Saturday, August 6, 2011


Oh bother.

I've just received some disturbing news.

I was talking in my sleep last night.


But allow me to begin at the beginning:

My sister and I share a room, and I like to stay up late. Naturally, this effects her and sometimes she'll wake up in the middle of the night if my light is still on because I'm reading or writing.

I've been trying to reform my sleep habits and was successful for a few days, but the last two nights I've accidentally stayed up too late again :|

There's a manga series I've been reading (and frankly, obsess over) called Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.

I got books 20-27 from the library yesterday....... and um......

.......was only planning on reading to 21.......

......but that somehow became 24.......

.......which somehow became 27........

......which somehow became 2:19 in the morning.


Anyway, after I read all 8 books, I tried to go to sleep but my brain was processing things too much.

So I started writing.

I was actually getting some super good ideas (can't WAIT to show you someday!), but unfortunately those good ideas had to come at 4:00 AM.


Anyway, so Dear Little Sister woke up and we chatted for a little bit (read: Abby talked at her excitedly about Tsubasa.) but then she tried to go back to sleep. I finished writing some outlines and finally turned off my light.

Apparently she never went back to sleep, because in the darkness (or not) of 6AM she heard:

(in a confidential tone)
"Whoa, Charlotte- oh my hand it feels so weird- Fai-Fei-Fai (Fai and Fei are characters in Tsubasa)-my hand feels like a three-year-old it's so cool-Charlotte, it feels like a three-year-old!!!"
(abrupt but light snoring immediately after this revelation)

For the record, I am pretty sure that was NOT what I was trying to say.......

And then when my alarm clock went off (didn't hear it at all), she went to turn it off for me, but apparently I was waving my hands around blocking her from touching the clock, yelling,

"It's all the way up, it's all the way up, I promise you!"

But then I guess she said, "Abby, the alarm clock."

Me: "Oh." (turns off alarm clock, but still completely asleep the whole time.)


Oh bother.

I really should start going to sleep earlier.....

(Dear Sister said it was the strangest thing. But I guess the alarm clock one was kind of funny.)

That said, have you ever been told that you've said strange things in  your sleep? I would love to hear them :P


Jedi~Chick said...

Haha!!!! See, I'm immune to being up late. I usually don't got to bed until 2 or 3 every night. One time this week I stayed up until 4:30. O.O

My sister talks in her sleep. A Lot. XDDD Her best ones are:

"Oh no! now the penguins need hairbrushes!!!"

"Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope..NOT THAT WAY!!! THEY'LL KILL YOU!!!!"

"R2! We need you at the bunker right away!!"

"(my real name here) THAT IS MINE!!!! GIVE IT BACK!!!!"

"*shouts in sleep* HEY!!! NOT YOURS! GET OFF MY BED!" (i was still in her room then, we shared it, and I was on the other side of the room. XDD)

"Daddy don't hit the cow!!!!!!"

The list goes on. XDDDDDD All so hilarious. Whenever we bring them up, she blushes but everyone else laughs so hard. XDD

The Director said...

Oh my gosh that was REALLY FUNNY. (OO)


Oh my goodness!

"R2! We need you at the bunker right away!!"

The day I yell Star Wars lines in my sleep.... *shakes head*

Thanks for making me laugh! :]

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I never stay up late and don't talk in my sleep. But both you and Jedi~Chick made my day :)

Hannah Grace said...

ROFL! I don't talk in my sleep, but Mum does [it's actually a mental illness, she is always wandering around and talking in her sleep, we have to lick the doors so she doesn't leave the house!] and recently she got my baby sister [who had snuck into bed with her and dad] dropped her off the side of the bed and said "Bad cookie!" to which Mary started crying which woke up Mum. :P It was really funny though, we still tease mum about it. XD And when she was visiting a friend on summer break during college, she actually left the house and walked down the street in the rain. o.O Yeah.

Hannah Grace said...

Oh, my only funny sleep talk/walk episode is a couple nights ago, I got on my computer in my sleep and tried replying to an email. :P

Endor said...

When I was younger, I had read one the Rose books (daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder) and one of the chapters was called "War". I apparently woke up screaming and sobbing something about a war.

My sister and I share a room, but when we were younger, she slept with my parents. I went through a period of time where I slept on the floor of their room because I was scared to sleep by myself. So one night, I decided to sleep in my own room. My parents asked if I'd be okay and if I'd miss Aayla (her nickname). I said I'd be fine. In the middle of the night, I woke up crying and calling out for her (by her real name).

But my best story is about my youth pastor.
We went on a missions trip a few weeks ago, and my youth pastor and the other male leader shared a room. Their beds were very close to each other's, so my youth pastor had to climb on the other leader's bed to get out. One night, my youth pastor sprang up into a crouch and grabbed "J's" arm with an iron grip. J was like, "What's wrong?"
"Shhh! Did you hear that?" My youth pastor had a wild look in his eyes.
"Uh, that was me rolling over."
"Oh." My youth pastor drops J's arm, lays back down, and goes to sleep.
J was up for hours after that.

~Miss Raquel said...

Girl, I always talk in my sleep :P haha or so my sisters or friends tell me! Once, a friend told me that I had said (in my sleep, mind you!!) 'He's from Jamaica and he's sooo cute!' hahahaha :D I died laughing when she told me that!!

Marian said...

"it feels like a three-year-old!!!" XD LOL!

Sometimes I talk in my sleep...I used to sleep-walk around the house, too, much to my family's unease. :P I love staying up late, but I think these days I must be too tired to sleep-walk, hehe.

FinvarraPenn said...

I talk in my sleep a lot. Georgie is a witness to this. :P

I once told her to "give the ball to Fonzie" and that "Isabella was going to get me". I also said, "That's weird, but I can deal with it."

I had another time where my brother tried to wake me up and I told him that I couldn't get out of bed and wake up because "the Russians were coming and they would arrest me if I tried to wake up."

He was so confused. Poor kid.

Helen said...

Hahaha!! I never did anything like that, but my brother did. Once he had a fever, and he was sleeping on the couch. He opened his eyes, and said something like, "Daddy...what's the alphabet?" I think he said something else, but I don't remember. He also walks in his sleep. It freaks me out! I don't know about you, but waking up to see this dark thingy in my room can be kind of nerve racking! :)

Hannah Joy said...

HAHAHAHA! That's hilarious! I totally talk in my sleep (or so my sis says)! She says I smack like I'm eating something, then mumble something or other and smack again. One time, she was so annoyed she "woke" me up and said "Hannah, stop talking in your sleep!" I responded, still asleep, "Okay."

You are amazing.

And, if you don't mind, I'll do my favorites with my letter "F" right here!

Flying kites!
Fuzzy rabbits
Frodo ;-)
Flabbits (read the Wingfeather Saga)
Free stuff
Five Iron Frenzy (AWESOME)
Fried chicken
Fancy dresses
Fellow Geeks

:-) Enjoy!

Jess said...

Yeah, and I'm Hannah (Joy)'s sis. I couldn't help but go and read this after she totally cracked up (and I can see why).

And yes, she talks in her sleep. I don't, but she does. Most of the time I can't make out what she's saying, but it really creeps me out to hear her mumbling and smacking. (Hannah, if you chewed with your mouth shut while you were awake, you wouldn't smack so much in your sleep.) Seriously, it's creepy. There has been more than one occasion on which I have attempted to wake her and make her quit and she won't. *sob*

There was one time, when we were really little, she woke me up. She was half in tears and she said, "I had a dream there was a dog, and it was growling and it was going to eat me, and then I woke up and it was you snoring." Um. Well, I don't snore anymore. :-)

Hannah Grace, you LICK the doors? Yumyum. ;-D

The Director said...

You guys make my life. Seriously. Your stories made me laugh so hard!

Raquel- yours was epic XD

Fin- you are hilarious! :D

Hannah Joy: My Lil' Bro smacks too but I think he's super cute when he does it. :P

Jess- it's great to meet you! :D That's so funny to hear her end and your end of the story ;)

Love y'all! <3

Cosette said...

Wow... hehe... that is beyond hilarious! You and Jedi-Chick made me laugh XD

The only time I ever talked in my sleep they informed me I was trying to build a treehouse. :/

Jake said...

LOL, that's...amazing.

I don't think I've ever talked in my sleep. I've woken up and said stuff I don't remember, but never in my sleep.

I don't snore much, either. O_o

But my mom does both. She was talking in her sleep once, and said, "Be sure and put the blankets in the freezer. And eat the coffee cups. Put some sugar on the fish and they'll be fine."

It goes beyond hilarious when Mom talks in her sleep. xD She says the craziest things.

The Director said...

Ok that was awesome.

Cosette- that's funny :]

Jake- Oh my goodness your mom is hilarious (OO)

Pathfinder said...

I don't think I talk in my sleep.

I normally can't fall asleep until around 1, 1:30 AM. (Thank you, Insomnia) So normally I read owr write until my eyes are on fire and I can't stay awake. Then what my brain would normally stay awake trying to process ends up in my dreams. (scary, no?)

Creative Artist said...

The mother is hilarious...

(younger sister, Ry, humoring my mom): Which freezer?

MOM: The one... the one... um... MANNY?! DID YOU REMEMBER TO BRING THE COWS IN?!

(we don't even live in the country, much less have cows! XD)

But alas, Jake took the best quotes... he recorded some of it on his phone. >_> Naughty Jake. Mom doesn't remember *any* of it.

We had a friend who they're teenager daughter sleep-walked, so they put bells on the door so they could hear if she left the house. :)

4:00 A.M.? Unfortunately, the night before last, I didn't get to sleep until 6:00/6:30. O_o All because of a dumb skunk, a stinking hot night, and a literally stinky house that smelled of mothballs. *cheery smile*


The Director said...

Heh, I don't fall asleep easy either and have to "wear my brain out" my reading or writing ;)
So I bet you have some pretty crazy dreams! (OO)

Pathfinder said...

You've *no idea*. They're interesting and fun, but normally best after I wake.

The Director said...

Heh, yeah :| Is sleep restful at all for you, then?