Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Is it wrong...

To have a Japanese song stuck in your head all day when you aren't Japanese and don't actually speak the language??

I've been driving the family crazy singing this:

This is the translation for the English version of the song:

Far in the light, I can see it
In every scene of the night
A tiny feather of love
I gotta go
Destiny never finds the way for me, my love
Even in the night I see your face, in the dark
So I never lose my way to you
I never close my heart
The light is always there

Time goes by, we can never stay the same
Now we've come so far from love memory
Though your smile is gone, we will never be apart
In our hearts we are one, for love melody
The future arrives with your love

Willing to go to a place
Where you never need to cry
I'll take you there

Willing to find an answer
In all the winding road we have to come through

In the heat of the summer, cold of winter, I'm here
So you never lose your way to me
Never close your heart
Your light is always here

Time goes by, we can never stay the same
In the shades of hope, in love memory
Though your smile is gone, we will never be apart
In our hearts we can hear the love melody
The future still shines, close to you 


That's the cliché of anime Japanese-to-English songs..... half the time they really don't make sense upon translation :)

There's another song that REALLY makes no sense but sounds really cool- I'll have to post it at a later date.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Double Review: Howl's Moving Castle

Hey there! It's been awhile since I've done a review, and I figured I'd make it up by doing two!

As you know, with double reviews I try to stick more or less to the point so it isn't overly long ;) Once again, I'll do my best to be succinct.

Funnily enough, both subjects happen to have the same title. That's 'cause I'm reviewing both the book Howl's Moving Castle and the movie based on it, which I recently saw. (I read the book within the month as well.)

Well, without further ado, here's my review of the novel Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones.

Sophie, the eldest of three girls, is destined for the dull life of hat-making until the Witch of the Waste puts a spell on her that turns her into a 90-year-old woman. To undo the spell she seeks out the Wizard Howl in his moving castle and has an adventure she never could have seen coming. Together with Calcifer the fire demon and wizard-in-training Michael they seek out the missing Prince Justin, battle the Witch of the Waste and undo the curses that hang over Sophie and Howl himself.

This book brought me great joy. It was told in a very light way while still being engaging and exciting. The simplicity of a classic fairy tale while still being hilarious and maintaining a world of it's own made it a great, enjoyable read.

The unique story was enough to make me love it: I mean, really, how many fairy tales are about a 90-year-old woman? And yet, it's a far cry from boring. 

As far as characterization goes, it's absolutely fantastic. Sophie is a wonderful as an 18-19 year old and her character only becomes more endearing and hilarious when she is turned old. (She has so much spunk and personality I almost can't take it ;) Howl is mysterious and elusive and outrageous, frankly; and his sidekick Calcifer the fire demon (who is also the fireplace) is a strong, consistent presence as well. Michael, Howl's student, is also a great addition and has a definite personality of his own.

The great thing about them is none of them are perfect, or even your typical hero. But neither are the anti-heroes, which I found to be fascinating. They all have their quirks and oddities and faults, yet they are all epic in their own way and the three (er, four counting Michael) primary characters together make for some great dynamics. 

It's fun to have a wizard around. Things get done so much easier half the time (the seven-league boots where a huge hit with me).

I'll be forever muttering, "Porthaven door. Kingsbury door. Porthaven door again." (<-- what Calcifer would do whenever someone knocked at the door.)

The greatest journey of the book wasn't Sophie's quest to free herself from the spell, I don't think. It was more her discovering herself, and Howl's gradual realization that he can't hide from his-self. Seeing them progress through the story was one of the most satisfying and fascinating things ever.

Also, I've never encountered a castle like Howl's before. It moves, it has portals, and it's a mess. Sophie's enters his castle and poses as a new cleaning lady so she can stay, and might I say she had her work cut out for her. It was the messiest, un-castle-like castle I've ever encountered. Sophie does a great job of cleaning it up, though, and more than the castle itself, the people inside it make it memorable. 

But really. How can you resist a book with quotes like this in it?

"You've no right to walk into people's castles and take their guitars."

*grin* Great one-liners.

Now, for the things you may have a problem with:

The book obviously deals with magic: spells, curses and the like, and if you a problem with magic, period, then don't bother with reading it, though it would be a sad thing to miss this one. I, personally, don't mind magic unless it gets icky. Icky me no do. o_O

However, aside from a brief mention or two of pentagons and drawing magic designs on the walls of the castle (necessary to move it), the magic here doesn't even borderline icky. Michael is Howl's student and is always practicing his spells and potions and all that but it almost seems like he's in science class doing a lab. :P However, there is some nasty business that the Witch of the Waste is up to that kinda sorta creeped me out (it was brought to light during the climax), but hey, the bad guy's supposed to be the bad guy and do bad stuff. Still..... sorta freaked me out at first *shudders.* They didn't embellish though so it was alright.... I wouldn't let the youngsters read it though- maybe twelve years and older, rough estimate.

The only other thing that might be a problem is Howl spends half his time for the larger part of the book, as Wikipedia phrases it, "chasing his ever-changing paramours." Sophie is rather disgusted by him because the instant he makes a girl fall in love with him, he loses interest in her and goes chasing after someone else. (It's terrible, really: he spends at least two hours in the bathroom each day and makes himself look all pretty and puts his best suit on and all that, but the second the girl in question does fall in love with him he's done. Terrible. However: his heartless behavior is partly for reasons that would spoil the plot that I must not disclose.)

Otherwise, Howl's Moving Castle is, for a young-adult novel, seriously clean (but now that I think of it, there might be one or two mild profanities, but that's all) and I actually made my sister read it because I liked it so much. The characters are well-crafted and have all the intricacies of real people, and you see them more and more as the story progresses. The humor is well placed and well executed, and the story was so unlike any other I had read that I will never forget it. I promise you won't help but fall in love with the unlikely characters who are thrown together into this adventure.

Still wishing for a moving castle with portals.... I'll just go read it again to make myself feel better. 


(Alright, I'm trying a new setup for my movie reviews, so I'm going to go ahead with it and see what you think. It's super organized, haha. Check it out and tell me if I should keep it.)

The Rating and Cautions (cautions are mine and not the MPAA's)
Rated PG.
There's magic and possibly bothering (disturbing is too large a word) images; A scene with brief crude humor; Howl and Sophie kiss twice.

The Credits
Written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki; Voiced in English by Christian Bale, Jean Simmons, and Emily Mortimer; English version produced by John Lasseter. Music by Joe 

The Summary
Sophie, a 19-year-old hat maker in the midst of a war, is turned into an old woman by the villainous Witch of the Waste, and seeks out the Wizard Howl for assistance. She falls in with the vain Howl and his fire demon Calcifer on board their moving castle and makes a deal with the fire demon: If she can free Calcifer of the spell on him and Howl himself, only then can he help Sophie. 

The Director's Take (Pros and Cons being technical things.)
Okay, animation was mind-blowing, especially Howl's castle. I didn't really dig how it looked compared to how it looked in the cover of the book that I had, but it was still VERY impressive.
The movie actually had more modern/sci-fi elements: warships and the like: Howl's castle is mechanical. Definitely not the book, but I thought it was a neat take on the story anyway.
The colors in this film were perfect and extremely dynamic. It had a sweetness and cleanliness about it that was really cool.

The music, as well, rocked my world. It had, oddly enough, a very classical feeling to it, not "epic" at all, but rather subdued and simple.

You know, the book had a distinct fairy-tale/English feel to it, but the movie was such a blend of cultures that it became more than that. I mean, it was done by a Japanese filmmaker, dubbed in English and instead of being a more Renaissance /Medieval story, it felt like a blend of science fiction and fantasy thrown in with everything else. Again, NOT the book but it really worked.

As well, the Japanese-to-English dubbing was spot-on. I saw some of the bonus features and they had to do some serious translation-revision action on the fly. They pulled it off, though. *applauds*

Unless you count the fact that the accents in the English were inconsistent (American and English were all in there together. Howl's should have been Welsh, but last I knew Christian Bale was American.), the one drawback was that the film answered every single one of the 5 W's and H except for one: WHY.

We know exactly what's going on: There's a war between two countries. Sophie got turned old. She has to help Howl and Calcifer, etc.

It's very clear who is doing what and who they are: the Witch of the Waste and Madam Suliman are the mischief-makers, Howl is trying to avoid the war, etc. 

We know where things are happening, and how they are happening. 

But for the most part, we aren't really told why. 

I wasn't too sure why the Witch turned Sophie old. I was kind of clueless as to why Howl didn't want to fight in the war (any summary will tell you it's because of his pacifist reasons, but I never picked that up in the film). And heaven knows why Madam Suliman was up to what she was. *headdesk*

-Overall Opinion

The only reason I watched the movie was because of the book, and to be honest, I'm glad I did that first. The story is completely different in the film (imagine that!) but oddly enough, the characters were portrayed excellently. They looked great, and anime really worked as the animation style to tell this story. The author herself did say, though, that Howl, Sophie, and everyone are a bit more noble in the movie than in the book. But she loved the film, and said: "I write books, not movies." Which I think, personally, is a great mindset for an author to have.

The one thing I did have a problem with is the scene where Howl's hair gets messed up. The scene is taken from the book and it thrilled me to pieces that they included it, but...... let's just say, Howl's in a towel for most of the scene, and it gets a little awkward when he sits down and we see him from behind, if you catch my drift. As well, right at the end of the scene they're hauling him back upstairs the towel falls off completely........ yeah. Not cool. Lil' Sis and I closed our eyes right there at the end. (You could argue that all you can see there is the side of his leg, but it depends on how picky you are with that kind of thing.) 
Also, when he starts to break out the green slime, which was hilarious in the book, it's actually a little dark at first. Markl (film version of Michael) remarks "He's summoning the spirits of darkness." Kinda icky. I did like how they showed the slime though; it was ridiculous in the right way.

It was an awesome scene besides that, though, at least for me :]  I kept thinking of how it played out in the book. It just tickled me that they kept it at all. 

So, if you can forgive it's drawbacks, the animation is amazing, delightful, and the English version was cast perfectly. Like, perfectly. (I felt that Calcifer was a fail in Japanese, but I wouldn't have minded watching it in Japanese as well as English, it wasn't bad.) 
If you read the book first, the movie will probably make more sense and you could appreciate it more (or dislike it more for "ruining" the book, though for once I didn't see this adaption as "ruining.")

The Cameos (Biblical Application)
There wasn't anything particular that stood out to me as far as application goes, unfortunately, but the one thing I thought was really sweet is Howl was very encouraging of Sophie- at least three separate times in the film he compliments her on some skill. For instance, he tells her to fly the little airship they obtained and she flies it through the top of a tower and kind of crashes it into the side. Howl says, "Wow, you're good!" and I think it was because she pulled it off, rather than sarcasm. Anyway....

The Closing Line 
While not a prefect adaption or a perfect movie, as a fan of the book I enjoyed it very much and so did my sister. If  you're a fan of anime, or Hayao Miyazaki, you'll definitely enjoy it.

And if that's not enough to win you over, have a listen to the main theme:


Okay, maybe I was still a little long-winded. I'm working on it........

Anyway, so how did the new movie-review format work out? You like? No? Yes?
Let me know!

Thanks for reading you guys. I never tell you enough how great y'all are. :]

Thursday, August 25, 2011

You Know You're a Filmmaker-In-Training/Movie GEEK When...

  • While watching a movie you sit and stare at the screen, muttering, "Now why on earth would you use an aerial shot there?!"
  • You're almost always five scenes ahead in whatever movie you're watching.
  • You give people the death glare if they leave the theater before the credits are done.
  • Half the time you're eyeing people and wondering how photogenic they are and whether they would screen test for you or not.
  • When there are fight scenes, you watch the main character closely to see if he's really a stunt double.
  • During a "landscape shot" you try and figure out how much is actually CGI or layered over.
  • During dead serious/intense scenes you wonder if the actors burst out laughing the second the director yelled CUT.
  • Obvious wigs that shouldn't be obvious make you really upset.
  • Overdone sound mixing will leave you grumbling in a fit of smoldering anger for days.
  • During complicated cinematography moments your eyebrows furrow two miles into your head as you try to imagine how they did it so you can do it too.
  • You have a list of actors you want to work with.
  • You have a list of producers you want to work with.
  • You have a list of directors you want to work with.
  • You have a list of all the screenplays you are going to write in the next 12 years.
  • All you want for Christmas is a soundstage. XD
  • A rifle mic would bring great joy.
  • Your little sister is slated to be the main star in your next ten shorts.
  • Half the time you watch a movie just so you can appreciate the bonus features.
  • The words "That was BRILLIANT EDTING!" are not uncommon.
  • You want to go to Tunisia just because part of Star Wars was shot there. 
  • You quote bonus features almost more than the actual movie.
  • You make a list like this. *headdesk*
Oy. *chuckles*

Inspired by this lovely girl's post. No, it's not a tag or a giveaway obligation or anything. Just a bug you might end up catching :D

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


*staggers in*


.......Six whole laps around the block.

Six whole times I did.

Just now.

Four times around is a mile.

I am not a runner.

I am very done.

*passes out*

*singsong voice* I'm a High Schooler Now! (OY!)

First day of school was yesterday! W00T!

I love the first day of school. It's all introductions and you don't have to do anything strenuous. :D

We've worked out my schedule to finish school at about four.

But because today is the first day of school, I finished before one o'clock :D

Of course, having an epic schoolroom like this doesn't hurt:

Awesome green chair included. 

^ my workspace. It's amazing. So is the blue swivel chair.

Completely new furniture, books, and paint. Oh yeah, and curtains (not pictured).



So after I completed my first day in stunning victory (haha) I finished a video, blogged and baked.


Chocolate Toffee Bars with Sprinkles as a Bonus ;)

Followed by my traditional granola bars. (I was tweaking the recipe again. It kind of was a fail.)

The missing corner was eaten by EFC. :D

The kitchen was a mess... XD

And here's some pictures of crazy video work:

(It was a Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle Fanvid)

Those guys are officially the most epicest things ever.

I may be able to post the actual video soon! Look out for that :]

This last pic is EFC watching the work of mine keyboard and mouse and iMovie

I don't know if you can tell, but our computer is magnormous o_O

Anyway, that was my day yesterday.

Being a high schooler ain't so bad thus far.

When do you start school?  (If at all...) Any fun things happen recently?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Turning Around In Temptation

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
James 4:7

In which Abby gets a tad bit serious.

For starters, dear fellow believers in Christ to whom this post is addressed, I'm going say this: I'm not perfect. Very much not. In fact, I'm not all that good, either. 

The only thing good about me is my Savior who covered me with His blood- and covers me with His grace. 

Amen? Amen.

And until Heaven, none of us in the body of Christ are going to be anywhere near perfect. We are working out our salvation with fear and trembling ;)

We purpose not to fall into sin. We try to keep our ways pure. We want to walk in the ways of righteousness and to be as our name describes us: Christians. Little Christs.

But what do you when you do fall into sin? 

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, I know. I understand. And I can guarantee you the devil is going to keep trying to get a hold of you and tempt you until he finds something that you would fall for.

When he does it, it may not even seem like a very "bad" sin at first. It often starts out small- as a simple, seemingly harmless thought. But what happens is those thoughts grow- and turn into actions. Then, if the sin goes unchecked you're doing things you shouldn't be doing, looking at things you ought not- and suddenly you're up to your knees or shoulders or ears in sin, and you wonder, how on earth did I get here?

But we don't want things to get that far, do we? (Even if it does, though, know that God does not love you any less, you hear me? Confess and accept His forgiveness and turn around and then walk the right way and let Him lead you- don't fall into the lie that God won't have you back. He died for you while you were still a sinner!)

Anyway. We want to turn that which the Enemy is using to trip us up to draw closer to Christ. So when you find yourself being tripped up by sin- what do you do to render those attacks made by the enemy not only useless, but counterproductive to his purpose?

Simple. Prayer.

And it's sadly funny but more so, convicting: prayer is the easiest, most un-inconviencing (woh) thing in the world to do- and yet it's the hardest thing for us to do. I mean, truly, we can be totally slack about praying- or we try and suddenly are very tired and just don't feel like exerting the energy to do it. 


Might I suggest it's because it's so important?

"Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."
1 Thessalonians 5:17-18

Now, this post may not even concern you right now. Maybe you are walking close and well with your Lord and things are cool. If so, I just encourage you and say, Keep running the race and fighting the good fight.

But if you are struggling and are fraught with temptations and trials, whatever it may be, might I encourage you by saying that you can be victorious? 

If the Deceiver has already caused you to fall, then don't keep that burden any more. Confess it to the Lord- right now. It may be painful but I promise it takes all the power out of whatever foothold Satan's got on you.

If it's a temptation that keeps coming back- particularly those type of sins that start in the thought life-  make this a reflex for yourself:

Whenever you start thinking something you shouldn't, start praying for other people. 

If your particular temptation happens to be sensual, then for goodness sake's start praying for the marriages around you. (Or your own marriage if you happen to be married.) 

If it happens to be foul language that you are struggling with, whenever you are tempted to employ those words check yourself and praise ten characteristics of God. 

Whatever it is, find something to pray about, someone to pray for, and then the enemy will discover that not only has his ploy become nullified, it's become a tool, a sword, against him. And he will leave for a time. 

I'm sorry, this may have seemed pretty out of the blue but this is something that has just been rather prevalent in my life and thus, on my heart.

Anyway, wherever you are in your walk right now, may you draw ever closer to Him and may He bless you abundantly.

You've Probably Volunteered Too Long At The Library When...

You sort through your stash of ten billion library books at home, glance at one, and think:

I probably shelved this entire series last week!


I do like volunteering, though :) But if you ever have to urge to feel bleary-eyed, go pull holds in the Nonfiction for two hours straight. *falls over*

Friday, August 19, 2011

In Case You Didn't Know...


It happened just the other day.

Actually, it happened at probably 1 o'clock in the morning. Everybody was in bed, even me, the whole house was dark but I couldn't quite fall asleep.

And then I thought about a really funny video I had seen earlier.

I kinda tried to stifle it, but no good.

I was laughing hysterically for like, five minutes.

Couldn't stop if my life depended on it.

Oooh, well....


Monday, August 8, 2011

Let's Review, Shall We??

Abby's Bucket List (so far):

  • visit New Zealand
  • proficiently do tricks on a skateboard
  • have a Star Wars Saga Marathon
  • Meet S. Spielberg, P. Jackson, G. Lucas, P. Weir, and K. Bigelow. All directors.
  • hunt with a peregrine falcon
  • visits castles/ruins in England and Wales
  • work on a movie with Jamie Bell
  • see fireflies
  • play in an orchestra

Yes, I got to see fireflies. In fact, I caught one and examined him closely in the palm of my hand for a second before releasing back into the wild blue yonder. They look kinda like earwigs. (OO)

In case you haven't noticed, I am back from the land of hot and humid ;) It was a fun trip and oddly enough, the very first vacation I've ever taken that we took just for vacation. No relatives to visit, nowhere to go, nowhere to be, no one to see. We just went sightseeing and met new people :D

I saw an increase in:
-churches (not surprising)
-and tattoos (very surprising)

Speaking of which, here's a random and possibly amusing factoid:

I actually saw more people with tattoos in Missouri than I did here in the suburbs around Portlandia. :P I mean, just standing in the middle of Wal-Mart and watching people go by, I would say that almost every individual 17-18ish and older had a tattoo. Anyway. I know Portland is like the center of piercings and tattoos, and I would certainly say that I didn't see any crazy piercings in MO, but yeah, lotsa tattoos.

Random observation. :P

Also, I saw an emu (for real!) and many armadillo.

Unfortunately, all the armadillo were dead.

On the side of the road.

Roadkilled armadillo.


Our joke is that they defected from Texas but got massacred.

But the Missourians assure us that their suffering is self-inflicted. Apparently their reaction to cars or whatever is to jump in the air.

I guess that gets you deaded. (OO)

However, it was a very fun, blessed trip and I would love to go there again someday :D Despite the dead armadillo.

Did you guys go anywhere this summer???

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Went To Borders And Came Home Broke

I was going to get Inception and TRON: Legacy too, but I didn't have enough money to get all the books I wanted AND 28 dollars worth of movies. *gulps* For being all discounts, Borders is still slightly a rip off......

I didn't even have enough money to get all the books I wanted.

Ooh, well.

But I DID get two books for you lovely followers!

They will be up for grabs at my 100-follower giveaway, soon to happen Lord willing ;)

Here are two cryptic pictures if  you want to guess which books they are.

There will hopefully be another book, a DVD to give away and a notebook & pens as well, but we shall see, seeing I am broke :P

Anyway, see if you can tell what these goodies are:

*waves empty wallet*

ttfn, y'alls.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Oh bother.

I've just received some disturbing news.

I was talking in my sleep last night.


But allow me to begin at the beginning:

My sister and I share a room, and I like to stay up late. Naturally, this effects her and sometimes she'll wake up in the middle of the night if my light is still on because I'm reading or writing.

I've been trying to reform my sleep habits and was successful for a few days, but the last two nights I've accidentally stayed up too late again :|

There's a manga series I've been reading (and frankly, obsess over) called Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.

I got books 20-27 from the library yesterday....... and um......

.......was only planning on reading to 21.......

......but that somehow became 24.......

.......which somehow became 27........

......which somehow became 2:19 in the morning.


Anyway, after I read all 8 books, I tried to go to sleep but my brain was processing things too much.

So I started writing.

I was actually getting some super good ideas (can't WAIT to show you someday!), but unfortunately those good ideas had to come at 4:00 AM.


Anyway, so Dear Little Sister woke up and we chatted for a little bit (read: Abby talked at her excitedly about Tsubasa.) but then she tried to go back to sleep. I finished writing some outlines and finally turned off my light.

Apparently she never went back to sleep, because in the darkness (or not) of 6AM she heard:

(in a confidential tone)
"Whoa, Charlotte- oh my hand it feels so weird- Fai-Fei-Fai (Fai and Fei are characters in Tsubasa)-my hand feels like a three-year-old it's so cool-Charlotte, it feels like a three-year-old!!!"
(abrupt but light snoring immediately after this revelation)

For the record, I am pretty sure that was NOT what I was trying to say.......

And then when my alarm clock went off (didn't hear it at all), she went to turn it off for me, but apparently I was waving my hands around blocking her from touching the clock, yelling,

"It's all the way up, it's all the way up, I promise you!"

But then I guess she said, "Abby, the alarm clock."

Me: "Oh." (turns off alarm clock, but still completely asleep the whole time.)


Oh bother.

I really should start going to sleep earlier.....

(Dear Sister said it was the strangest thing. But I guess the alarm clock one was kind of funny.)

That said, have you ever been told that you've said strange things in  your sleep? I would love to hear them :P

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Letter Tag! :D

Seriously random, but oh well...

Comment on this post and I'll give you a letter. List ten things that you love that begin with that letter and then post that list on your blog. :D

I got the letter L from Marian at all that is gold

(The) Lord of the Ring Trilogy *pumps fist*
Lemon popsicles.
(Key) Lime chapstick :D
Lemon bars.
Larry the Cucumber XD
(The) Lost Journals of Ven Polypheme books
Lemon Heads. (yum!)
Light Up The Sky by The Afters

heehee. That was fun :]

Monday, August 1, 2011

I MUST have a ten-year-old for a brother...

If I hear him say this while he and his friend are playing:

"I found your other foot!"


Red Rackham Stays in the Backstory!

So, the truth at last!!

This ends my speculation of Red Rackham being a present villain and the backstory all but gone. That's what I thought- that the Unicorn backstory wouldn't be so personal with Haddock and that Red Rackham would be the main villain. But it turns out Ivan Ivanovitch is our bad guy.

Check this out from the summary of Tintin at Comic Con:

...Spielberg, Jackson and the various screenwriters combined bits and pieces of the two 
books (The Secret of the Unicorn and The Crab With The Gold Claws)--among other things increasing the villainy of the film's nemesis Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine (the character Daniel Craig plays, as opposed to the previously reported pirate Red Rackham)--together with some elements from 'Unicorn's' sequel "Red Rackham's Treasure" to create the film's eventual story though much of "Red Rackham" was set aside for Tintin 2.   

That was a shock to my system at first, for sure. However, it only increases my excitement to see what they did with it.

I'm all for it, frankly. The Tintin stories don't require an accurate plot adaption- it just requires the same tone and spirit as the books- the same unique seriousness and slapstick combined, accuracy to the characters of course, and the accurate visual representation to be a success in my eyes. They can whip the story into something completely different as long as it stays "realistic".

Also, it seems the relationship between Haddock and Tintin has taken a more serious and deeper tone with the film. I hope that that will enhance the story, not ruin it. Here's what Andy Serkis, aka Captain Haddock, has to say:

“It’s a bizarre relationship,” he said. “Tintin is this young, driven reporter with a very strong moral compass. He’s 16 years old. And basically, Haddock is unable to move forward as a human being. Eventually he begins to, as he becomes more lucid about his past, and Tintin is drawing a kind of story out of him. Haddock becomes quite affectionate towards Tintin.”

What do you think?