Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to Un-School :)

Yesterday I...

woke up at 6:50 am. *cheers for me*

Ate breakfast.

Watched Dad catch a huge spider.

Got excited and looked it  up online.

And actually had fun doing something scientific ;)

(note my father's doctor handwriting. see where I get it from?)

Worked on a CD present. 

Made treats for a friend.

Happy birthday again 'Slippers!

(^^And apparently, books and cake are necessary for cooking XD)

Cleaned a bathroom, vacuumed stairs, cleaned the schoolroom (sort of), and made more presents.

Listened to EFC play my piano. New compositions = fun discussions.

Was invaded by birthday friend.

Spent that day with birthday friend...

...and watched this movie.

Review coming later! And after that, the next installment of the giveaway :)


Lauren said...

Ahhh that spider looks ferocious!!!
And I want that yummy looking treat. It looks positively scrumptious!!
~Lauren :)

Hannah Joy said...

I am jealous of you. I want to watch Jane Eyre! But...I'm queue 100something on the library waiting list. :-( Ah well.

Anonymous said...

hate those things. But everything else in this post was worthy of a nice, big smiley face. :D


Star-Dreamer said...

My family Un-schools. :) I un-schooled up to college, and you know what? I'm still getting good grades in College and have written several rough versions of books that are being rewritten. I believe that Un-schooling is the best type of education!!! ;)

And those look absolutely delicious! (the treats, not the spider. haha! ^_^)

Jessica said...

Ooookay. Can I get the recipe for your delicious creation. It's making my mouth water....and random for those who are waiting to watch Jane Eyre have you ever looked at Red Box? Rent a movie for one night for a dollar (our library charges for new videos so I usually choose red box over the killer waits.)

Serious Cakes said...

Ooooo, I'm looking forward to your Jane Eyre review!
And now my mouth is watering for something chocolately :D


Bernadette said...

My life exactly! Except I never like to clean when asked. I only like to clean when I will it myself, and I do, all the time.

Endor said...


Yay for unschooling!!!!!!! We were un-schooled for quite a few years after my youngest sister was born....we're all fine from it...for the most part. ;)

I kind of un-schooled myself. If I don't watch it, today is going to be just like it.