Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Clean Forgot!

I have 100- wait, no, scratch that- 101 followers! Wow!

Welcome and well-met to all the new comers :)

Of course, you all know this means another giveaway ;)

It's not completely  ready yet but I wanted you to know that two of the prizes are The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare and Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins (speaking of her, I finished Catching Fire just two days ago. Highly interesting..... I essentially read the whole thing in one sitting, heh heh.....).

I'm also contemplating a music CD (a mix made by Yours Truly) and I also want to throw some notebooks/pens and a DVD out there. Of course, I'm sorta not plentiful in the money department right now (even if I did just win a bet with my brother today.... all I won was 25 cents :P), so we'll see..... it will be finalized by next week Lord willing.

Anyway, there's that slightly pointless post for you. :P

I'll leave you with this completely ridiculous sentence uttered by me today:

     "Why is there a bike lock in the bathroom?!?!"



Lauren said...

I just adore you. :) (I thought you should know) ;D

The Director said...

*sniffs* Aw, thank you Lauren! That was really sweet <3

Right back at ya ;)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, DirectorAbby! Your blog was one of the first I came to love when I entered the shiny world of Blogosphere. I still adore it. ^.^

And this: "Why is there a bike lock in the bathroom?!?!" pretty much sums up my life. Except it'd be "Why is there a lightsaber in the bathroom!?" Or a nerf gun. Or a lego castle or something... :P

The Director said...

Ah, heh, thanks Katie! <3
Oh yes, the lightsabers show up here, too. My mom and I were driving in the car today and something was rolling around the floor behind us, and Mom said, "Was that that glass jar you had?" I look behind us. "Nope, Mom, I think that time it was a lightsaber." We chuckled ;)

Anyway, too funny! :D