Thursday, September 29, 2011

At this VERY second....

I'm working on THIS:

Do you see that?

That's my scale for this week (er, month, by now......)

See this part??

I can't get it right.

Seriously, I did these two lines, like 15 times and then I stood up and was all, "That's it! I'm blogging this right now!"


What a day.

*goes back to practicing impossible part*

(PS I know people like Helen will look at that and be like, "Piece of cake!" But hey, she's been playing violin WAAAAY longer than me....!)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh my gosh you guys LOOK AT THIS!

Its a new TV Spot for Tintin.

Fortunately, it's got all sorts of new footage.

Unfortunately, it's in German.

Hope you enjoy it anyway, though!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Thank You! Giveaway #2

According to the poll, this is what you people wanted most:

This notebook is (in centimeters) 11x15

Detail on pen:

This one is 16 1/2 x 24 (cm)


These are seriously cool notebooks.... Seriously, I'm considering keeping them for myself XD

Now, to win this giveaway, all you have to do is....


Ok, to be a little clearer: this is a Kill the Thread giveaway. Thus, if you want to win you have to be the last (or second to last) commenter to comment on this post after 24 hours.

Which means, if 24 hours go by and no one has commented, the last two commenters (not necessarily the last two comments) will win these notebooks.

So, there is no button, or any other way to win but comment. Make yourselves at home, start a discussion (or 3 or 4) and comment away!
(Your comments must be meaningful, and not just "Comment!" -_- Know what I mean?)

You guys ready?? On your mark, get set, GO!

NOTE/EDIT: Since there's such a lack of communication (my bad...) you have to be the last/second to last person to comment for 24 hours to win. [Meaning, theoretically this could go on for months :P] This is not restricted to the 24 hours after this contest started. Kapish? ;)

Note: guys, if you are one of the winners you will not get the rainbow/butterfly notebook unless you want it. If there is a girl winner and boy winner, the girl will get the butterfly one. ;)

See y'all later! I become very sick yesterday and am now going to go languish in bed and watch Inception and LOTR, surrounded by a sea of tissue. So pity me :P

Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to Un-School :)

Yesterday I...

woke up at 6:50 am. *cheers for me*

Ate breakfast.

Watched Dad catch a huge spider.

Got excited and looked it  up online.

And actually had fun doing something scientific ;)

(note my father's doctor handwriting. see where I get it from?)

Worked on a CD present. 

Made treats for a friend.

Happy birthday again 'Slippers!

(^^And apparently, books and cake are necessary for cooking XD)

Cleaned a bathroom, vacuumed stairs, cleaned the schoolroom (sort of), and made more presents.

Listened to EFC play my piano. New compositions = fun discussions.

Was invaded by birthday friend.

Spent that day with birthday friend...

...and watched this movie.

Review coming later! And after that, the next installment of the giveaway :)

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It's About Time I Posted About That Giveaway...

....actually, never mind, I don't feel like it.

*collective gasp*

Just kidding!!!!

This is my 100-followers celebration giveaway, aka my Thank You! Giveaway.

Update: This giveaway is now closed and awaiting results ;)

This is the first installment. The second bunch (pair?) of prizes will be posted this coming Monday.

As you know from previous slip-ups (haha), the first two prizes are:

Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins 
(as noted in the previous post, this series is actually good, heh.)


The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare
(Due to poor lighting during the making of this post, this is a google image of the cover. Just so you know, the version that will be given away is identical, except it doesn't say "45th Anniversary ")

Note: this is only available for those in the US or Canada- sorry about that! :(

Here's the rules:
**separate comment for each entry is appreciated**

Mandatory Entry:

Comment and tell me your favorite book that you've read this year. 

Extra Entries (worth one point each)
~follow me

~ follow one of my followers, and tell me who in the comment

~ put my blog button in your sidebar

~put the giveaway blog button in your sidebar

~ blog about this giveaway 

~spread the news on FB, Twitter, things like that... 

This giveaway closes on October 8th.

If nothing here struck your fancy, just wait for Monday :)

And by the way, here's the button:

Lovely People Giveaway

Be back later, y'all! :D :D :D

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Hunger Games Trilogy Review

**Sorry guys, I had to quick change the background because THIS POST on a dark background was killing my eyes. So, the poll still stands, and if 'No' still gets more votes when it closes, then I'll consider changing it back. If 'Yes' gets more votes, I'll keep tweaking my new color scheme, then ;)**

I know I reviewed the first book a few months ago, but I have to revisit it along with the last two.

I'm going to try and be as fair as I can. I respect Suzanne Collins and she herself as an author is amazing. But these books are just.... not for reading......

I have one thing to preface this post with.

See this picture?

(It's reversed, I know.)
And this one?

And these?

These are my notes in preparing to do this post.


I don't write notes before I post.

I did put a little extra thought into this post to try and make is worth the time.... however, at the end of the day, sometimes Abby just goes on and on and on and babbles. o_O

And haha, I probably overthunk this whole thing.

So, if you don't want to risk reading an extremely long post that may or may not actually benefit you, try these reviews on Mockingjay and/or the whole trilogy for size:

This is Kate the Parchment Girl's, whom I esteem highly:

Read on if you so desire.


   First thing first: her writing is amazing.
   The goal of a writer, one of the most important tasks, is to evoke emotion. And Suzanne Collins did that, oh boy she did… masterfully. We are freaked out. We are angry. We are scared. We are revolted. We are depressed. We are tense and anxious. We are roused, some way or another.
We are affected.
That in and of itself is something to admire and respect. She’s an incredible writer, and my negative opinion has nothing to do with her skill… unless it is because her writing is too good.

   Before I get too far, here’s our obligatory summary:
   Katniss Everdeen, a teenage girl from District 12 in the dystopian future of North America called Panem, is thrown into the annual Hunger Games: a fight to the death among 24 children from the Districts. She and her fellow District partner in the Games, a boy named Peeta, are the only survivors due to a defiant move by Katniss, which the evil President Snow fears will incite rebellion. Katniss soon becomes the rallying symbol of a growing nation-wide uprising, and must choose carefully how to play the ever-complicating game of the war in order to survive. Among other terrors she faces a second Games, President Snow himself, and a slew of people who all want to use her as their pawn.

   It sounds interesting, maybe a little intense, but totally great once you get into it, right? Well, yeah, that’s what I thought. But having read all three books, let me tell you firsthand what they will do to you, particularly if you are a visual person.
They will desensitize you. They will numb you. They will fill your mind with very unpleasant images. They will give you an adrenaline high and then crash you down into some serious disturbing-ness and depression. There really isn’t any relief from the war and the killing and the killing and the killing and the revolting ways people are killing.
These books will most likely freak you out, disturb you out of your skin, or depress you. Maybe all three. 
   But if you’ve read just the first one, or at least know a bit about it, surely you know it’s not all that bad. Read my original review- I even liked it after I read just the first book.
However, it’s rather akin to boiling a frog. You boil a frog by putting him in cold water. Then slowly, methodically, subtly, you turn the heat up at such a rate that he won’t notice how hot it’s gotten until it’s too late. The first one starts out decent enough, but somehow you reach the last page of Mockingjay and wonder, How on earth did we get here? It wasn’t supposed to end like this.
Boom. There you go. You got sucked in, and boiled. End of story.
And if you have some time, I’m going to illustrate how it happens by walking through the books in longer-ish summaries that aren’t summaries. More like choppy overview of events. 

(Feel free to gloss over this next part if you so desire.)

Major spoiler warning for the rest of this post.

The Hunger Games, Book #1
We open the story in the oppressive, possibly Star-Wars-Empire-esque Panem. We see Katniss and Gale’s brother-sister-esque relationship. Then when the reaping comes, Katniss admirably offer to take her ten-year-old sister’s place in the Games. She is given a mockingjay (which is a bird) pin by a friend, which becomes her own little symbol throughout the course of the book. 
Peeta’s love for her is announced, which throws everyone for a loop but it’s a humorous and possibly cheerful side to the story. We see Katniss’s noble attempts to kill as little as possible and still stay alive in the Games.
(Another thing to note is that Katniss is very much doing what she’s doing for people like her little sister Prim, and because of intense hatred for the Capitol and wanting to make things better than they are now.)
There is the short but sweet relationship between Katniss and Rue, a younger participant who makes Katniss think of Prim. There is an amusing romance faked between Katniss and Peeta (which might not actually be fake…?) throughout the Game, and their daring suicide proposal at the end of the Game which ends in both of them living, triumphant and having stolen the hearts of the spectators… but now their lives are in danger because of it. The Capitol views them as possible threats, and their actions may be the final thing needed to break the dam of revolting citizens throughout Panem.
Also, with the break-in of Peeta’s romance comes a personal struggle Katniss has with figuring things out with Gale, her old childhood friend, and Peeta, who she has just pretended to be in love with, and fought and almost died with.

My personal first reaction: Thought it was pretty intense and not for everyone, but really good nonetheless. A bit much on the romance but the book goes so fast you barely even notice.
While it IS a rather somber book with some heady, serious themes and pretty gruesome violence, with a disturbing sequence at the end, (mutts, anyone?), there is a level of lightness found mainly in Peeta’s character, and a sense of almost-epicness as Katniss is pitted against the worst the Games can give her. So- while many still dislike the books from the start, but for those who really want to give it a chance and/or don’t mind lots of violence, this is a good first book and promises a rip-roaring sequel.

The one thing that crossed my mind during this series was everyone was so horrified by all the gruesome violence. My one thought about that was: true war stories are also very gruesome and terrible. What made this story worse than real war stories?
I haven’t really come to a conclusion for that, but the point of saying that was because it wasn’t necessarily the violence per se that was the problem I had with the books.

Catching Fire, Book #2
This book, I read in about 36 hours. I think it’s the shortest of the three, or else I just had a lot of time on my hands. I was probably the most engrossed by this second book. The suspense level was….. very high.

The second book opens up with Katniss preparing for the Victory Tour, in which the victors of the Hunger Games go through all the districts and make speeches. Painful for those who don’t want to remember the atrocities they lived through, painful for those whose children were killed instead of the victors. President Snow makes a personal visit to her house, asking making it very clear to her that he wants her to use this tour to stem the rebellions.
It doesn’t really happen. In District Four particularly, quite the opposite occurs.
Throughout the tour, Katniss starts to get inklings of the uprising that has already started, and that people are on her side: which confuses her until she realizes she’s become a symbol of the rebellion… at least, that’s how the citizens see her. 
At the Capitol, the final stop in the Tour, it is announced that the next Hunger Games will be something special, since it is the 75th anniversary: all the participants will be past victors.
This is something completely out of left field, until then not even allowed, but what the president says, goes, of course.  
Katniss and Peeta are back in the arena with a slew of past victors they will need to sort out as allies or enemies. They form alliances and “teams” among themselves.
We watch as Katniss becomes distraught over complicated romance issues (Team Gale or Team Peeta, people?).
People die. It’s pretty gnarly but less than the first book to a degree because there are no kids- Katniss and Peeta are the youngest ones there. It’s more creepy than the last Games because every hour there’s a different thing in a different area of the arena designed to kill them. Fog that will gag you and choke you to death, killer monkey, etc...... Creepy. 
A group of participants are all working together, Katniss and Peeta included, and they hatch a plan to eliminate the other team. 
It involves electricity and complicated setup that goes wrong, and the group gets split up. Katniss shoots what was left of the electricity plan into the “roof” and the place explodes. 
She, along with some of the other victors are rescued by a team from District 13, the last district that was thought to be completely wiped out but really was alive and well and hidden underground. However, Peeta and two other participants end up captured by the Capitol.
Then Katniss finds out from Gale that District 12, their home, is gone.
End of book two.

After reading Catching Fire, I actually had a few positive things to say about the series: I just noticed, there’s no language. Which is interesting. The romance is present but for one thing, the book, again, goes by so fast it’s barely noticed, but because there’s nothing really mushy about anything, it’s not even a problem. And bonus! I didn’t feel like the “love triangle” was a Twilight re-enactment.  As Gale remarks in the third book, Katniss will choose the person she thinks she can’t live without. Her entire mindset is rather linked to survival rather than… I don’t know… emotions? :P

Anyway, another thing to praise: Suzanne Collins is the master of suspense. You really, really can’t put down that book. Her craft is absolutely flawless. Truly, every up and coming writer should envy her. (And learn from her!) She picks the perfect moment to call a chapter break. As well, I was just flipping through book 2 again today and for such a lot to happen, she doesn’t have to use a whole lot of words to relay it. Katniss doesn’t even get into the arena until maybe two-thirds into the book. Yeah… a lot happens in a short amount of time but still makes sense… very good.

Mockingjay, Book #3
District 12 is gone, but Katniss’ mother and sister are still alive and are safe in District 13, where Katniss herself soon ends up. They have rigidly and strictly maintained their existence since they made a deal with the Capitol to play dead if they promised they would not be bothered.
President Coin, of District 13, and the other rebellion leaders manage to convince Katniss to truly step into the role of Mockingjay and be the public rebellion leader.
They go to rescue Peeta, and it turns out the Capitol has messed with him, replacing all memories of Katniss and twisting them so he sees her as the enemy. He’s half-crazed and unstable, and Katniss starts to crack. (Her little sister tell her that the Capitol will do whatever it takes to break Katniss.)
The funny thing about Katniss is that she really doesn’t get how much power she holds, how she influences people. But the people around her know, and try to help her (or use her). 
We see Katniss become more and more of a revenge/hate/anger driven person who’s primary thought is raw survival. The loving big sister we met in the first book has disappeared almost entirely, and is replaced by someone who is half as awesome, if at all, and is a killer. 
We see Katniss personally promise another victor named Johanna that she will kill President Snow (she had already claimed that right publicly as well)- and then the special squad Katniss is part of takes off for the Capitol.
In some emptier parts of the Capitol where citizens have evacuated, the squad is practicing until one of them accidentally sets off one of the mines planted in the ground. The place this thrown into chaos and Katniss and the remaining members of the squad head off to assassinate President Snow. Peeta’s still slightly out of it.
The Capitol’s troops release an army of mutts to hunt down Katniss, but she gets away and three of her companions are sacrificed in the process. She ends of proceeding to the president’s mansion alone, where the Capitol’s children are actually being held outside as a human shield. Just when Katniss realizes that Prim is actually in the crowd of children, a hovercraft goes by overhead, dropping the bomb that kills her sister.
Katniss comes back to reality after the fact. President Snow has been tried and found guilty, but before the execution Snow tells Katniss that the bombs dropped in front of the mansion were from the Rebellion’s side, not his. (And he reminds her that they have promised not to lie to one another.) 
Also, Coin holds a vote among the remaining victors concerning a final Hunger Games using Capitol children, who were never put in the Games. Katniss votes yes in the name of her dead sister; Peeta is the first to vote no.
But right when she should have shot Snow at his execution, Katniss remembers the agreement between her and Snow, realizes the truth and kills President Coin instead. Snow also dies that day, however.
Katniss is saved at her trial because she is "mentally unstable" and she goes home, and ends up with Peeta. 
Gale is off with a nice job in District 2; after realizing that it may have been the bomb Gale designed that killed her sister, Katniss can never even look at him the same way.
The story ends with an epilogue after Katniss and Peeta have married and have two children; and how one day they will have to explain to them about the Games. And also how when things look bad, Katniss makes a list of every good thing she’s seen someone do, and it makes her feel better.
The End.

There. Boom. Somehow we got to the end and it has gone from a hopeful-looking rebellion and overthrowing of evil to a depressing, dark, violent state of hopelessness where it is accepted that humankind is a lost case and will never change.



My first emotion after finishing Mockingjay was this:


I was truly, truly sad that I had read them. I had gone through all this exhausting stress and suspense and excitement and worry and pain for—what? For nothing. For me to think of a list of nice things so I could feel better about all those people who are now dead. *heavy sarcasm* There’s a major lack of any moral to take home after you’re done. 

And as other people have reminded me in the comments, not only is it unpleasant while reading but then you leave the book feeling really messed up. And are traumatized whenever you think about the books. (Seriously, that first night after I finished Mockingjay I felt messed up. And it was BAD.)

I was disappointed not so much because I was traumatized by the violence, but because it was so… worthless. So many died, and for one thing it’s not like there is any mention on Heaven or Hell. They’re just… dead. Gone. The end was so dark and hopeless, and with no victory afterward. And, to quote a reviewer I just discovered:

[Katniss realizes the hopeless situation the human species is in, something I entirely agree with.  She then proceeds to let it turn her into the worst humanity has to offer.  She then realizes this and instead of working to change things, she just gives up.  She gives up and bows her head and succumbs to a submissive life.  The Katniss of the first book would do anything to defy the expectations and mores of society, but in the end, she sees that society has not really changed with the change of rule.  Indeed, the most active thing she does is also one of the worst.  She votes in favor of having another Hunger Game featuring the children of the Capitol.  Maybe this is realistic and most people would either join the evil or give up, but I’d hoped for more… Yes, the world sucks.  Yes, it’s a constant struggle.  Yes, it hurts and you may never succeed, but never stop trying.  That was the message of the first two books, and yet it was entirely tromped on by the final entry in the series.]

The fact that nothing changed was really, really bad.
I felt so depressed and messed up after finishing Mockingjay that I whipped out my One Year Bible and read the entry for that day. Here were a few verses that stuck out to me:

‘Say to those with fearful hearts, “Be strong, and do not fear, for your God is coming to destroy your enemies. He is coming to save you.”’
~ Isaiah 35: 4

‘Sorrow and mourning will disappear, and they will be filled with joy and gladness.’
~ Isaiah 35: 10

‘But God Himself will shoot them with his arrows, suddenly striking them down.
Their tongues will ruin them, and all who see them will shake their heads in scorn.
Then everyone will be afraid; they will proclaim the might acts of God and realize all the amazing things He does.
The godly will rejoice in the Lord and find shelter in Him. And those who do what is right will praise Him.’
~Psalm 64: 7-10

Reading verses like these directly after Mockingjay was startling. Because it was like someone turned a light switch on. 
See, The Hunger Games is just people trying in their own strength to do what they deem is right. It’s just humankind left to our own devices. And truly, we are hopeless. We need God, and there was nothing that came even close to representing Him in these books. We see our hero succumb to evil (you have no idea how much I HATED Katniss when she voted yes for another Hunger Games) and then live quietly, having accepted that mankind is hopeless and the best you can do is think of the good parts. Good grief, people! That’s so not right! YES, we are hopeless on our own… that’s why God sent His son, to kind of, you know… die for us and save us.

There’s a very noticeable lack of ANY redemption. 
It’s so extremely hopeless and depressing and traumatic that reading the final book is wearying to the soul, truly. You would do yourself a favor not to even start the series, because most people will start it and then be unable to stop. (I applaud the amazing Amaranthine for being able to stop reading after Catching Fire. Talk about self-control.)

(And these books are definitely, definitely not for kids. I don't know WHY they're targeted so young- YA is what it's labeled but 12-year-olds are reading them. Gack. Very bad. Please put these books in the adult section somebody.)

Also, after reading the first book, I was excited for the thought of a movie coming out. I thought it would be intense but pretty cool.

Now all I can do is feel sick whenever I think of the four films coming out starting next year, because I know where they’re headed.

However- it is now three nights since I finished the book. And actually, having read another one of her series’, I have a grudging respect for at least one aspect of the ending. You see, Collins is the master of not-happy endings. The Underland Chroncles, her other series, ends bittersweet. Not the bad kind. Just bittersweet (btw, I HIGHLY recommend The Underland Chronicles to anyone. But, for those who have been recently traumatized by The Hunger Games, give it like four months at least before you pick them up.).
Having already seen an ending like that from her, I could sort of accept the not-perfect-and-happy ending. However, the lack of redemption is still not to be accepted.

So, in the end, I found the first two to be an exciting ride that came to a screeching plummet into a dark oblivion. (Wow, that was really sappy…. ooh well.)
My first reaction when people tell me they're reading the series now is, “I pity you.”

If there was even the slightest something that was good to be taken away from the books, then I might consider recommending them. But it’s a depressing experience by the end that is not redeemed at all. Sadly, I found it wasn’t worth the time spent to read it.

That’s all.

Wow. That was the longest post ever. Sorry if that was exhausting. I feel exhausted now.

I apologize if this post made no sense.

**EDIT: Personal note: I really do like the first two books. However, the third was so bad that they are slightly spoiled for me now, and because once you start you can't stop reading a series like this, I don't even recommend reading the first two because after 2 comes 3 -_-  Just to clarify because I forgot to mention that.**

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New Poll

Short announcement before a rather big-ish-post-to-be-published-tonight-Lord-willing.....

On the subject of the giveaway, which will be official on Friday-again-Lord-willing.... I know some people weren't diggin' the darker color scheme I've had going on. And anyway, it is much harder to read. (OO)

So..... as a gift to you lovely people, I have a new poll on the blog design- the question is: change it back or leave it?

If y'all vote to change the design back to black words on a light background, I'll do it, and it'll be my personal gift to all of you ;)

So go on, vote away, and I'll get that big-ish post up as soon as it's done...


***UPDATE: Those who vote for the last option will not actually be helping. However, I DO appreciate that you appreciate the joke. :D But I cannot get you a car even if I wanted to. :P***

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Beautiful People- September

Ok, I haven't done this in FOREVER! I'm very thrilled :D

If you have no idea what this is, click the button below.

Apparently, my "newest" characters have made a sneak appearance on my blog.... sneaky children... ;)

Anyway, this month's Beautiful Person is Dantere, whom you just met. He won't be going by Ben-Kyen around here since he's spilled all the beans. Just watch out, though, Dantere, the second I get through preliminary planning and write the word "Prologue" in my notebook, you won't remember a thing! Muahahahahahhaha.....ha ha..........ha...ha..........ah, ha.......... hm.


Here's the questions:

1. Does he have any habits, annoying or otherwise? 
Well, hijacking my blog seems to be one, but in "his" world... he grew up from the time he was about four in a very hot country, and even though his "mom" keeps his hair pretty short so he doesn't get overheated, he does this funny little thing where he runs his hand up the back of his head up to the center of his forehead so his sweaty hair all stands up. He does that about every five minutes. :P
Actually, he'll take both hands and spread his fingers out when he does it, so as to make ALL of his hair stand up. *chuckles* Who knew.... *really starts laughing* I had no idea until just now. Dantere......

2. What is his backstory and how does it affect him now? 
His dad was one of the, sort of, temporary substitute co-leaders of his country while the king was gone (there's a group of trained soldiers who are the king's guard- but the king's off on a journey and two Guardians went with him, so the rest are taking care of the kingdom), but during that time the advisor, 'cause I'm such a typical fantasy writer, storms that capitol after his annual holiday and the place is taken over, the Guardians are disbanded and Dantere's dad gets his friend to take his kids and run. Dantere's dad is killed. The friend ends up seeing the need to leave the country, so they move to the kingdom just south of them. 
Thus, Dantere and his sister grow up with a foster father (he doesn't know that), a foreigner (which he does know... kinda hard not to tell), and a potentially very powerful person who's in hiding. The fateful night of the attack has affected him in this one particular way: he has no idea who he really is. Until, well, you know..... stuff starts to happen. *grin*

3. How does he show love? 
Oooh, never thought about it.... hold on, I gotta give this some thought....

4. How competitive is he? 
When he gets in the mood he can be a pretty aggressive competitor, but not all loud and flashy about it, he just digs down and does it. :]

5. What does he think about when nothing else is going on? 
What his name is. Among Guardian's sons in his kingdom, there is a tradition where the son's name is not actually given until their twelfth birthday (kinda odd, but ooh well...), and they're only referred to as "Son of [insert father's name here]" or Ben-Kyen, which means Son of Kyen. (Kyen is the capitol) He's only eleven and a half right now. :D He can't wait.

6. Does he have an accent? 
Yeah, haha.... the typical accent for his country is sort of Canadian-sounding. It's basically American but slightly European, French/British-esque. Okay, a little more than that. It's definitely NOT English, but it's got a lilt that standard Americans don't have. Ugh- just think Canadian. :P

7. What is his station in life? 
His foster father has something of a high position as advisor/strategist with the local governor, who's very high in power, and so Dantere is something of a minor prince. At least, a step above the common people :] 

8. What do others expect from him? 
At this point in life, nothing really. His foster father is trying to subtly train him for when he will have to go back to their home kingdom, but that's about it. Of course, I haven't been able to give it too much thought at this point in time, so I may have to come back and answer this later. I'm really rushed.... *sighs*

9. Where was he born, and when? 
He was born in the capitol at a very young age.

10. How does he feel about people in general?
He actually REALLY enjoys being around people. Every once in a blue moon he needs solitude and breathing space, but as a whole he likes people. Not like, super chatty ME "likes people," but he's not always like, "Too many people! I need to move to my own private island!" hahaha....

I think I'll do a follow-up post in a few days after I find the answers to those unanswered questions. *hangs head in shame*

Until then, look out for my next double-review (esque) post tomorrow. It's on the Hunger Games. I finished Mockingjay last night. 

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That doesn't look anything LIKE a mouse, Dantere!





*looks up*

Hi there!

This is... well, I've been introduced here as Luke, so I'll go by that. I've had several name changes, but that was one of my first. 

Oh... you all don't really know us, do you? The only time you've seen us was that massive interview... 

And we didn't even get prime time!

Did you steal that term from Chance, Kez? Because I don't even know what it means.

If you're going by Luke I'm going by Leslie, not Keziah. And yes, Chance the Informant. (Ssh, don't tell the author please!)

To come from where my brother left off, we are two very excited people and just wanted to share some neat news with you.

Apparently all that Dir, the author, needed was a season change.

Because she remembered us. 

It's a day for rejoicing, truly! She went through and dug out all sorts of old notebooks and binders and maps and sketches, recovering us and finding us again. 

It's been about a year since we were put on the shelf. She ran out of steam, I guess, and Chance and Ted took over things for a bit. 

Anyway, about a month ago, I guess she really started to miss us...

But she wasn't sure where to take that. She still had a big lack of inspiration and all that... wait, Kez.... Les.... er, does that mean we're uninspiring?

Eh, I think it's just a personal thing on her part. Not our fault. Hold on.... *passes on thought to author that having the characters be able to use magic would complicate things too much. Maybe the dragons and griffins and swords, and the Little Folk, but that's it.*

Anyway, just last Thursday, it had rained.

And on the way to her church, the sun broke through the clouds and the sky was silver and gold and blue and made the hills look like something out of our world....

And she stared and stared, and the rain and cold and clouds and fall air finally got to her.

She found us again. After summer finally decided to step back and autumn took over, she found us again. 

She bought a new notebook just for us!

Our names got changed again.

The story is all new!

Well, mostly anyway, Les.

She wrote in the last notebook that even though she's only stopped writing about us for a year, give or take, it's felt like ten. But now she's up and at it again. 

And she's SO excited she can't stop smiling!

Anyway, this is our way to try and introduce ourselves to you. You might be hearing about us later. We might even have our own interview!

To clarify, every new version of our story is it's own tale, so while this is an "updated" version of our story, it's also completely new. They've all built upon each other and expanded over the years. And there are many different versions of us, so with each new name there's a new facet added to ourselves. For me, Luke and Daniel and Alzeem and all of them are a part of who I am, but they're not me.

Likewise. It may seem complicated, but Keziah and Leslie, and the rest are each their own person. As are we.

So before the author comes back, let me introduce myself to all of you not as Luke, but as Ben-Kyen Tilchaest.

Er, shouldn't you give them your true name?

Aachk! SHE doesn't know we know about that yet.....!

Still.... the Azeleyans won't be happy when you give them that Ben-Kyen thing, so why don't you give someone a real introduction while you can??

*pointed look* I told you, you have to stop eavesdropping. It's rude, and spoils everything for us. 

*pointed look back* But you ARE grateful for my little tricks sometimes, aren't you?

*sighs* Alright. My name is Dantere.

And I'm Keziren.

Expect to hear about us sometime soon. 


Oy, I think I hear her coming...

Right then, Farewell!

*scampers off*

*follows, then pauses*

Oh, hold on, I think we almost forgot a step...

*hits PUBLISH*

Saturday, September 17, 2011



Can I just say that after seeing this picture I have an official crush on the movie-Tintin? o_O

I can tell they've been fixing people's faces. The Thompson/Thomson twins look waaay better and so does Tintin. 

(Don't be alarmed, it's not an English site. Just go to the bottom of the page.)

This is so awesome..... *looks through all the pictures again*

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Speaking of Giveaways...

**UPDATE: Giveaway has been EXTENDED 24 hours. So again, not much time but go for it.....**

Totally last minute, but this is the last day to enter the giveaway whose button is at the top of my sidebar. It features the amazing Jonathan Maiocco's music :D :D :D
Click here to enter:

OK, off to bed now! (Or rather, to wrestle with a mountain of laundry and then read Out Of The Silent Planet while singing Japanese songs.... ahem....)

I Clean Forgot!

I have 100- wait, no, scratch that- 101 followers! Wow!

Welcome and well-met to all the new comers :)

Of course, you all know this means another giveaway ;)

It's not completely  ready yet but I wanted you to know that two of the prizes are The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare and Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins (speaking of her, I finished Catching Fire just two days ago. Highly interesting..... I essentially read the whole thing in one sitting, heh heh.....).

I'm also contemplating a music CD (a mix made by Yours Truly) and I also want to throw some notebooks/pens and a DVD out there. Of course, I'm sorta not plentiful in the money department right now (even if I did just win a bet with my brother today.... all I won was 25 cents :P), so we'll see..... it will be finalized by next week Lord willing.

Anyway, there's that slightly pointless post for you. :P

I'll leave you with this completely ridiculous sentence uttered by me today:

     "Why is there a bike lock in the bathroom?!?!"


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Two Songs That Have....

.... moved me to tears within the last four days.

I know them both and have heard them and listened to them for forever, but for some reason singing the first one at Wildhorse this weekend made me choke up, and listening to the second one just earlier today made me bawl. Literally. (OO)

Anyway, hope these bless you:

In which my respect for George Lucas slowly drains into oblivion.

Star Wars fans, be distressed. Be in pain. Be upset.

And especially, for the love of a galaxy far far away, don't buy the newest Blu-Ray version.

See the two worst changes below:

I feel like crawling into a hole and dying.


Actually, Dear Sis and I are thinking that the real George got kidnapped and is being held underground while a clone is running his empire and ruining life. o_O

Monday, September 5, 2011

*staggers in*



*pulls chair out*




.... hello.

I just got home from a crazy weekend at the Young Life resort formerly known as Wildhorse Canyon, renamed Washington Family Ranch, but still called Wildhorse or WaFaRa ;)

You know, this oasis in the middle of the Desert of Nowhere:

Apparently I fell asleep in the back of the car and I guess we've been home for hours............ o_O


I'm kinda sore from the heels I wore the whole time. I'm kinda sore from the walking everywhere. I'm kinda sore from playing my violin nonstop. I'm kinda sore from skateboarding (but SO worth it!). I'm kinda sore from sitting in funny positions during the sessions. I'm kinda sore from sleeping in weird positions just now.

I'm just kinda sore.

But it was a great weekend.

I'm a little discombobulated so I gonna sign off now. I'll embellish in the later posts, I hope ;) For now it's just good to be back. 

Did YOU do anything this weekend?