Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Dwarves of The Hobbit We Have!

Honestly, I think the setup looks pretty silly, possibly cheesy but the dwarves themselves look pretty sweet if you put them in context... and I'm sure they'll look fabulous in the film.

Take a look!


Oin and Gloin:

My favs so far, Fili and Kili:

Bombur, Bofur, and Bifur:

Balin and Dwalin:

Thorin Oakenshield:

His picture is probably the epicest. :]

Whathca y'all think??? Who's your favorite??


Hannah Joy said...

OOOOH! My favorites are Fili and Kili, but mainly since I love them the most in the books. They are going to be way cool in the movies. I like them ALL though! Thorin is sweet! Bombur is hilarious! Too bad *Sniff* this movie comes out in December of next year. *Sob* So long to wait!

Anonymous said...

Awseome, I can't wait to see the movie...! I always thought Bombur was the funniest dwarf in the book, so I like him... I have to say, though, that Kili looks more like an elf than a dwarf to me. ;)

Marian said...

Fili, Balin, and Thorin are my faves! I can barely recognise Armitage as Thorin, but he looks great. I still can't totally remember which names are whose, though. :P

Pathfinder said...

My favorites are Fili and Kili. I didn't really like Thorin in the book, but his picture's almost exactly how I thought he would look.

whisper said...

Incredible! Each has such... personality. :D Beforehand, I am ashamed to say, I pictured them all as the same, only with different colored hats. ^_^ Oh, and Bomber (think 'twas him) was twice as fat as all the others. >_> But other than that, they were so same..... these characters, however, are fantastic. Splendid. I can't wait to get to know them on-screen.


Helen said...

I really like Fili and Kili though Thorin is pretty awesome too! I agree that the setup is a little cheesy, but yes... I think they will look great in the movie! :)

Helen said...

meant Helen

The Director said...

You guys make me happy :)

Yeah, Taylor, Kili does look a bit like an elf.... a miniature elf..... XD

@whisper-- you know, I'll just join the confessional. I have a profound lack of imagination sometimes. *hangs head*

Helem ;)