Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hee hee. (or, My sister is too witty for her own good.)

[note: I am not, under any circumstances, commending the book and/or film mentioned here]

About two weeks ago or something, my family and EFC were driving home from church.

I was randomly discussing films that I had been reading about in that past week, and mentioned Water for Elephants, which hadn't been released at the time. (It was coming out that Friday or something, I believe.)

I'll give you a little paraphrase of the conversation:

Me: Did you know that Water for Elephants was based on a book, and that book was written originally as a NaNoWriMo novel??

Random People in Car: Oh! Really?

Me: Yeah, it's about this guy who joins the circus.... (etc.).... It's actually, like, a romantic movie I think. 'Cause the guy falls in love with some girl there.

*pause of silence*

Random People in Car: *disappointed* Oh.

*pause of thought*

My Sister: Hey, it could be a circus version of Isaac and Rebekah! "I will water your elephants as well!"


Noah Arsenault said...


I saw Rio yesterday!! It was...interesting. Great animation, but the humans didn't have too much character. At times I wondered why it was a kid's movie... :(

Will.I.Am and Jamie Foxx did really well, and I enjoyed Foxx the most.

Joryn said...

Ok, I dunno why, but for some reason this struck me as super funny... Your dear sister is certainly clever :)

The Director said...

Glad you liked Rio :)

You have NO idea how hard we were laughing all the rest of the way home...

Jake said...


Amaranthine said...

XD This is Charlotte?

Ley Firewalker said...

Haha!! XDD

-Ley <3

Cosette said...

HAHAHA! Maybe that IS what it's about. XD

The Director said...

Amaranthine-- yes this is Charlotte ;)

Cosette-- sadly, no.'Tis about the guy falling in love with the girl, who is the boss's wife. :P Ick.
That information threw a wrench in the laughter that day in the car, lol.

Millardthemk said...

I'm not sure you want to be semi promoting the book....Your call though. From what I've run into around the web it's pretty sensuous and immoral.

The Director said...

This is Charlotte ;)

Mil-- thanks for the caution. I added a disclaimer in the beginning of the post, anyway. I definitely am not promoting/commending the book/movie.