Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beautiful People- June/July Edition

This is a fantabulous meme hosted by Georgianna and Sky. Get the full scoop here!

This month's character is an interesting fellow named Sir Robert, who Chance is a squire to. I'm still majorly figuring him out, so this will be good for me :)

What kind of music does he like?

Ah..... I have to ask him. Can't say he really has an opinion.... if he was living in modern times, hard rock probably. Or jazz, oddly enough.....  ^-^

Does he like to go outside?

It's better than inside. He likes really hot days, oddly enough.

Is he naturally curious?

Curious as to how fast he can smash somebody's nose in, maybe. 

Okay not quite-- he's not crazy violent, but he's a soldier, a trained knight and most of the countryside is full of squabbling lords who send people out to die because they didn't get what they wanted. So there's a lot of fighting. Fighting is kind of his life. And actually, earning himself a fief. 

Right or left handed?

Left. I had no idea. 

Favorite color?

He likes things that are kind of forest green and gold-- but his heraldry colors are red and gold, so red has grown on him too. 

Where is he from?

From the south-eastern part of England, kind of. Either that or dead center of England. That's still up in the air *laughs*.

Any enemies?

Weeeeell, anyone on the opposing side is his enemy. As a general rule he doesn't have hard-and-fast enemies but he has a list of people he doesn't like.  But unless somebody has done him a serious wrong, it's not like he's chasing people down and killing them -_-

What are his quirks?

He has major ambitions. Like, to the point of obsession. And he's OCD in really weird ways.

What kinds of things get on his nerves?

People who don't do what he wants. And, um.... actually..... if his toenails get too long he gets really crabby, like that pebble in your shoe that won't leave, like, it irritates him a lot. 


Who knew......?

Is he independent, or needs others to help out?

He's plenty good on his own. In fact, unless he gets the help on his own terms, he resists anyone helping him with anything.

Wow. You think you know a guy......


Anonymous said...

Haha, don't you just love finding out totally weird things about your characters? :)


Anonymous said...

LOL That was a good read, Abby. :) "Wow, you think you know a guy......" xD Great job!

The Director said...

Thanks y'all :]