Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Connect the Plot- June 2011 Edition

Yo people!


Here is the very, very, absolutely first Connect the Plot link-up! Huzzah! :D

So, here's the rules, or vague semblance of such, before I give you the pictures. But firstly:

Castles Quills and Cameras

What Connect the Plot is:

Connect the Plot is a (mostly) screenwriter's link up that consists of two pictures- those are what open your story and close it. Your job is to write the tale that connects those two images. 


1- Story must be written in screenplay form or novel form. Duh ;) It can be as long or short as you want.

2. First scene must include the given opening image. Ending scene must include given end image. 

(Note: you are not actually including the pictures, per se, unless you so desire. Because this is geared toward the screenwriters, the stills are there to provide a visual image, since that's what makes a screenplay- images. However, the images are there for you to translate into words.)

3. After you post your story on your blog, link to your post in the form at the end of this post. 

4. If, by sheer happenstance, this fun little thing springs upon your imagination, and you want to take your tale and run with it, and you end up working with a full-fledged screenplay and/or novel, then by all means, don't feel pressured to post all of it on your blog- that's a lot of work! :P

Post as little/much as you care to post, if you end up with a lot. 

5. Each link-up will close at the end of each month. (I'm not saying that I will do one of these every month, though I will try-- but when I do, they will be posted near the beginning of the month. )

6. Have fun. Be crazy. Or be realistic. Or both. Just be awesome. 

7. The provided slug lines, in courier text are in black- but the text in blue or underlined in blue can be edited/modified as fits your story. 

Did that all make sense??

Alright! Let the fun begin!

Opening Image:


General Description:
An unopened letter sits on the table, propped up by a salt/pepper shaker. Someone stands in the background.

(possible alternatives for blue text- whose house is it? Do you want to specify the kitchen area? Is it afternoon, morning, evening, or just day?)

Ending Image:


General Description:
Two people stand at the bow of the ship. One of them points away into the distance, and the other is listening intently. 

(possible alternatives for blue text- what is the name of the ship? Could you specify the time of day?)

There you go, folks! Have fun! I can't wait to read your stories :) 
I'll post mine once I type it up. 

If you are looking for screenwriting tips, scroll to the bottom of this post. It's got several links that are just for you. 

Oh, and snag a button if you'd be so kind ;)

The linky is right below the button. 

Castles Quills and Cameras Mother


Everyone's Favorite Composer said...

Tried the button- It isn't the right button. You'll want to deal with that.

Writing my story up now!

Sky said...

I want to try this! :D I'll write something up ASAP. :)

Marian said...

Quick question...are the details of the pictures to be included in the story? Like the name on the envelope, and the two people being a man and a boy? Or is it just the general concept that you're looking for? :)

The Director said...


Good quesh-- you can include as much detail as you want, but things like the name on the envelope isn't necessary unless you want.
As far as the people that to me a is a larger detail that I would keep, but if you wanted to change genders that's fine too. My sister and I had come with the idea that the guy on the left is actually a girl in disguise, hahaha..... so yeah. Hope that helped ;)

Marian said...

Ok, thanks. :)