Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In Which I Reminisce About My Most Recent Ballet Performace

The finale of my Austrian waltz.

I hope I don't scare away the guys because I'm talking about ballet. I mean, don't read this if you don't want to, just don't leave for good okay?

But really, it's not a girly thing-- it's just that girls do it more than guys. However, we do have two boys at our ballet school right now, so there. ;)

Anyway, my sis and I were just in our ballet school's spring performance, called Passport to Dance, which was, essentially, a series of dances from several different countries. At first it sounded like ultimate boredom to me. That is, until we actually started rehearsing.

Sis and I were in an Austrian Waltz and a Hoedown from the US of A. Both dances were super fun and relatively hard, which was good. By the end of the Hoedown I couldn't breathe. There's a lot of jumping and fast movement, so it tuckered me out ;) The waltz was more of an endurance thing.

We rehearsed for about two and half months, I think.... and we learned everything pretty quickly so it was more a matter of cleaning them up than learning the dances. Our waltz costumes were amazing, and one of the moms did it all herself. She took our Grade 6 leotards and skirts and made them totally fancy-shmancy epicness :] And we got gloves and hair pieces that looked like they were made out of diamonds...... but sshhh.... I think it was just plastic ;)

EDIT: because Helen (read her comment on this post) insisted, here's a pic of her and I. Most of my right arm is cut off, but whatever. My leg is turned out, at least... kinda ;)

EDIT EDIT: Now my mother is complaining. (read her comment on this post.) Here's a really pretty pic of my dear sis. She's in the middle:

 Okay, moving on...

Our Hoedown was a polar opposite dance, but super fun. The big cowboy hats we got were covered in white paint and kept chipping, so afterward it looked like we all had a dandruff problem or something. Haha.

The countries were: England, Holland, France, Austria, Italy, Eastern Europe, Asia, and then USA.

The second Italy number, O Solo Mio.

Italy, by far, was the funniest. The US had the most dances and was probably the coolest, though a dance or two from Asia were amazing :D

 I swear, this was the funniest number EVER.

^^ And this one was one of my very favorites, put to a song by Yanni, which was insanely awesome. 

There were three girls but at first you could only see two of them. And then they slowly moved away from each other and it totally looked like a flower opening up or something. A-mazing :D The rest of the dance with the other company girls was super cool, too. 

And this is the finale of our Hoedown:

All that to say it was very fun, and I'm sad it's over.
But hey, at least I have more time to write now!! heeheeheee...


Jake said...

*runs away*

The Director said...


*falls over with laughter*

You make me laugh Jake XD

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you put up a picture of me???? I'm the best dancer in the world!!! jk +There was one of me kneeling and you doing a arebeske (Yes... I know I didn't spell that right but I don't speak french) with you leg nicely turned out!

Hannah Joy said...

Does the boy in the Hoedown actually play the violin, or is it simply a prop? Cool pictures!

Riah said...

I wanted to do ballet (or any dance for that matter) when I was little, but we couldn't afford it. You are so lucky!

Squeaks said...

Epic costumes! That sounds like so much fun! :D


Lainie said...

Okay now I'm complaining! Your little sister had great photos... at least one? {puppy dog eyes}

Anonymous said...

Haha, I really don't feel any need to complain ;) oh, and I'm glad you added that pic of you and Helen, you both look lovely!!

That was such a fun show...I was pretty bummed at first when it was over, but, I think I'm done with the "performance-over-blues" ;)

Loverly post Abby, as always!


Steph said...

And where's MY picture???:)

ha ha ha


Noah Arsenault said...

Ok, this comment is not at all related to this post. It just has a bit of movie news you may or may not be interested in.

The movie Another Earth played in the Sundance Festival and got a standing ovation. The trailer is here: and one of the soundtrack samples is here: It's very haunting and uses the musical saw. I love it!!! Can you wait to see it?!?!

Kayla said...

Hi Director! I love your blog! I've been following it for a little bit and my mom said I can comment on it now! I am really interested in film-making too and have make several short films with my little brother. Can't wait to see more posts! BTW that ballet looks really cool, I love the cowboy theme!

The Director said...

Aw, thanks for the comment! Glad to have you here! Are any of your shorts online? I would love to see them ;)

ps sorry this welcome was so late! :|

Kayla said...

Nope, none online... yet. Hopefully soon.

Star-Dreamer said...

Beautiful pictures. It looks like it would have been fun to be there, even though I bet it was way, way too far away for me to come. ;)

I used to dance a lot more than I do now.  When I was younger my sister and I got lucky because one of our good friends from church was a Christian Dance instructor who taught just about everything and she gave us lessons at a pretty good discount. She stopped teaching separate classes close to 6 or 7 years ago, though, and started her own company. (I don’t know how far that went…) Now she’s teaching dance at our community college where I go to school. 

I did take dance again when I started college, but not from her. (Thought about it, but just haven’t taken her class yet.) I took a Jazz dance class because I like the fast movement. The class was in a similar program to yours where we did dances from a bunch of different countries. Peoria ballet did most of the dances, but our class did a Bally-Wood (sp?) performance that was tons of fun. I probably looked like a drunken bear up there because I was taller (and a little bit heavier) than most of the girls in the class with me, but I loved it! I would do it again in a heartbeat, if I could. My favorite performance was one where they did a hip-hop circus that was actually supposed to be a little girl’s dream. Epic!

@Riah: Perhaps you can do dance in college? If you go to a community college, the classes cost as much as tuition and you can get several electives so that’s a good way doing it. It’s a little harder when you’re older (learning all the dance moves I mean) but I think it’s worth it. :D

The Director said...

@Hannah Joy
Wow, I forgot to respond to you! Our guy had a real violin. He plays in real life, too :)

I liked reading your ballet/dance history :) I bet you look gorgeous when you dance <3