Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First Preview of My Screenplay

Hey people!

Here's a break from Tintin.... but not from movies! Or teasers!

I mentioned in a recent post my current writing project, a romantic comedy screenplay. It now has a working title: Knock, Knock.

I had a writing high today and wanted to share the first scene with you. It's the first draft, very rough, but I would love to hear your thoughts- questions, concerns, comments or otherwise ;)

Some terminology you might not know, but WILL need:

CONT'D = Abbrev. for 'Continued'. Referring to dialog.

O.S. (OS) = Means off-screen, referring to sounds coming from sources not seen on the screen.

EXT. = Exterior; referring to the setting.

INT. = Interior; referring to the setting.

Knock, Knock (Version 1)
(2011 First Draft)
Copyright Abigail Magsarili 2011

Bear in mind, it's only the first draft, and this is a hasty transcript from my notebook ;)

Sorry it's so short....


Joryn said...

Ahhhh! WHY must it be so short?!? I was just getting super into it and then you had to go and end it!


Anyways, in case you were wondering, I quite liked/enjoyed it :) keep going, I wanna read more!

Lainie said...

Joryn, that's how I felt!!!

Cosette said...

Love it!!! Especially the "imperial cruiser" thing. THAT was funny.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha! I loved it. ^.^ I can tell this is going to be quite awesome; chock-full of hilarity.

I adore your idea, too. ^.^

Jane said...

Cute! I would love to read the rest when it's finished!

FinvarraPenn said...

That was awesome. :) I loved the Imperial Cruiser part. I laughed out loud at that. :P

Georgianna Penn said...

So... I feel inferior in my screenwriting when it comes to you. Even your rough drafts look like masterpieces next to my screenplays... wanna tutor me? ;)

In other words, this was awesome. I can't wait to read more... you will... post more... right?... right?

The Director said...

You guys are awesome ;) Thanks so much!

You're sweet ;) When you asked me to tutor you I giggled XD
If you had any specific questions or anything, email me or something. It would give me something useful to blog about, hahah....
I shall post more! I shall!! *strikes heroic pose*
I just have to type up the rest.

Seth Skogerboe said...

:-D Nice. This deserves further developement. WRITE ON...

The Director said...

Hey, thanks Seth :) I'll post more soon! I've written a bunch more, but it's all in my notebook XD

Miriam Forster said...

LOL, imperial cruiser!

I like this. I know very, very little about screenplays, but it seems pretty clear and easy to follow. And I love the descriptions you wrote.

I am wondering about all the ellipses and forced pauses though. Does it leave enough room for actor interpretation? (Bear in mind, I know nothing about acting or screenwriting, so I could be way off.)

I think this is awesome. :)

The Director said...

Hey, thanks Miriam! :D

To answer your wonderings- the (pause) direction is because he's having a conversation with someone else, and I didn't want to write out Kyle's dialog, since we won't really hear it anyway.

As for the ellipses.... (<-- XD!!!) I write pretty specific actions and dialog, merely for the sake of myself, and I write better if I write like the screenplay is the finished film.
However, once we get to shooting and have to let actors read it, all that stuff will be more of a guideline and they'll know that they don't have to be carbon copy of the dialog. :)

Thanks for asking! I totally appreciated you asking ;) And thanks for commenting. You made one little girl very happy. *hugs*