Monday, July 11, 2011



That's what I did.

Like a little girl. Like someone who had too much coffee. Like the crazy fan I am.

You'll see why though.

This trailer blows the last teaser WAY out of the water.

Trailer breakdown soon.

Tell me how you liked it!


whisper said...

Looks veryvery cool. (OO) I wants to see it!

Kayla said...

Oh my! That was epic! Makes me want to see that!

Jane said...

Wow! I didn't realize it was CG until about halfway through the trailer, lol. I love that kind of animation, it reminds me of the Polar Express.

Looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Well, since I don't know the basic plot of the movie, it was kind of confusing. But Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson?! Gotta be good. ;)

Hannah Grace said...

Oh my gosh, so AWESOME!

"You do know what you're doing, right?"
"Relax, I interviewed a pilot once!"

LOL! Funny and epic. Oh yeah.

Hannah Joy said...

Epicness...epicness...epicness. I finally know why these are called teasers. When will the Dec. 23rd come????


Sorry...I had to do that.

Jake said...

O_o Good gravy. That looks like the epicest film ever to be fully animated.

Noah Arsenault said...


*covers mouth*

ohmygoodnessiwanttoseethat! You were so right! Blown up and away.

Haddock looks JUST like Andy Serkis, and yet just like HADDOCK!! Perfect! I'm so ecstatic!!