Saturday, July 30, 2011

Double Feature Theater by Go, See, Talk!

Marc C. of the cineblog GO, SEE, TALK! has organized some fun summer movie things, one of them being called Double Feature Theater. 

Double Feature is, essentially, you imagining yourself as a theater owner, and posting your schedule for one week's worth of double features, with the exception of Sunday's being a Triple Feature. How the movies are paired up is entirely up to you. 

Sound fun? Heehee. I thought so.

While the common threads to use are actors/actresses, directors, genres or common themes, I find myself drifting toward pairing by genre and common theme. Anyway.


Also, please help yourself to some popcorn:

Well, without further ado, here is your Director's very own 'Double Feature Theater!' Enjoy ;)

(all poster photos courtesy of

Roman Britain

King Arthur and The Eagle

Both have to do with Hadrian's Wall. Both have kinda crazy lookin' natives. And both are pretty cool, to me anyway, despite their faults.

Animation in the Air

 UP and How To Train Your Dragon

Sure, one is Disney-Pixar and one is Dreamworks, but both are epic and awesome. The similar theme is... well.... flying. Though, one is by dragons and one by a floating house. And sure, the dynamics are different but they're both incredibly fun and adventurous. I would love to see both of these in one day, haha.

True War Stories

The Great Raid and Defiance 

Confession: I have a massive soft spot for war movies. Which is weird, because there is nothing soft about war movies. But I love them. The ones based one true stories, at least. And as far as the lesser-known true stories go, these two are my favorites. Not very exciting as far as edge-of-your-seat action, of course, but that's not what they're there for.

One Of 'Em Might Have Won Best Picture If It Hadn't Been For The Return of the King...


Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World and Seabiscuit

Two very favorite films of mine. Both excel in cinematography, acting, music, and storytelling. Two of the strongest, most well-done films I've seen. And whaddya know, they were both Oscar Nominees!
(Oddly enough, about the music, neither one has a very strong melody and the music serves as a texture and backdrop rather than what carries the story, as it were.)

Old Family Favorites

Fiddler on the Roof and Lilies of the Field

Watching these two films are among my earliest memories. Heartwarming but bittersweet tales that have song, dance, and high quotability. Older films that don't depend on effects and bright flashes to make their mark.

Silliness. And Llamas. And Pandas.

The Emperor's New Groove and Kung Fu Panda

Two different styles of animation. Two different studios. Two different worlds. And yet what draws these together are their consistent hilarity, lightheartedness, and fresh, unique dilemmas. These two never fail to tickle me.

Triple Feature: The Heavy Hitters

Billy Elliot, Corrina, Corrina, and The Pursuit of Happyness.

Three stories that... well, you don't forget them easy. They all take a little time to digest, and the depth of each of them leaves you thoughtful. They aren't for the youngsters. None of them are a walk in the park; but neither are they depressing. They're poignant stories of love, happyness, and passion that are fraught with sacrifice and change. I love every single one of them.
These are a few more of the close-to-perfect films in my book. The cinematography in particular is absolutely beautiful.Very much in my Top 10.

(Not to say that these R, PG and PG-13 films couldn't use the skip button here and there, but well, that's movies for you.)

Applause for our two runner-ups:
(Out of all of these, I've only seen October Sky. However, I've been begging my mom to let me watch the last three ;)

The Mining Town Double Feature
Kinda weird combination, but they both take place in mining towns and have to do with something other than mining, be it rockets or guns.  

and the American History Triple Feature.
Again, me and the war films. But this isn't blood and gore for the sake of blood and gore- this is history, and we would do well to remember it. 

Hope you enjoyed, and thanks to all of you for reading!

And thanks so much for this, Marc! I enjoyed myself muchly. 

Head on over to GO, SEE, TALK! for the whole list of bloggers participating.


Anonymous said...

Great mixture of movies, I would have chosen the similarly themed Centurion (2010) over The Eagle for a Roman Britain list

Hannah Joy said...

Thumbs up! And you should definitely at least see How To Train Your Dragon--One of my very favorite animated films. Woot! Good job! Half of them (okay, more than half) I haven't seen, but the ones I have, I liked. Like Saving Private Ryan (really good movie...sure, it's gory, but it is a war movie. Anyway.

My only problem...there's only one movie (and I haven't seen it)that is a ship movie! I ADORE ship movies (As you could have guessed from my love of Hornblower).

The Director said...

Thanks Andy! But I haven't seen Centurion :|


Also, I tried to get POTC or Hornblower in there but it just didn't happen. I'll be doing a Horation fanpost soon, hopefully...... ;)

Hannah Joy said...

The Director:
Ahh...Glad you liked it. And YAY! Can't WAIT for that post... So I can totally geek out! ;-)

Alex said...

Cool choices! I really like the "Animation in the Air" and "Old Family Favorites" themes. Also yay it's always great to see love for THE EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE, that movie is hilarious but under-appreciated!

Helen said...

I just wanted to say that THE EMPEROR"S NEW GROOVE is a new favorite in our family. I love how random the plot is! I also think that many other films you talked about are great. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you went really current! Great : - )

I actually really like you Saturday. Emperor's is my favourite of the 'new Disney' films!

The Director said...

*cheers for Emperor's New Groove lovers*

Thanks, y'all. If you love The Emperor's New Groove you get a 50% discount for Saturday as well as free popcorn.

(random my earlier comment I said Horation.....)

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

CORINNA,CORINNA is such a forgotten gem. I wish Whoopi would do more movies, but I especially wish that Ray Liotta would have had a better career.

The Director said...

Andrew: I know, I know! :)

Marc said...

Really great idea for your Animation in the Air:0) Nice work Abby.

But the American History Triple Feature was a pretty good fact so good I'd have moved it from Runner-Up to Main Event!

Thanks for being part of this!

The Director said...

Heh, thanks Marc! :) I'm really happy you liked those combinations!

Thanks for the idea :]