books. Does that make more sense?? :D

Hannah Joy said...

Ah yes, thanks!