Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wait, how did you survive the Titanic??

Well, I'm off to my chamber strings concert.

While I'm gone, I'll leave you with some deep, meditative thoughts....


Call me cheap. Call me unoriginal.
They're still funny.

See you soon, folks!


Everyone's Favorite Composer said...




You got me laughing over here! Thanks!

Can't wait too see ya play by the way!

(Hooray for exclamation points!!!)

~Miss Raquel said...

OH MY WORD!!!!!! hahahahaha I was laughing hysterically!! Thanks for making my day, girlfriend!!! I need to show this to my bro! He'll get a kick out of it! hahaha

Hannah Grace said...

That. is. epic. :D

I don't know if I've ever commented before but I found you through my good friend Sky who hosts Beautiful People. Great blog!! :) It's nice to see an aspiring director who has such an obvious love for God. Keep going!

~Hannah Grace

Hannah Joy said...

Oh my gosh, that last one is HILARIOUS! (I like the Titanic one too, though).

Elisa said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I laughed SO HARD! Then I showed my brother and sister and we all LAUGHED till we fell over! SO FUNNY! You should post more. ^_^ heeehee! Way yo make my evening. haha

I love the Harry Potter..."Noses."

Kayla said...

I LOVE posts like these! Hillarious!

Anonymous said...

SNORK. Those are hilarious.

The Mulan and Potter ones are my favorites. "Noses." xD