Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This Makes Me Very, Very Happy

I love the second song in the medley, A Glass of Beer, which I've heard elsewhere and think it sounds SO cool :D I don't recommend the beer though ;)

Two questions, though:

1) Does anyone think the audio quality is pretty good considering it was shot in a public area with, it appears, nothing more than a camcorder?

2) Does anyone know why the violinist is holding is bow so high up? I mean, it does look like a super long bow, but I'm stumped.... unless that's the Irish way of playing the violin....?

Anyway, enjoy! :D

PS Sorry that it cut off the end. If that bothered you.....

Then here's something else to listen to, as comfort :D

Ta, folks.


Jedi~Chick said...

Cool song(s)!!!! :D Haha, I don't know why he's holding it like that.......maybe for more control. xD I don't know. My teacher would have a heartattack if I held my bow like that. :P This is so cool!!!!! :D I really like it. ;) I could listen to this all day. LOL!
Cool post Abby!

Jedi~Chick <3

FinvarraPenn said...

I loved that first video! It was awesome. :)

Jake said...

I didn't watch the first video, but I greatly enjoyed the soundtrack. :D I still need to watch that movie...I believe it comes out on Redbox soon, aye?

Anonymous said...

i think that he holds his bow like that because in early ireland they used to hold their bows like that. it's just a thought. :)

Ley Firewalker said...

I'm pretty sure he's holding the bow like that because the song he's playing is fast and it's easier for him to play the notes with his arm closer to the middle of the bow then if he had it stretched all the way to the end. Just a thought. =)

-Ley <3

The Director said...

Yeah, it comes out this month. Can't wait! :D I've been saving up to buy it and the soundtrack on CD.

Heehee, yeah :P Thanks!

You're right. I taught myself three Irish songs today, that song I posted, A Glass of Beer, High Reel and Streets of Sorrow, and I was forced to hold my bow like the guy in the video, because playing so fast was impossible otherwise :)
Learn something new everyday! heehee

Hannah Joy said...

Love the violin. How long have you been playing, O Great One? ;-) I have been playing for only about 3 years now, but I LOVE it.

By the way, on SOMEBODY'S recommendation (wonder who that could be?) I got a VERY good book. Nicholas Nickleby! Thanks so much for this recommendation! It was SO good. I was so surprised at the ending. Can't wait until I get the movie!

So...yeah. Sorry about changing the subject. :-O

Anonymous said...

I adore the first song. The lively tune made me feel like getting up and dancing a jig all over the house while singing at the tippity-top of my lungs. ;)

And The Eagle! I cannot wait to see the film, now that I've read the book. ^.^

The Director said...

@Hannah Joy
Hey, thanks! You're sweet :D I've been playing for about five years. Keep on playing, it just gets better and better the longer you play :]

After you watch The Eagle, tell me how you liked it.

(From what I've noticed, people that have read the book like the movie more than those who didn't, and actually, it's been observed that women appear to like The Eagle more than men do, which is funny...)

But anyway, yeah, I hope you enjoy it! :D