Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beautiful People- September

Ok, I haven't done this in FOREVER! I'm very thrilled :D

If you have no idea what this is, click the button below.

Apparently, my "newest" characters have made a sneak appearance on my blog.... sneaky children... ;)

Anyway, this month's Beautiful Person is Dantere, whom you just met. He won't be going by Ben-Kyen around here since he's spilled all the beans. Just watch out, though, Dantere, the second I get through preliminary planning and write the word "Prologue" in my notebook, you won't remember a thing! Muahahahahahhaha.....ha ha..........ha...ha..........ah, ha.......... hm.


Here's the questions:

1. Does he have any habits, annoying or otherwise? 
Well, hijacking my blog seems to be one, but in "his" world... he grew up from the time he was about four in a very hot country, and even though his "mom" keeps his hair pretty short so he doesn't get overheated, he does this funny little thing where he runs his hand up the back of his head up to the center of his forehead so his sweaty hair all stands up. He does that about every five minutes. :P
Actually, he'll take both hands and spread his fingers out when he does it, so as to make ALL of his hair stand up. *chuckles* Who knew.... *really starts laughing* I had no idea until just now. Dantere......

2. What is his backstory and how does it affect him now? 
His dad was one of the, sort of, temporary substitute co-leaders of his country while the king was gone (there's a group of trained soldiers who are the king's guard- but the king's off on a journey and two Guardians went with him, so the rest are taking care of the kingdom), but during that time the advisor, 'cause I'm such a typical fantasy writer, storms that capitol after his annual holiday and the place is taken over, the Guardians are disbanded and Dantere's dad gets his friend to take his kids and run. Dantere's dad is killed. The friend ends up seeing the need to leave the country, so they move to the kingdom just south of them. 
Thus, Dantere and his sister grow up with a foster father (he doesn't know that), a foreigner (which he does know... kinda hard not to tell), and a potentially very powerful person who's in hiding. The fateful night of the attack has affected him in this one particular way: he has no idea who he really is. Until, well, you know..... stuff starts to happen. *grin*

3. How does he show love? 
Oooh, never thought about it.... hold on, I gotta give this some thought....

4. How competitive is he? 
When he gets in the mood he can be a pretty aggressive competitor, but not all loud and flashy about it, he just digs down and does it. :]

5. What does he think about when nothing else is going on? 
What his name is. Among Guardian's sons in his kingdom, there is a tradition where the son's name is not actually given until their twelfth birthday (kinda odd, but ooh well...), and they're only referred to as "Son of [insert father's name here]" or Ben-Kyen, which means Son of Kyen. (Kyen is the capitol) He's only eleven and a half right now. :D He can't wait.

6. Does he have an accent? 
Yeah, haha.... the typical accent for his country is sort of Canadian-sounding. It's basically American but slightly European, French/British-esque. Okay, a little more than that. It's definitely NOT English, but it's got a lilt that standard Americans don't have. Ugh- just think Canadian. :P

7. What is his station in life? 
His foster father has something of a high position as advisor/strategist with the local governor, who's very high in power, and so Dantere is something of a minor prince. At least, a step above the common people :] 

8. What do others expect from him? 
At this point in life, nothing really. His foster father is trying to subtly train him for when he will have to go back to their home kingdom, but that's about it. Of course, I haven't been able to give it too much thought at this point in time, so I may have to come back and answer this later. I'm really rushed.... *sighs*

9. Where was he born, and when? 
He was born in the capitol at a very young age.

10. How does he feel about people in general?
He actually REALLY enjoys being around people. Every once in a blue moon he needs solitude and breathing space, but as a whole he likes people. Not like, super chatty ME "likes people," but he's not always like, "Too many people! I need to move to my own private island!" hahaha....

I think I'll do a follow-up post in a few days after I find the answers to those unanswered questions. *hangs head in shame*

Until then, look out for my next double-review (esque) post tomorrow. It's on the Hunger Games. I finished Mockingjay last night. 


Anonymous said...

This kinda made me really happy for some reason :) I'm glad that you've found some new inspiration. ;)

looking forward to the hunger games review...


Hannah Joy said...

I love it! I love all the Beautiful People stuff.

P.S. I watched The Eagle last night with my sis. Jamie Bell is incredible!!! :-D

Amaranthine said...


Here is the post I was telling you about yesterday, concerning Mockingjay/The Hunger Games. Looks like we're not alone. :P


Josiphine said...

"...At a very young age." Haha! I laughed out loud when I read that.

Hannah Joy said...


I have something really important. Listen to Andrew Peterson's "Nothing to Say" song, and tell me when you do. I am going to email you something after you listen to that song that I think you'll appreciate.
I don't care how you listen to it, but do it soon. For me, please? :-D

You're the best!

The Director said...

Haha, I actually read that one awhile ago- thank you for reminding me though. I follow her so yeah ;)

@Hannah Joy
Okee..... email away, I'm going to listen to it RIGHT NOW. (OO)

The Director said...

And yes, Jamie is very awesome, always :)

Hannah Joy said...

Alrighty, I sent it to you, so check your email!! :-)

And yes, of course, Jamie is epic.